Friday, December 30, 2011

what was 2011

So 2011 is coming to an end, to be honest I cannot wait for 2012 to begin I have so many things planned and coming up I cannot wait for it all too happen, no doubt like this year it'll be here before we know it!

 what was 2011;
- I turned my fitness right around and love it 
- I changed my thinking and learnt to cherish the smaller things in life 
- I became addicted to blogging (thanks to my followers!) 
- I have a new found love for fashion and being creative 
- I sorted through my so called friends and have learnt who means the most 
- I'm not at the point in my Career that I want to be, but I'm focused 
- I have found a boyfriend best friend all in one
- I feel blessed to have such a great family 
- I learnt to strengthen my cooking skills
- There is nothing better than fresh fruit 
- I have a strong obsession with baklava 
- I spent far too much money on clothes, bags, shoes & makeup 
- I deepened my love for photography 
- I learnt not all is fair in love an war 
- My love for Vodka hasn't faded away

what will be 2012'

- Self impossed shopping ban until May 2012 
- Increase my fitness level & stay focused
- Progress my career and get into a new position by later 2012
- European Travel including Greece 
- Thailand with the boyf 
- Drink more t2 
- Spend more time with my mum 
- Be more creative with our house 
- Grow my savings
- Learn better Greek

I don't really believe in making new years resolutions because I think if you really wanted to do something you'd focus on it right then and there! Besides I did it one year and as all girls do "I'm going to lose weight"..and it never happened and I got so devo'd lol! Just go with the flow I say.

So those are my thoughts on the year that was and the year ahead! Speaking of purchases This baby is my very last purchase for 2011, Although it set me back a little it was well worth the spend and even the boy approves! The colour is honestly gorgeous and stands out! I have already paired it up with some tan, black, green and white wedges! It works with all colours - best ever! 

I hope y'all have a fantastic new years eve. I'll be spending new years with my boyfriends family celebrating.. A Greek tradition is to bake a cake and they place a coin inside and whoever gets the coin in their piece has a year full of luck! Yes please.

Stay safe & let's bring on 2012
Are you making a new years resolution if so what is it?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Festive Season

Hello Hello! I hope everyone had a fun, safe and merry Christmas!

So here is my festive seasons recap! Rewind ya'll.
Last Wednesday we left Melbourne, we had a flight to catch at 9.30am - after the rush to the airport we arrived only to be told our flight was delayed, wasn't too long but that could of been a extra 30 mins sleep.

Hello Virgin.

I spent the Wednesday night with D's parents we went out for a Christmas drink and relaxed - Its so great to catch up with everyone when you haven't seen them for awhile. My mum lives about 2.5hours from D's parents and I set off on the trek to my mums house the next morning - My mum was having Christmas at her place for the first time in about 3 years and I was excited to get back there and have a break away from the city!

Im not used to 40+ degrees temps so I was keen for the drinks as soon as I arrived!

 I  also got to catch up with a friend of mine who had a baby girl only a month ago - Isn't she perfect? I held her and honestly I was freaking out thinking I'd break her! She was like a doll.

 Leading up to Xmas I must say I had it pretty good I was relaxing in the sun, reading my book, spending time with my mum, I also made a gingerbread house which has been a tradition in my family for a long time! What do you think? epic fail but its cute. I need to work on my domestic skills.

The weather on Christmas day was warm to begin with and then it started to really get stormy, thankfully nothing like Melbourne was struck with - I hope no one coped too much damage? I'm yet to go back to our place and face the damage - fingers crossed their is none! I wore this corset top with a gorgeous white and pink skirt with my pink tony bianco wedges. (This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pieces its so versatile and easy to mix and match with so many things!)
Tradition my mum has lived by is Christmas breakfast. - Yes I woke up at 8am for this!

I wasn't expecting any presents and my mum surprised me with a gorgeous Tiffany & Co bracelet. Its gorgeous - So spoilt.

