Wednesday, November 30, 2011

weird weather brings weird things

Yes im starting off another post complaining about the weather - I really shouldnt but I will.
Lastnight was a shocking night I got hardly any sleep and that was with the air con on full blast with vents right about our bed! - D slept like a log.

I think this weird weather is making weird things happen! I was sitting at my desk this morning.. when all of a sudden my key board stopped working!
Notice anything different?

I was left without a keyboard for 20minutes until they located one..  In my mind I was thinking I was going to get stuck with some old crabby one with cobwebs etc.. I was provided with a brand spanking newbie! I love it!

Its so soft and makes NO noise when Im typing it almost feels as if there are gel cushions behind the buttons.. It didnt stop there they also gave me a new mouse to match.
Thanks IT!!
I love love love recieving parcels in the mail
Half the time I forget Ive brought something so it comes as a nice suprise

It was my iphone4 cover that I ordered from E-Bay last week.
I was expecting it look a little bit darker but ohwell it only cost $7


Yay for hump day!

Monday, November 28, 2011


Mondays are not fundays.
After having Thursday and Friday off work last week I logged into my computer this morning to see a lovely 88 unread emails with a  number of those striked as "High Importance!"

I skipped lunch today due to the amount of paperwork I had to catch up on.. People I had to call back and emails that instead of replying too..I trash canned. This little cup has been my saviour

Strong skinny latte'

Weekend re-cap!
I got back to melbourne on Saturday with lame weather, half hoped for something decent on sunday and decent is what I was graced with.. Hooray!
Started with a un-intentional sleep in until 1pm (Opps)
D and I went for a walk around port melbourne and down to the beach before jumping on a tram and heading into the city and seeing what Crown had to offer - Sexpo was in melbourne this weekend an it was hilarious to see the amount of people who went to it purchased something and then tried to hide their purchases behind other shopping bags!

I wore my Alice McCall crouched white top
Blue flower necklace and my bettina liano black skinny leg jeans with tan wedges.
Im really loving wedges.

We got home lastnight and I was feeling creative I decided to make Paella - but my style!
It tasted sooo good even if I say so myself.

Im starting to freak out as I recieved my first client christmas card today.. Ah I havent even thought about christmas all that much except booked my tickets home.. Has anyone else started their christmas shopping? If so.. Feel free to do mine! ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Catch of the day

People are always telling me to watch the news as I'll learn about the days events.. To them I say ha! Tonight I watched it and learnt how to buy cheap cosmetics! Thats learning budgeting right?! On today tonight they featured a website/real life warehouse which sells cosmetic prices at dramatically discounted prices!
Didn't really think all too much about it and then went on the website

Ladies check it out!
 Under $100's later here is what I brought
MAC Studio fix power and foundation - $24.00

Funny Bunny O.P.I Nail polish - $10

Revlon - Custom eye mascara $9

and last but not least I brought two of these L'Oreal Hip Matte eye shadow in these two colours at $8.95 each

I cannot wait to receive these and rate how they are.. Fingers crossed all is good in the hood :)


Yesterday marked 6 years that my dad passed away. This time every year I get all emotional, tired and cranky and just want the world to leave me alone. Of course this didnt happened, I had to be at work at 8am for back to back meetings with clients so I put on my happy face and ran with the world. Blah!

Miss Erin forced me to have a coffee with her after work fora bit of a pick me up - which was just what I needed! She brought me these gorgeous flowers - She is the sweetest girl ever! I dont even know what type these are but the colour is just devine.

I recieved lots of calls, text messages and facebook love from the ones who knew what yesterday was which was really touching and when I got home D had made {read:brought nandos} me dinner.. So I skipped gym, curled up on the couch with D and snuggled him while we {read: he} watched some awful movie about fast cars.

Days like that those make you realise  how fast life really does "move on" time doesnt stop and before you know it all of the massive milestones have come and gone and you're left thinking "where did that first year go?!" and then before you it again you're asking yourself "where did the past 2..3..4 and even 5 years ago?!" Life is far too short.

Before work this morning I jammed my fingers in the bathroom door - Yes this is what happens when you walk to the bathroom half asleep with your alarm clock blaring at 6.15am - Gah! I snapped my shellac nail in half..So after a few colourful words and seconds of shooting pain I decided enough was enough and at 7am this morning I was sitting on the lounge room table with acetone on my nails wrapped in foil eating my breakfast.. It must of looked so glamorous! - Usually they come off easily and only need a small but of work to get my nails back to a reasonable state but this morning I neeeded to buff the hell out of them to get them looking even a little bit decent?! No idea why. My hands are all gross and weird looking this morning.. So I slapped on some red nail polish an walked out the door.

Does anyone have any OTHER tips for removing nails?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Online babeh!

During my lunch break I was checking out VOUGE forums as I usually do and came across a thread called "shopping with free shipping" and me being me clicked on the link and before I knew it I had 3 windows open my VISA card on my desk and my eyes popping out of my head with such excitement!
Here are the goodies that I brought

Stomping Heels

$120 from Mollini - They have free shipping and free returns
I think these are gorgeous I cannot wait to see these in real life!

From my old favourite (Glassons) I brought a black long sleeve basic in a size 6 for only $14. My number one wardrobe hint is to always have lots of basics in loads of colours including neutrals that way I always have plenty to team up with anything else that adds to my wardrobe!
and then it didnt stop there! My last purchase was this MAC "Adore it" lipstick
I went for a different shade of pink! 

