Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday baby!

Yay Friday is here the sun is shining and best part of all I went to order a coffee this morning and somehow I ended up with a hot chocolate.. but I dont need to feel guilty because I didnt ask for it!

Its office the sun is out (there we go..thats my weather report for the day!) Cannot wait for 5pm to roll around and I can escape the office.. D and I are heading off to do some christmas shopping which I invision will last about 5 minutes before D cracks and throws his hands up in the air and says lets shop online!

Talking about online shopping.. I still havent recieved my purchases from catch of the day?! I need to follow this up. but check out these babies I just brought
$95.00 from Wittner down from $159

I hope the sun stays out for the weekend, On saturday night we are heading out with some friends for some dinner and drinks then probably hit up crown a bit later on during the night..  No plans for sunday but fingers crossed it begins with a big breakfast!

What are your weekend plans?


  1. Oh I love those! So good when you get something on sale. My w/e is going to be nowhere near as fun (but it will include wine and online shopping so who knows haha) xx

  2. Catch of the Day can be soooooooo slow with shipping... A lot of those kinds of sites are, by the time I get my package I forget I ordered anything!

    So glad the sun is finally OUT! Good luck with the Xmas shopping!

  3. Love the shoes.

  4. Super cute shoes! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I'm your newest follower :)