Speaking of presents D's parents loved theirs which was such a relief we actually though we smashed the clock when D's luggage got thrown at the airport.. Mini heart attack moment.
All in all my Christmas day was perfect I may have gained a few pounds but the food and company was totally worth it.

As my motto says "Christmas dividing my bank account and multiplying my weight since 1989"

My boxing day was spent in utter relaxation mode - Yes that's right I didn't even hit up the shops. Something must of been wrong with me as this was my last chance to go crazy before my shopping ban gets imposed on Jan 1. I was too busy relaxing by the pool with some family friends eating and drinking.
So Lazy I am - Rocking out in my dress with Chanel bangle.

Guess what!? My mum finally met D's parents yesterday when the they drove down to my mums house I was so nervous in the lead up, I knew that they would get along because they've spoken on the phone before etc and D and I always speak about each others parents so it wasn't as if they where total strangers - I couldn't of been happier with how the day went along... My mum put on a massive feast D arrived at my mums around 11am (We were apart for just over 5 days!.. And oh my god I missed him so much!) He basically parked the car jumped out of the car and ran to hug me.. Which left our parents to introduce themselves..Opps! It went so well honestly they chatted, our mums where all over each other swapping stories, memories, general chit chat! - Its such a relief to know they'll get along as it so important for both of us that they do! When we left D's mum swapped digits with my mum and yells out "I'll call you later tonight!".. and that she did. Hahaha

I'm back at D's parents now and we fly back to Melbourne on the 2nd of Jan.
Bring on NYE!

How was your Christmas? - Score any fab presents?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas

I did it.. done totally done and dusted! Christmas shopping is over! Winning.
I had my hair appointment today at 9.30am damn you re-growth I was catching up on my trashy goss from the magazines and of course Kim K was splashed across the front cover, honestly each time I pick up a magazine the headlines about her and humps are getting worse!

Does anyone else think Kim looks like Sandra Bullock in this photo?

Melbourne put on some lovely weather today - I love holidays you can just wear whatever you want without having to stress over dressing corporate!
Wearing - Alice McCall top with Cream/Yellow beaded shorts

We had no idea what to buy D's parents we wanted to get them something that they could actually use so we decided to buy them a clock and since they are currently renovating we figured it would go well the theme..Honestly who would of thought looking for a clock could be so difficult not to mention expensive! One Woman tried to con me into buying a $120 clock because I got a free candle holder.. Hell no woman! I have a budget here.

I ended up buying this little number
Its alot cuter in real life
One small issue - It doesnt fit in my luggage and we are flying out tomorrow
I'll have to get D to stuff it in his suitcase hahaha..sucker!

So this was the end of the christmas shopping and thankgodness.. Christmas only comes around once a year otherwise I'd have no moulla!! I know people say christmas isnt all about presents and I agree with that.. pity my family dont lol! Only kidding.

Followers I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas stay safe and enjoy the festive season please don't drink and drive there is always other options, don't speed to get to your destination because its putting you at risk! I wont be back to blog until I return to Melbourne on New years Day (Oh did I mention I left booking return tickets upto D and he booked us on a 6.15am flight..Argh!) Men..You cannot live with them but I wouldn't live without him either - Spread the love this year - Merry Christmas xxxx

Monday, December 19, 2011

Annual Leave

I did it! Today was my last day at work even though I worked until 7pm I feel so relieved! No work for me until the 3rd of Jan 2012 Winning.

Tomorrow I wish I could start off with a huge sleep in but I'm off to get my hair done, eyebrows and legs waxed before I hit up the shops and complete my christmas shopping.  Im really stuck for ideas on what buy D this year so I'm open to any suggestions on what to buy a guy who "doesnt know" what they want? Men can be so difficult sometimes! Also my brother and his fiance they are such opposites from one another so I dont think I can buy them a combined gift..!