Ive revised a plan to ensure that D has no idea about my shocking shopping obession! I have all of my good shipped to my work address and most nights when I get home D is still at gym so I have time to sneak them in! Whenever I wear one of my newbies he will give me this look and go "Is that new?" and I'll look at him smile and go.. "Whaaaat?! This..Pfht god no ive had this for years!".
Doubt he believes it hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011

ASOS - bestfriend

I did it! 
I went online and purchased some cat eye sunglasses from ASOS
Bargain for $20

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Friday after work D went with his work crew for some after work drinks and I went to the nail salon.
I have to say im rather disappointed with the job they did! I got a set of french nails but the white is un even and just looks horrible I told her there and then but she said something and I was pretty much out the door before she even bothered to respond! - They are still on but I may take them off before work tomorrow morning! I came home and went straight to the gym for a good hour and a half.

We had D's parents coming to melbourne for the weekend an they werent arriving until about 11pm that night so I had plently of time to just chill out! I had just got in the door about a minute before D all sweaty and gross from gym and he walks in the door with this gorgeous rose "Just Because!" Love this guy!

 D's parents arrived just after midnight - His dad got lost on the city link ..Bless him! We went out for breakfast on Saturday morning on Bay Street and with the amazing weather we went for a walk along the beach.

Jenny (D's mum) - D and his shorts (He was so proud of this purchase haha!) and me.
Ive been abit sick recently..hence the bad photo!

Jen & I - Port Melbourne.

Later in the afteroon we went to visit some of D's family - Let me introduce you to George.. This is D's little cousin - We put him in the BWM and he wouldnt get out "No its mine!" he says clinging onto the steering wheel.. So gorgeous

After this weekend - Ive realised I need some new sunglasses! Has anyone purchase the cat eye ones?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Beep Beep

I think I have caught the car fever from D .. As Im now car shopping myself! Something you'll should know is that I cannot park for cr@p! I once was in chadstone and there was one park and I so badly wanted it.. I ended up stopping the car and getting out with D looking at me thinking wtf.. Before I told him that he needs to park the car in that spot! .. Hilarious yet sad. But I cannot park and therefore have thought of a few cars that I want.. but am really crushing on the Madza 2. This baby is a 2011 model for around $16K.. Automatic (Because last time I drove a manual car I stalled it infront of a semi truck - it wasnt going fast but you know.. and ended it by jumping of the car and running away leaving D so jump across the seat and get the car out of the way) So.. Auto all the way baby!

Do any of my followers have a Mazda 2? Any advices?
Im going to go and check out this car over the weekend Its from a dealership I always hate dealing with guys from there as they just look you up and down and pull out a random figure from their head *palm slap*.

 We also have D's parents down this weekend.. Looking to take them out and about and i'll probably spend most of sunday afternoon shopping with his mum - *Mentally add some bits and pieces onto my shopping list* but first off im really keen to get some nice flat summer sandals I have seen some in witchery and also Zara!
The girls are I are really keen to hit up a karaoke bar within the next few weekends for abit of a laugh does anyone reccomend any in the city?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

iPhone Photos

iPhone photo update, but before I do I must tell you a few weeks ago D upgraded my phone’s software to ios5.. He told me to do the backup.. and I was so proud of myself until the sync after he updated it took a whole 2 seconds and he looks at me and goes “did you back up your phone?!” which led to an almighty panic on my behalf and him looking at my blankly.. Lucky even thou I didn’t back up my phone (Ok..I’m not tech savvy!) He was able to save my 3,000+ photos and all of my messages, contacts and apps etc! – Thank god for having a boy who’s more up to date than what apple is!

These are my blue Steve madden shoes which I wore to the races

$180 down to $46.00 I wasn’t complaining – Im secretly in love with them.
                          (note to self, don’t wear shoes you haven’t worn in properly… Ouch!)

Erin & I – all ready to go!

Enormous cocktails we brought from Crown after the races
We ended up getting home around 9pm that night I was so wrecked the next day at work but I would do it all over again we had a blast!

I have been hitting the gym a lot lately and went along with D to one of his many GNC trips to stock up on protein I ended up buying a multi vitamin and scored this cool water bottle

D and I went to squires loft last weekend for dinner with some friends – the food here is simply amazing! (Ive always thought I should become a food critic but then I think everything is “simply amazing!” so I don’t think I’d get too far.. Lol!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kim Vs Kris

So the word on the street's is that Kim Kardashian and Kris H are getting divorced? Wow 72 days of marriage kim you've really outdone yourself this time!

There is alot of talk that their marriage was a huge publicity stint.. I wouldnt rule anything out celebs do alot of strange things for money, If it was a publicity stunt.. there was alot of effort put into this one!

Im 50/50 Ive always watched KUWTK and noticed Kim often fell in and fast so one part of me thinks its not a stunt for her and it was a genuine r'ship failure because looking back on some episodes she is so blind about realistic things! Eg; her and Kris where driving along and she told him he needs to buy a bigger place because she cant lower her standards?.. If D ever came to me and told me this.. Bye Bye D (ha!) I just think there was alot of expectations she put on Kris because she is "Kim Kardashian" after all, So it really wouldnt suprise me if he got sick of her antics and she got sick of him not delievering!

Then there is the other side - All over KK's blog she posted about how many viewers tuned into her fairytale wedding event and how long this took and how much this was rah rah rah.. I wouldnt be blasting to the world about the "statistics" of my special day. A simple thankyou is more than enough.

Either way I wasted a good 2 hours of my life watching her wedding - I wonder if their divorce will make it onto another episode of KUWTK.

So.. What are your thoughts
Fake or Real?