Sunday, October 27, 2013


In May next year the boyfriend, his little brother and I are Jet Setting to Europe for 4.5weeks! I'm pretty darn excited especially since I've never left the country. Is that sad considering I'm 24? Hmm..

I am crazy OCD when it comes to planning, and the fact that I am going with 2 boys, who are just "oh yeah whatever" has sent me a little over the top! I have a excel spreadsheet outlining where we are going, dates, accommodation, flights/ferry's etc! PLEASE tell me I'm not the only who does this?
  So far out trip looks a little like this

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with London, so to be honest I'm pretty pumped about that! We are spending most of our time trekking around the Greek Islands. I'm still not too sure who we are going to fly with I've checked out Qatar Airways and they seem pretty good, but everyone is just saying lash out on a little more and fly with Emirates. What are your suggestions?

I'd also love to hear any suggestions you for any of the places that we are going! 

Downstairs at work (The Youghert Club) has been my go to cure for my recent cravings of Green Juice! I know this is the latest crave, and at first I wasn't keen, One of my colleagues went through a stage of " if it was green, it goes in" I had a taste and man that wasn't good! However.. I've been loving them recently.

I've been wanting to make some Kale Chips for a while, anyone recommend these?

One of the reasons I have been so absent from blogging is that I have I been working my butt off at work and its true hard work does pay off! Last month I was lucky enough to get our highest biller award which was nice - I couldn't have survived the long hours without my trusty coffee that's fo sure!

It had been 4 years since I had a caught up with one of the girls I went to high school with (she'd moved interstate) and I got to meet her little bubba who is only 3 months old. Is she not adorable? Funnily enough I called the boyfriend when I got back to the office and told the Boyfriend we should have babies, he swiftly told me that we could talk about that tonight, and well.. lets just say that conversation never happened hahaha. Men! Gosh, always taking things literally. 

We are moving our offices, no more level 36 views.. Sad face! But we went to see the new offices, and in style I took a bathroom selfie ha.

The last couple of visits to my hair dresser we have been going lighter and lighter, I found the above hair colour I think it was on asos!? Not sure, but I loved it and I sent it to my hairdresser and she said absolutely lets do it! (this coming Thursday) but now I'm thinking its a little too red??

In true style, Chobani.. Addicted there is no doubt about it.
I'm not one for lip gloss, Its either lipstick or no deal, but I did pick up this little baby by Revlon, when I first pulled it out it was so sticky and thick I didn't even think I would bother trying it.. I wouldn't buy it again but I'll admits not too bad. Have you ever tried it?