Sunday, April 29, 2012


Friday night consisted of D driving back to DFO South wharf because earlier that day he had brought some new shoes to go with his suit and for some reason he didn't check the bag before he left - I get a text message from him while he is at the gym telling me to have a look at his shoes and see if I liked them, I opened the box.. they looked very small so I sent him a text.. haha and before he I knew it he was rushing through DFO to find the bloody store to go back and get the right size.
Somehow regardless of shopping with dim or shopping for dim its always painful. HA!

We had to be at the airport around 9am I ordered one taxi and two arrived - Hows that for service?

Jeans - casual as casual can be.

I'm so bad at packing at the best of times - But I kept reminding myself I was only going for 24hours but I kept thinking of things I needed to pack and then last minute almost forgot my dress - Fail.

The wedding - The Groom was one of Dim's best friends from high school - Boy was I excited about meeting all the kids he used to hang out with at all. Our Plane was delayed leaving Melbourne "as they had engine faults" which wasn't too comforting haha, but we arrived 1 hour before the wedding started had a very quick lunch w D's parents then I headed off to get ready.

Considering I was attending a traditional catholic wedding I didn't want to wear my LBD to the church I ended up buying a green top from Mossman paired it with a black bandage skirt and my gold belt - I posted a photo on Insta.

The church was beautiful - easily 150 guests but we had good seats! Poor Dim he had never been in an catholic church and he got pretty sick of the sit stand kneel, offer a sign of peace, sit, stand kneel thing haha!

I think D was more interested in the cars - he kept saying "Make sure you take photos of the car... like more than 1 OK?" Bless him.

After the ceremony we went back to Dims parents house to relax spend some time w the family and get ready for the reception.

D's Yiayia and myself.


The reception was at the DaVinci Club - It was decked out, so stunning! With double the amount of people that where at the church I was gobsmacked I dont think I'd been to a bigger wedding in my life (And let me just add I'm dating a Greek ha!)- It was at the reception I got to meet at the high school pals - The stories that came out, my oh my.

Repping table 4!

The Bomboniere- Coated Almonds - Yum!

How beautiful is Gabrielle (Brides) dress? Her Aunty hand made this little baby, the bodice is just amazing this photo doesn't do it any justice but it was just divine.

We got back to Melbourne at noon today
Crazy rushed but such a fun 24 hours!
How was your weekend?

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Arrived at work at 8am - No server so I couldn't even logg on
Whatevers I went for a walk and brought a coffee - I tried to waste time but my coffee man downstairs whenever he see's me walking in he gets my coffee ready - Pronto and then follows on with "Holly,  Here is your coffee bella - have a great day!" So sweet.

Killing time
Everyone else arrived at work and STILL no Internet/Computer connectivity.
Normally I wouldn't care but I had two client interviews booked at 10am but couldn't even print anything! long morning passed by and after me and a colleague went to stuff our faces at a near by restaurant on southbank because we couldn't do anything! Finally at 2pm we could logg on and access our emails only to find out we couldn't make phone calls and or print anything lol!
But I had managed to get 67 new emails in my inbox.
I had had enough by that stage and walked into an interview with a candidate and said "Not gonna lie - I dont have your CV So I'm flying blind here" hahhah.. So bad but so true.

Day ended thank god - I was at the bus stop and saw this - Ive seen the trailer but really want to go see it - Good luck trying to get D to come along!

My dress arrived from mycatwalk tonight but I'm just not sold on it -I posted a photo of me wearing it on Insta and they even agreed and yes we fly out Saturday morning and I have NO time to buy anything and all of my clothes dont seem to make me feel attractive hahahah - typical girl answer.  So at the moment I have no idea but I do have a safe LBD that I can pull out if all fails.

When I get frustrated I organise things
I dont even know why I have a book on Paris or France - LOL the things I collect over time.
Whats your weekend plans?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Melbourne's weather has been a joke! I feel like wearing gumboots to work as my shoes arent liking walking in the rain and then sitting under my desk at work trying to dry..

I woke upto this the other morning

Not Impressed - Out came the trench coat - I kid you not. Yesterdays weather was by far the worst 14 degrees and rain rain rain, I was faced with this when I got downstairs.

