Thursday, December 1, 2011

Emma & Tom

I think I should either become a food critic or a weather reporter - As those seem to be my favourite things to complain/talk about!

I went to get lunch today from The Attic - They have amazing salads when I asked the girl If I could also have a orange juice - She asked if I had ever tried this one before and produced this!

Okay now in the photo it actually looks purple in real life it looks green, murky and gross! I looked at her and thought to myself.. " Ive never wanted to try to drink a mixture of toilet water and spew!" before she re-assured me that it tastes REALLY good despite looking so bad!

Im one to try everything once..
It sounded so good

and it actually was! I wasnt too keen at the beginning as it had this weird after taste but suprisngly I would order it again.. You should try it.

Im going to get my eye brows waxed tonight as they recently decided to do their own thing and sprout.. One thing I always notice on people is their eyebrows.
I remember the one time I tried to pluck D's eyebrows.. He nearly killed me
Poor greek man. Covered in hair!

Lastnight I cooked myself the most amazing Pad Thai while watching worlds strictest parents - Hopefully ya'll know what this show is about because im not about to give you a run down.. But they sent this girl who claimed to be all into beauty etc to a special needs place to brighten up their day by giving them mini - makeovers. I was amazed at how this girl reacted in fact fairly dissapointed. I can understand if someone hasnt been around someone who has a disability it can be confronting but she stared at them and ran out of the room before protesting on camera "she cannot be around people who arent on the same wave lenght as her!" .. Wow

D's oldest brother Eric its actually his birthday today - HAPPY BDAY!! He has a disability he is 30 today and he has never spoken a word his whole life, he was diagnosed with ADHD and other disablities from such a young age. He has learnt his own way to communicate and he leads what is to be considered a normal every day life.
I cannot understand how people can dismiss people so easily because of the way they look, speak or talk.


  1. Haha, on my dashboard, the first pic looked like it was you wearing a pencil skirt. And then I enlarged it and realised it was a bottle. Silly me.

    I can't believe that girl said that on World's Strictest Parents! What a bitch. Like you said, I can't believe people can be so dismissive of others who are different to them.

  2. LOL!! Pencil skirt.. If only my waist was the size of a bottle lol!

  3. I love love love Emma & Tom's greenpower juice! So happy you saw past the murky green! :)