Ive posted a fair few pics on Instragram this week - has anyone else seen this movie
"I don't know how she does it" Despite all of the horse comments I do love SJP I admire her ability to walk in heels constantly - Go team high heels, But back to the movie its pretty funny not one of her best but defs worth a snuggle up on the couch to watch if you've got nothing better to do!

Tonight I have over loaded on Cherries but I love love love them.
In fact I love summer in general just because of all the fruit that is up for grabs!
What are your favourites?

I cannot wait to leave Melbourne on Wednesday and see both of our families and just relax!
For those of you who don't know D's parents and My mum haven't met yet they've spoken on the phone before think the world of one another (which takes the pressure off!) and Christmas this year we are having a get together at my mums house.. So keen to see how it'll go I know their will be no dramas but its still a bit nerve raking.
How long where you together with your partner before your parents met each other?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kourt & Kim

Lastnight I snuggled up and caught up on the last two episodes of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

In Episode Two - Kourt and Khloe go and visit Scott's parents up in the Hamptons by this stage Kris Humps has already flown back to Mini to focus on his training - Kim is sitting there and a light bulb goes off in her mind that maybe she should fly there and be with her husband  for the weekend, The next morning Khloe goes into say goodbye to Kim and..Wow she went on one - The BlackBerry Messages that Khloe copped later that day was astonishing.
As Khloe said there was something else going on with Kim and Khloe was just copping it.

Do you think this was the beginning of Kim's "change of feelings?"

In Episode 3 Kim wants to go off birth control - I actually had to laugh out loud when she told her mum and for once Kris Jenner made perfect sense when she said she wasn't ready all Kim could respond with was wide open eyes and say

"But Im ready..Im Married"
"Im married thats the next step..I'm 30"
"Kris and I are married"

Being married doesnt mean your necessarily ready to start having a baby, news flash Kim you and Kris dont even live in the same state! She goes around to a number of people to get their opinion and she finally takes advice from a friend who says to wait..Next Minute her whole view has changed an she is anti-kids. One thing that really stuck me was when she was talking to her friend this popped out "One was the reason I that I loved Kris" - "LOVED" perhaps she was already over him.

After the whole divorce thing and then her appearance in Australia (Or less of) I couldn't stand the way she held herself she is always saying she is so professional yet she wouldn't even crack a smile for her millions of fans, personally I changed my opinion on her a while back but now its just been confirmed

Hmm.. Episode 4 come on out!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Colour Red

Lastnight we had our work Christmas party at Medici bar and resturant in the docklands, celebrations kicked off from 5pm the weather was amazing it was such a warm night!

I wore a red dress with a tan belt and left my hair out.. It had been straightened earlier than morning and just went over it before we all left work together and headed down to docklands.

I love it when everyone is just chilled out, it makes for such a great night
I'll admit I had been flat out at work that day and hadnt even had a chance to eat lunch as soon as I got to the venue they were serving the wine.. It went straight to my head until the food came out.

Here is a photo of my Boss & I

To be honest I didnt take too many other photos as after this my phone was used to pump some music through the speakers..  Not sure our CEO was much of a fan of my ministry of sound album.
Each year we present awards and a select number of staff who werent awarded where chosen to present when I was asked too..I thought 2 things
1) Oh great I havent been considered for an award
2) Am I sober enough to do so?
I was so conscious that I needed to not slur my words, stand on two feet and smile and present this award.. I passed with flying colours not even sure how.

We had plans to go kick on the party afterwards as our drink and food package only went until 8.30 turns out they either forgot or just didnt care because they kept the drinks flowing well until 9.30 so we decided to kick on. D messaged me around 9.45 and asked how my night was I told him I was starving an that he needed to come and get me so we could get some decent food I had drank far too much he arrived around 10pm he was just around the corner at his work christmas party

Class act I was walking down the boardwalk in the docklands and my shoe heel decides to get stuck in between the two wooden slats which didnt really go for my whole "just walk straight..your not drunk you're fine" thoughts.
 We went to the other side of the docklands to Squires loft.
I didnt care what we ate I just needed something - Steak of course was D's choice.