I managed to make it to the bus stop when I was standing there the rain came down even heavier - If that was possible and "call in sick, go home and jump into bed" was running through my mind but I soldiered on - I swear that EVERYONE freaks out as soon as it rains, people try to jump the line when waiting to get on the bus - why bother? you're going to get on their eventually. (End Rant)

Waiting at the bus stop like a boss!

Monday night after work it was yet again cold and miserable I went home and chilled out with Candles, I LOVE Candles but D doesn't like them so any chance I get when he isn't home I'll have them lit  - They're so relaxing and smell amazing.

I brought a new gold belt to wear to the wedding this weekend - They're the newest craze they are metal at the front and then leather around the waist and the back at first it felt really weird but I soon got used to it - I decided to wear it to work yesterday and got a few compliments - yey winning! Still have NO idea what I'm wearing this weekend.

Do you like?

I received my nail polish from the Revlon OzSale yesterday - I wasn't expecting this colour to be SO Pink but it's alright.. I also brought an apricot colour and deep purple.

This morning I went down to Bay Street in the freezing weather to get some things for breakfast and picked up these gorgeous Lilly's to help lighten up my gloomy apartment. I adore Lilly's they always cheer me up - The lady gave me a discount as they where from yesterday - Winning!

I always confuse myself when we have a public holiday in the middle of the week, how about you?

Sunday, April 22, 2012


While Dancing with the stars drains my life and runs over time as usual - I thought I'd do a post.

Saturday we went to to football at the MCG We went with 3 of D's friends and mind you they are all Carlton Fans, but me all decked out in my Essendon Jersey stood loud and proud. Go Essendon Baby!

 Everyone thought the Blues where going to smash us but pleaseeee no chance! haha I had a few of my friends go to the game too and up until the 1st quarter I was getting text message saying how bad essendon are going to lose but needless to say I didn't get another text from them throughout the whole game! Ha Suckers!

The sun was INTENSE I actually got a tan!
Food at the footy is such a rip
1 coke zero - $4.50


 We went to Spice Market and rolled home about 3.30am - I woke up with the biggest headache this morning I kid you not. I feel so old haha

 I met up with D as he needed some help shopping - OKAY if any of you have been long time followers you'll understand my pure frustration when it comes to shopping with him, We went to BIG W in QV as he wanted to buy some new singlets and socks and whatnots.

After 10 minutes of standing there LOOKING at what singlets he has to chose from he decides to pick one up "What do you think of this?" I a little too quickly said "Its perfect, buy that one!" he looked at me and put it back. Not Impressed
He then decided he didn't want any singlets and went to the sock section I told him I'd be back soon and did a lap around the store giving him some time to make his choices, When I come back around he goes at the top of his voice "where did you go?!" which empted this old man to start laughing and tell D that "Women are no good to shop with"

After 45minutes in QV we left.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I felt like such an idiot today - After work I swung by the supermarket and then it wasn't until I got to the checkouts I realised I had left my purse at work on my desk! Soo bad I had to call D who thankfully was on Bay Street as well so he came and paid for our goods haha.
So bad.
Please tell me this has happened to you before aswell?

I have no more excuses for eating badly since I polish off my last piece of chocolate the other night. I'm sorta glad because every other time of the year I cannot stand the sight of chocolate, weird I know ha! But now Easter is over and done with I feel like I can move on with my life now hahahaha.

The weekend of the 28th I have a wedding to attend and Im so lost for Ideas on what to wear it's a big Italian wedding but I dont really know the bride nor the groom - They are high school friends of D's but that doesnt stop my mind running crazy for ideas of what to wear
I was thinking of wearing a black cooper street dress I have teaming it with the gold belt below and gold heels? Thoughts?

This weekend we are off to the footy.. Yey (nooo) to See Essendon Vs Carlton on Saturday afternoon
Ive been feeling so Blah this week and have so much going on but am struggling on by I think its one of those weeks.

Good news is that next month I will have successfully completed my SHOPPING BAN.. Hell yes! For those of you know have been following me for a while will know I tend to just buy something because it looks good, I may never wear it! It will be 5 months and I'm super proud of myself.

2 more working days!
love x

Monday, April 16, 2012


To any of my Orthodox followers - Happy Easter!
Two weekends in a row filled with family and good food I almost feel spoilt but aside from that I also feel the effects around my waist - yes hello jiggle!

