Wednesday, May 30, 2012


      There is no denying I love me some trashy tv ad goss. Lastnight I saw the extended verision for the   
    shorts of Lara Bingle's new reality TV show - Hmm. In the past Lara has never been someone that I've
    been interesting in reading about - I think the only time I read up about her trashy goss was when she  
                                         flushed Clark's ring down the toilet - Right?

Do you think her reality tv show will be all about "how tough life as Lara Bingle really is?" and try to win back her audience..

Question is - Will you be watching her show?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Recently I have been so flat and not even wanting to exercise - I feel like I'm back in high school and dreading for that Tuesday morning when our class would have PE schueled. haha usually I am not this bad and dont mind jumping on the treadmill for an hour or going for a long walk or doing some weights but recently that mojo has gone OUT the window.  The window has been bolted and locked shut.

Bad Move.
This has resulted in plain and simple - Ass growth! haha

Lastnight I got home from work late and something in my mind ticked that I should go to to the gym, pfht please thought the other half of my brain but before we knew it I was dressed, heading down in the lift ready to go! I was going to go to the gym in our complex but it was packed so I went for a walk along the beach (In the dark!) and then decided to jog all the way home.

1 hour cardio - Ticked

Whats your way of keep yourself motivated? Throw me your ideas!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Sundays are always so doom and gloom knowing you have work the next day!

This weekend we had Dimitri's parents in town they arrived around 6.30 on Friday night they where meant to be getting here about 4.30pm but due to his dad's excellent navigation skills they ended up on Chapel Street in Prahran and not our place in Port Melbourne, so if any of my followers are melbournities you'll understand they went way left of field hahah.

I'm going to start w the most exciting thing that happened to me this weekend - I brought my Audi!! I went to test drive one and that was it - I fell in LOVE but I had a limit on what I wanted to spend I stood by that and the guys at the dealership actually worked with me on price, which was amazeballs! I was given a GREAT offer and knew I wanted to say yes, so we went and had some lunch near by with dim and his parents I thought about it and then went back and left my deposit!
Yep, me a brand new audi A1 OWNER - yeayyyyyyy! It arrives in Australia on June 10th.
(Should I start another count down? ha ha I kid I wouldn't do that to you!)

This is the audi on the show room floor but mines the same!

Saturday was spent mostly car shopping, but on Saturday night in between the rain we took D's parents and his brother (who may as well live with us as he is here that often haha!) out to Williamstown for dinner, Afterwards we went to his aunty and Uncles house and that was the end of the night - as D's dad got WASTED (hahah was the funniest time) w D's uncle.
So while they kept drinking, out came the food and off came the shoes.

 D and his little brother

Baby George - I remember going to his 1st birthday and now he's grown up so so much! He's so blooody adorable.

Like I said lots of food - A typical Greek family night!
The middle is strawberry and cream - So good!!

Me and D's dad - He's a bit wasted by this point haha!
Ignore the frizzy hair - that's what Melbourne weather does to me.
Around 1.30am we decided that enough was enough, so much alcohol had been consumed by d's dad and little brother as well as his uncles etc.. we called it a night - D wasn't drinking so he was designated driver and drove us home.

This morning was a bit slow in our household, his dad was still feeling the effects of how much he had drunken last night when he woke up - We decided to grab some breakfast/coffee from Max Brenner in South Melbourne

I LOVE this place.

Coffee hit.

How cute are these? I wanted to buy some but I didn't - Proud?

 A little damper on our morning when we got back to our car we had a note left on our window saying that they had witnessed someone reverse into our car and not bother to leave a note, luckily there wasn't a HUGE amount of damage done to his parents car but it was a huge dint, the witness left their number so I called it. She was just inside the coffee shop as well, came out and re-capped what happened, the car that hit us was still in front parked there so I left a note on their windscreen saying "Thanks for hitting our car, you can expect a call from our insurance company"
This frustrates me people who think they can do this and then just not even leave a note!?

