Tuesday, July 30, 2013


On Sunday, I had a fruit overload day and watched The Ellen Show. Perfect Sunday haha

I made a smoothie which consisted of:
- Blueberries
-  Strawberries
- Watermelon
- Banana
- Chai seeds
- Oranges (Juice only)

It was so so good, I love fresh fruit I could seriously overdose on it's goodness.
I then attacked a punnet of cherries ha!
I broke the healthy streak by heading to 7/11 to get a Sunday night dessert but boy was it worth it.

Mmmm.. so good.

The new colour bug shimmer by Kevin Murphy landed in my little hands this week, I have used the pink and purple before I found that purple didn't really pick up on my hair but the pink certainly did. I'll try this one out tonight (Its hair washing day so it'll work out well) and I'll post some photos. Have you tried it before?

Last night for the first time I did Bikram Yoga with a colleague of mine. We went to Bikram Yoga in South Melbourne. I have done normal yoga before BUT not Bikram. Wow haha. Let me tell you it's not glam that's for sure. 

I was told it gets pretty hot in there but I didn't realize just how hot! I was feeling so dizzy at one point and not to mention dripping with sweat I couldn't believe it ha! Everyone had their own puddles of sweat going on. While I admit at first it was a little intense I did warm (ha key word) up-to it in the end and really enjoyed the stretching at the end, Or maybe I just knew it was finished haha. Even enduring the smell of feet and sweat for 90 minutes I feel so good this morning, relaxed and stretched.
I think we will do this 3 times a week.
Have you tried it before?

I also wanted to start doing some normal yoga at home, can anyone recommend any good Yoga DVDs  to buy? 

Friday, July 26, 2013


I don't know if you remember, but I recently blogged about the ELEVEN Australia products, the weekend before last I dragged the boyfriend out to dinner at Sho Noodle bar in Crown - This is one of my favorites the food is so so good. 

I was having a bad hair day and my hair was doing its own thing, I straightened it before dinner, sprayed some hair styling spray on and wallah it was straight, styled and looked decent ha. If you want a good hairspray check out this one.

Sho goodness.
The other good thing about Sho, the prices aren't ridiculous.  

The boyfriend and I for the past couple of weekends have been going to see the bombers play - Those boys in real life and so beautiful ha! Thankfully we have been on a winning streak, however I think tonight game against the hawks will change all of that!

In usual style I wear my bombers scarf, I think I'm just addicted to scarfs in general. but hey I do live in Melbourne right!? I did a haul from ASOS which I hope arrives in the next couple of days. I'll be sure to blog about those goodies when they arrive.

The boyfriend and I took Thursday and Friday off work and hit the road to go and visit his grandparents and family. We always fly so hitting the road and about an hour later realizing just how long the trip is so we were soon wishing we didn't drive ha! The weather in Melbourne was amazing it was that sunny 21 degree winter day but about an hour into the trip it was pouring rain, freezing cold and my little swift was almost getting blown off the road

 4 seasons in one day. Yep.
The boyfriends parents are in the middle of renovating one half of their house so things where a little crazy, but on Friday went went to bunnings to help finialise some colours and pick a new door.
I am like a kid in a candy store at Bunnings.

This got me in the mood for renovating haha - Not ideal when you're renting.
We arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday so we had an extra couple of days which was good, but we just spent it visiting his family and then on Sunday we had the token farewell dinner cooked by yiayia.

We had my favourite spanakopita that's all I wanted until everything else was brought out haha food overload I don't think anyone in a wog family would ever starve. I love it!

God, this is making me hungry now just re-writing this ha.
After lunch in true yiayia style she tried to give us boxes of fresh fruit to take back to Melbourne, 4 or 5 oranges is what we told her next minute we had a box full. haha

The Grandparents.

Last night I was wondering around coles trying to think of something warm and interesting to make for dinner, my eyes lit up at the sight of cherries! I love love love love cherries there is nothing better.
Too bad they are $8 per KG but in my basket they went.