Weekend re-cap.
I have a wedding coming up on the 28th of this month and was only told a week ago - perfect ha! I wanted new shoes but am on a shopping ban then I remembered I had some credit for an online store in the US which I hadnt used. I brought these stunning Jessica Simpson pumps for $60AUS and they arrived within a week I was super impressed and they are stunning! (Im not sure if i'll wear them to the wedding now that Ive seen just how mega they are!)

totally un-related but look at this one thinking he is some type of model
Sadly he wears his trackies EVERYWHERE! Does anyone else have a boyf that does the same? Somedays I have to lay out some jeans on the bed so he will actually wear them!

Saturday morning I found some motivation that came from one of my stunning followers on Instagram and she said "Think about how you'll feel after your workout - compared to how you'll feel if you dont go!" and so off I went for a run along the beach the weather was absoutley stunning and perfect I had my music pumping and went for a good hour

D was working all day saturday so after my run I went  and got my eyebrows done and went for a coffee and pick up some breakfast - When I walked in the door and our local barrister who usually yells out my name and smiles, looked up and his facial expression said it all - my short hair has failed me - Shame!

Saturday night the boy took me out for dinner to Madonna's there food is so good but its such a chilled out place to be! (I know I think all food is good but sheesh this food was good!)

 My Date for the night - Cutie.
Then we headed to the movies to watch 21 Jump Street  - Hilarious if you havent seen this please do!

It was orthodox easter this weekend and after the movies on Saturday night we went to church we didnt go to our local church in South Melbourne because we where in the Richmond area but tomatoe/tomato.
It was my boyfriends dads name day yesterday and as they live 6 hours away we couldnt be there to celebrate with them and also be there for their easter festivities.
Instead yesterday we went to some of his family that live in Melbourne and celebrated!

Yay for Red Eggs & Biscuits
Negatives for the thighs
but yay neitherless.

I have become addicted to Musashi protein shakes - Strawberry is by far THE BEST! But had to settle for the chocolate one this morning

Do you have any weekend goss for me? :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Despite this morning crawling out of bed, seeing a cold 8 degrees on my iPhone I was dreading going outside, I dug out my scarf and off I went to the bus stop. Such a champion.
Lastnight I felt so ill going to bed but decided to do another wardrobe cull and said goodbye to some of my Alice McCall pieces - If you've been following me y'll know my sickening addiction to her items.

I'd like your thoughts on something that happened to me this morning when I arrived at work.
We are in the middle of an office fit out I knew we would of been having some people come past the office to do some measurements and whatnot over the weekend. I have photos on my desk of me and my friends (Boyfriend included) and some other junk eg; flowers ect anyhow I get to work this morning and find someone's business card on my desk - Didnt think too much of it until I noticed there was something written on the back

"Call me cutie"
Do you find that highly unprofessional or just lame? He would of seen photos of me on my desk and decided to leave me a business card so I would call him.. Personally I find it just creepy LOL

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello Lovers! I'm Back - I hope everyone had a lovely, fun and safe Easter.
Personally I have been in a food coma since Friday of last week hahaha so I'm keen to get back into reality and back to the gym!

Note this post will be heavy photo orientated!

Thursday at work we got given loads of chocolate - Especially this little guy.. I thought he was too cute to eat, but that lasted until about 8pm Thursday night and I caved in and bit him - So good! How cute is he?

Friday morning we got up nice and early and headed to the airport - with a taxi driver that asked us four time if we where sure we wanted to go the airport. We arrived about 11am and for once I didn't have a baby on board who was crying their little lungs out.

I have previously had the worst luck - I had my water and reading material all ready to go!
The Greek invasion (I say that with love) started from about lunch time when one side of D's family came over for a catch up and that's my earlier memory of not being in a food coma for the whole of Easter - So bad but hey with wog parents you cannot say no!
Around 3pm the worst dust storm came across  - I enjoyed that not one bit! It was shocking.

It was D's dad birthday on Saturday and for a 55 year old this guy can move - See below a photo of him kicking a football, I was abit worried he might injure himself but no chance of that!!

AFL's up and coming goal kicker hahaha.. We showed D's mum the photo and she didn't see the football and turned to his dad and goes "Are you doing yoga??" Funny lady.

We went out for coffee and Breakfast on Saturday morning for his birthday for some reason all the boys ordered triple shot espresso's and the rest of us ordered Latte's - Such good coffee!