Fun weekend, but I'm dead tired an SO not ready for my busy week ahead.
Any weekend goss for me?!

Friday, May 25, 2012


Thankyou to everyone who entered my Millieu giveaway I now have my phone jam packed with fun new apps - D looked at me weird the other night because I got so excited over the  Shop Style suggestion by Lauren - I was so bloody exciting this is like all my christmas at once!

I used a random number generator

The winner is..


Congrats hun - Leave me a comment or email me -

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Quick reminder -
My milieu giveaway will be drawn tonight - This is your last chance to enter! Goodluck

Monday, May 21, 2012


Its Monday and it feels like it should be Friday - I'm exhausted!
We had Dims little brother come and stay with us over the weekend, he came down to Melbourne to watch his favourite soccer team play at Etihad, I personally dont dig soccer and I dont get what all the hype is about but this kid - lives and breathes the stuff!

One word for these guys is crazy.
I know the Olympiakos fans in Greece go cray whenever their team gets a goal and they light flares and scream and yell and hit drums and jump up and down and chant etc.. I didnt actually believe it UNTIL I saw it with my own eyes..hahah I wanted out!
During the national athem someone from the Melbourne Victory crew light up a flare - Too Funny!

Good part was that we won - Yey

Dim and I had plans to go home have some food and then go to the movies with his little brother but instead I find myself at Kinisi Live in Richmond (Greek Nightclub) and sorry if this offends anyone but this is the worst place I had ever been to in ma life! Vasili and Dim went off to find the Olympiakos players because Vas wanted signatures which left little ole me standing there in my fur coat and heels thinking, "where is the door!?" It wasnt a nightclub that I was used to but a traditional greek nightclub with men buying $300 dollars worth of flowers in a bucket and throwing them at the 40 something year old milfs dancing on stage. I was approached a 30 something as soon as D left my side and I couldnt really follow the conversation as it was a mix of a strong woggy accent, scotch and something that was rattling louder than a washing machine, but I think he was asking if I'd like a drink.

An hour later they came back smiling and yes they'd gotten signatures
Home time!

Vas couldnt wipe the smile off his face! - We went out for a quick drink on Fitztroy St before ordering pizza and heading home around 4am! I felt so fat after eating pizza - I hadnt eaten it yonks, but it was soooooo good.

Sunday I made the boys wake up around 11am otherwise we would of slept all day! The weather was amaze and I wanted to get out amoungst it - Sadly I still had a cardigan on and boots the sun was good but the wind was chilly - I hate this kind of weather. god dammit gimme the sunshine.

Our lease on our apartment is ending in about 4 months and we've started looking around to see what else is in the area (We arent looking to buy just yet, and will probably rent for another 12-24months!) I found an amazing apartment right around the corner, our place now is FAR too small an we both agree we need out.

Does anyone else have a small apartment and find it hard to decorate?!
I've found what works best for me is small slim pieces that take up no room (because we have none!)

This is my idea of decorating hahahaha.. Ah bless me.
Anyhow enough whinging because *drum roll* 2 days in ma birthday!

Ps: Dont forget to enter my giveaway its drawn this Thursday!
Oh and thanks for all your help on the follow button in my last post turns out the Join this Site is the new follow button - Crisis Averted.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Just putting it out there..

 Where has our Follow button gone on Blogger?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Giveaway - Yey I'm feeling generous as next week is my birthday (8 days to go kiddos!)
Im a huge fan of Milieu and their aromatherapy range
Up for the takings

A Brand New 35ml Milieu reed diffusion Vanilla
(This is actually my favourite of their range!)

Rules: You must be a follower of That Brunette One, Leave a comment below telling me what your favourite iPhone App is (And yes iPhones have nothing to do with this giveway hahaha but I need ideas on what new apps to download my phone is abit boring at the moment!)