What are your favorite winter foods?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hutong Dumpling Bar - PRAHRAN

A few weeks back to celebrate our end of year and hitting our company budget, we took the Friday off work, jumped in a taxi, took our MD's credit card and went to celebrate. #hellyeah

We went to Hutong Dumpling Bar on Commercial road - I love dumplings but I wasn't really prepared for the 7 course gestation that was put in front of me! If you're like me and had no idea what that means, in simple terms - They give you 7 rounds of food and with each course there is a glass of wine to suit the taste of food put in front of you. (Yep I consumed 7 glasses of wine within a 4 hour gap)

We started off with a glass of champagne to celebrate - at this stage I didn't realize the amount of wine that would follow ha! The food started rolling out, there is nothing else like food being brought out to you, plate after plate haha.

I will admit - After about plate 3 I was feeling really full and the wine was starting to take affect thank god we were all sitting down that's all I can say. The food at Hutong is perfection, everything was cooked just perfect and the flavors just burst in your mouth

It was about 4.30pm by the time we had finished our last main before the dessert came out, by this point I felt like I couldn't eat another thing. It was time to leave and one of my colleagues and I both looked at each other dreading the fact that we had to stand up! Nearly 5 hours of more wine than food cannot be good.

We kicked on and went to the Imperial around the corner, I think this was where we went wrong. Shots left right and center.. By about 6.30 I had to call it in I was not in a state to be around my work mates haha but we were all in the same boat, I felt bad for my Managing Director who had to ride his bike home!

As you can see from my blurry photo - I was in fine form.
I high tailed it out of there with our receptionist, we were lucky enough to get a taxi from Chapel St. Ill admit I had the window down all the way home haha.

The boyfriend had no idea what had happened when I walked (stumbled) in the door started looking at him and burst out laughing - Worlds worst drunk.

All in all - Hutong is pretty amazing you should defiantly check it out!
Have you been?
What other dumpling bars would you recommend?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


June is over. Thank god. I can breathe again! Although.. I'm getting sick so I can barely breathe haha but you know what I mean. I have come across a new hair product that I love. 
Its by DE LORENZO and this is the shiz.

My hairdresser introduced it to me on my last visit. I told her my ends were getting dry - My hair is finally growing again (Woohoo!) but I do find some days the ends aren't as good as they used it be. So she recommended this too me. I think from memory it was only $11. (I could of totally made that up and if It's wrong I apologise!) The smell is amazing and the best part is you only need a pea size on the tip of your fingers and run it from the mid lengths to the ends.

The weekend before last it was my friends birthday we had planned a dinner out in Hardware lane to celebrate her coming of age ha! In typical style I stood looking in my cupboard on Friday morning thinking I have nothing to wear, so at lunch time I headed over to Crown and had a look in Forever New. I actually like forever new but seriously the minute I walked in there ALL I could see was Black, White and a very small fraction of colour. What happened to patterns and bright colours!? 

I brought this White Blazer - For $99 It was probably the best $99 I have ever spent, the material is just amazing and has golden zips on the cuffs, which I don't think you can see. 
We went to Grilld Bar in Hardware Lane. Food Meh. 2 out of 5. Have you been?

Speaking of more food, a few Fridays ago an email popped up on my screen from the boyfriend, god knows what he was doing at work but he sent me the menu for HollyHock as he had found something he wanted to eat ha! So I picked up the phone and made a booking.

I love HollyHock its so relaxed and has such great food.

Everyone loves Macaroons but way too many potatoes!
Now that my work life is a little less crazy I am excited to get back into the kitchen and cook, Is that sad?

We've been heading to most of the bombers games lately and that's generally on a Sunday. Thank-god we've been winning otherwise I wouldn't be happy ha! I posted a photo on my Instagram last week I was going through my makeup and I don't even recall how I came across this one but its Bourjois Foundation and I started using it and its actually really great! But then I went back to using my MAC this morning and realized just how not so great it was haha! But I think for an every day its great and it gave me great coverage.

So I'm back in the blogging space, cant wait to catch up with all your posts. Stay tuned for my 7 course gestation meal (and shots!) to celebrate EOFY at my work. (I was hungover like a mofo!)