I was in no state to argue.

This morning I woke up and could taste my trusty best friend Moscato in my mouth - Not a fan.
I jumped up and went to the gym for 20 mins I was suprised I didnt feel as bad as I thought I should.
 Melbourne's weather was amazing and I spent today exactly how I had planned to.

I went down to Bay Street to get some fresh fruit for breakfast
Wearing my favourite Mimco necklace

Around 11am I went down the pool
This bottle was my best friend

I was finally so excited to be able to wear my new bikini which I ended up buying from ASOS
You cannot really see it here because of my shorts but it is white and blue striped with green ties
I love it.

Im so far from black it's not funny!
Thankfully summer feels like its finally here.. Bring on that colour.

After 4 hours in the sun this is the result
Not the colour that I was after and Im so suprised because I put on so much suncreen and Reef Oil
So I have no clue.
Its not as painful as it looks which is a bonus
Lets pray that it goes brown.
Did you make the most of the sun today?

Friday, December 16, 2011


I was in BigW yesterday with a friend from work just to see what they had on offer
I came across this little gem - The sex and city perfume collection it included:
3 large perfumes
3 small pocket sized perfumes
3 hand creams
Ive always loved the small of their collection and now I have all 3

All for $19
I love a good bargain.
Perfume is the last thing that I need you should see my collection at home, but Im an impluse buyer hence why after Jan I have a self impossed shopping ban happening (Again).

 I went to Koko Black earlier this week and I ended up back their yesterday as well I wanted to buy a present for a friend of mine I ended up buying her this
I love the wrapping - I think good wrapping always sets off a present

 Lastnight after work I met up with Erin and Briony for dinner
We went to hardware lane about 6pm.
Its funny how everyone tries to get your attention to come into their resturant
Makes you feel like a little celeb.
We went to Vons.

Their food and atmopshere was delicious!
I ordered their Fungi Risotto
I couldnt even finish it.

But like always there is room for dessert
Sticky date pudding
No doubt that went straight to my hips

Tonight we have our work christmas party
we are going to Medici in the Docklands - Fingers crossed its a good night the weather is looking like it'll be perfect for a night on the water.

Monday is my last day at work (Yes..I have to come back for one day!) before I board the plan on Tuesday I cannot wait I need a good old break. This week has been complete mayhem I know this time of year everyone goes crazy and you lose track of time and everything is so christmas focused but I dont think you realise how draining it is! Not one night this week (besides lastnight) have I sat down and had a proper dinner.. Bad I know!

This weekend assuming the weather is kind to me Im going to get some xmas shopping done on saturday morning and then relax in the sun with a good book.
(Yeah right)

Am I not alone when I say I havent finished my christmas shopping?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle!  This year at work I got one of the new guys, he is loud, annoying and highly frustrating so I have no clue what to buy him. At lunch time while I was walking about Bourke St Mall I went into KoKo Black (One of my most favourite shops!) I know its lame but I had no idea what to buy him so figured chocolates would do the trick!

I got completely side tracked by the massive variety that they offer! 
Im a sucker for almonds
So I brought these (for myself)

Then when I walked over to the counter to pay I found a whole display dedicated to chocolate and brought myself a piece.. I love me some good decent chocolate.. Hey I paid $2 for this little baby!

It was a peppermint deluxe.
Deluxe it was!
Best $2 Ive ever spent.

Unfortunatlely for my KK I left the store empty handed so I'll be going on the mad dash tomorrow at lunch time to try and buy something!

Assuming that Commonwealth bank get their stuff sorted out and get their online banking and ATM's working again! This isnt the first time this has happened to me last time their systems went down I was at the supermarket.. Declined.. So I tried again..Declined! Seriously? SO I ended up leaving the store clueless only to find out when I logged into my app that the systems had crashed.