D's parents - They're adorable

Saturday night we had a gathering at D's parents house and after a day of some personal family drama (which I wont include) it was good to just chill our relax and drink baby - we also brought some baby hot cross bun macaroons which went down a treat - In Love

Most of our time was spent with family socializing, eating, eating some more, visiting some of D's old high school friends - We are heading back in there 3 weeks time for one of his friends Weddings (Mentally scanned my wardrobe when I was told!) We also caught up with some old family friends and the grandparents.

Sunday night we got home from D's yiayia's house around 10pm and his other grandparents wanted to come over and say goodbye etc.. so at 11pm last night (With a 6am plane to catch this morning) We sat there and had coffee/wine and biscuits and spoke about 101 random things hahaha.. 

This photo was taken well after our bedtime so ignore the drowsiness.

Little sleep, tired eyes and a body that craved coffee off we went to the airport at 5.45am! - Ouch

Front row seats - It looked so peaceful although I just wanted my bed.

We landed back in Melbourne about 7.30am and I could not believe how freezing it was!! Then on the way back from the airport it started to rain and then this afternoon it hailed! Typical Melbourne
It was great to visit family but its always so good to get home after a break away.
It wasn't Easter for my boyfriends family as Greek Easter is coming up so I consider myself lucky that there wasn't the normal amount of food up for grabs lol!

Some idiot has too much time on their hands and for the past 4 weeks or so my Facebook has been hacked into about 5 times now, I dont even know why they bother? They dont even do anything while they are on there.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter - What did you end up doing?!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter

To those of you who celebrate 
I hope you'll have a fab, safe and chocolate filled Easter.

Sorry about the short post - I'm about to walk out the door to catch a cab to the airport but wanted to send a quick happy Easter to everyone!

Update me on your Easter goss


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


All of this week I have been waking up at 5.30am without any chance of getting back to sleep so I've been putting it to good use and walking half way to work and then getting the bus, but I'm still at work wayyy before 8.30 so I have decided to start taking my cereal to work (Nerd)

Like my view?

I have been flat out this week at work - I dont know why it is but people say "short week" and people automatically go into over drive and start to freak out! Drives me nuts, so its a domino affect an I've been driven crazy by everyone's else full pace drama that I've been flat out too.. I made a note in my diary that Friday was a public holiday hahaha

Yesterday I had back to back meetings and then a morning meeting which was meant to be 30minutes ...1.5 hours later I was outta there - Arrrgh! Needless to say I didn't really get lunch yesterday.

Tonight I caught up with two friends for dinner we went to the Kitchen Workshop in Crown $24.50 for all you can eat - nom nom nom! If you have never been - please go!! The food is delish and dont even get me started on the dessert.

My friend Jacqui and I leashed the inner child in ourselves and went all out with this baby for dessert..

Bad Fat Bad Fat..but so good

One more day before the Easter break yeooowww!

Monday, April 2, 2012


We failed at Gold-class on Saturday night I called up at 3.30 to make the booking but it was all sold out! Talk about unlucky so we have decided to just wait until we get back home after Easter.

Saturday night we went out for dinner in South Bank to the Meat & Wine Co - and caught up with the lovely bunch of boys (bear teeth) that my boyfriend works with! Afterwards we went home and watched The Darkest Hour - it wasn't too bad. It was so predictable.

Sunday morning was the highlight of my weekend

I had good old Uncle Tobys for breakfast while the boyfriend scoffed down his perfectly made omlette - I was so excited I nearly fell off my chair haha.. BUT speaking of falling I know that I'm clumsy but our apartment is way too small and I actually broke the shelf in my wardrobe because I either have too many pieces hanging or its just not good quality - I say the 2nd one so on Sunday we did some serious apartment hunting and I'm off to an open house tomorrow night after work.

We went out for coffee after breakfast on Bay Street
I am about to scream and rip my hair out -
We are off to my boyfriends family for Easter and fly out on Thursday morning - Talk about dilemma! I have no energy to go into details but lets just say 2 wog families and conflicting thoughts.. I just cannot be bothered! Are you going away for Easter?

After my event last week with my eBay seller I just finished opening up a non payer dispute on eBay because someone hasn't paid and refuses to contact me - honestly?!??  I know that I need to get rid of some things so I'm doing another cull

Im not sure if I should list them now I generally have things for auction for 5 days, but I'm thinking thats going to end around Easter time and I generally like to post things off straight away!?

Anyhow.. How was your weekend?
Any loving?