Have you had any horror stories about being stranded without cash?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Phuket 2012

Dreaming of this as Im surrounded by mountains of paperwork
 Only a lousey 5 months away.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


On Saturday night I went out with a group of friends for dinner
We went to rare steakhouse on King street in the city

The booking was for 7.30 but we arrived early it was too cold to wait outside.. From the moment we walked into the building A+ service! The staff where so friendly and helpful. We had to make a reservation as the place was booked out, after climbing 3 flights of stairs we made it to our table.

What gorgeous Interior.
The place is designed perfectly!

The rest of the crew arrived shortly after - We ordered drinks and opened up the menus!
The only thing that bugged me for the night was the waitress we had while she was friendly she was keen to fill up the wine glasses without asking and before they where even empty! 
Hm..not to mention they charged $10 per glass.

The food was pretty average - dont get me wrong it was good but I had tasted better.
The boys polished off their plates without question.

We left around 10 and stood out the front trying to find a taxi as we wanted to head to crown I think we may of had too much wine and mis judged our location - For my melbourne followers you'll understand why, Crown is about a 2 minute walk from the resturant so getting a taxi 500meters down the was the highlight of my night.

Rare Steak House
42-44 King Street

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday baby!

Yay Friday is here the sun is shining and best part of all I went to order a coffee this morning and somehow I ended up with a hot chocolate.. but I dont need to feel guilty because I didnt ask for it!

Its office the sun is out (there we go..thats my weather report for the day!) Cannot wait for 5pm to roll around and I can escape the office.. D and I are heading off to do some christmas shopping which I invision will last about 5 minutes before D cracks and throws his hands up in the air and says lets shop online!

Talking about online shopping.. I still havent recieved my purchases from catch of the day?! I need to follow this up. but check out these babies I just brought
$95.00 from Wittner down from $159

I hope the sun stays out for the weekend, On saturday night we are heading out with some friends for some dinner and drinks then probably hit up crown a bit later on during the night..  No plans for sunday but fingers crossed it begins with a big breakfast!

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emma & Tom

I think I should either become a food critic or a weather reporter - As those seem to be my favourite things to complain/talk about!

I went to get lunch today from The Attic - They have amazing salads when I asked the girl If I could also have a orange juice - She asked if I had ever tried this one before and produced this!

Okay now in the photo it actually looks purple in real life it looks green, murky and gross! I looked at her and thought to myself.. " Ive never wanted to try to drink a mixture of toilet water and spew!" before she re-assured me that it tastes REALLY good despite looking so bad!

Im one to try everything once..
It sounded so good

and it actually was! I wasnt too keen at the beginning as it had this weird after taste but suprisngly I would order it again.. You should try it.

Im going to get my eye brows waxed tonight as they recently decided to do their own thing and sprout.. One thing I always notice on people is their eyebrows.
I remember the one time I tried to pluck D's eyebrows.. He nearly killed me
Poor greek man. Covered in hair!

Lastnight I cooked myself the most amazing Pad Thai while watching worlds strictest parents - Hopefully ya'll know what this show is about because im not about to give you a run down.. But they sent this girl who claimed to be all into beauty etc to a special needs place to brighten up their day by giving them mini - makeovers. I was amazed at how this girl reacted in fact fairly dissapointed. I can understand if someone hasnt been around someone who has a disability it can be confronting but she stared at them and ran out of the room before protesting on camera "she cannot be around people who arent on the same wave lenght as her!" .. Wow

D's oldest brother Eric its actually his birthday today - HAPPY BDAY!! He has a disability he is 30 today and he has never spoken a word his whole life, he was diagnosed with ADHD and other disablities from such a young age. He has learnt his own way to communicate and he leads what is to be considered a normal every day life.
I cannot understand how people can dismiss people so easily because of the way they look, speak or talk.