Winner will be drawn by automatic number picker next thursday the 24/5

Monday, May 14, 2012


I think all of Dim's dreams came true on Saturday afternoon when I asked him if we could go car shopping - I think its the happiest he has ever been to be honest with you.
I've been on the hunt for a car for a while now and havent found anything that I'm comfortable buying we went past BMW on Kingsway and went and had a look at the Mini Coopers personally I think they're adorable on the outside but I dont like the Interior

I posted this photo on Insta and asked if anyone else had one - I got some pretty bad responses that they are bad to maintain and cost alot of money in repairs?! Ew no thanks!

We then went across town to South Yarra Volkswagon - I have had my eye on the new polo for a while now and there are so many of them about - They look chic, classy and sporty we had a chat to this down to earth car salesman (yes they exist!) so I am looking at a few options there until I set my eyes on the ultimate Audi A1 this thing is the cutest thing out! I'm currently looking at finance options.. I want to buy myself a new car for my birthday so hoping to find one sooner rather than later! But I'm so fussy.

While in South Yarra we went to Chapel St and brought some cupcakes and flowers and headed home

We had goldclass booked for 11.45pm later that night we headed out for dinner before hand and then spent another 20 minutes trying to find parking near crown - Nightmare!

Im not one for boy movies but Avengers was so good! I think I would of understood it more from the beginning if I had seen Thor or Captain Amercia but it was awsome, and not to mention doing it in style.. Gold Class baby! It was heaven.. Apart from the fact that people buzz their buzzer every 5 minutes and order something.. and because D and I where sitting in the back row near the door it kept open and closing but eh! But if you havent seen it ... Go See!
We got home around 3am on Sunday - Rebels.

Sunday was mothers day and neither of our mothers are in Melbourne so we sent them both some flowers and D and I spent most of the morning in bed, out of the rain and staying warm before we caught up with his cousin for a late coffee.

I had the lousest sleep lastnight D has come down with the Man Flu and we all know the world comes to an end when a boy is sick! After a long night of playing wifey and staying awake with Dim while he watched stupid movies I crawled into bed at 4am only be awake by 6am this morning.

I've mentioned this before Dim hates candles but I love them I thought it was cute yesterday when he lit up this candle and turned to me and said "We can light this one for a while, because it smells good"
hahahah Oh Men.

Hope ya'll had a fab weekend


Friday, May 11, 2012


Pwwoah Friday has come around so bloody quick! This week has by far been the busiest week for me at work yet - We have had some HUGE changes happen since Monday morning at our morning meeting and my role has changed due to a couple of people leaving the business - Its fun but so draining and find myself not leaving work until 6pm each night! - (This has been my excuse for not gyming! ha!) It has been prision of late and realised this when I received this text from my gorgeous friend Jacqui.

I asked D to finally book in the goldclass movie tickets that we had been sitting on for a good month or so now, He comes back to me and tells me that he's booked it for 11.45 and I go.. 'Awsome.. wait you mean 11.45am?" and he goes "No!!.. Like midnight"  Ugh. hahaha! We are going to see the avengers and I hear that it goes for a good 2 and abit hours? Nothing like rolling out of movies at 2am haha!
Apart from this I have requested we do nothing else this weekend besides sleep and get fat on food that will go straight to my hips!

Whats your weekend plans?

In other rambling news
Sadly I didnt win the $70M that I had already planned out in my head - Private Jet flying to my very own private Island white sand blue water - beeming down sun, getting a cray cray tan, 12 month trip around the world, brand new maseratti..

And as I was going throught the numbers on my ticket this started to all fade away and found myself back on my lounge back in my apartment and the tv going off in the background. hahahah - To tell you the truth that was the very first time i'd brought a ticket I didnt even know what to ask for - felt like such a ditz!

I brought this bag online from Topshop but me being me didnt bother reading the measurements and the other night it arrived I realised it was probably a little bit bigger than I would of hoped, so now this little baby is on ebay... up for grabs!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Dun Down (Now Im trying to make that noise when things fail and then I stopped and thought how the hek do I put that into words!?) Hope y'all understand what I meant ha! I had some birthday plans the weekend following my birthday (My bday is mid week) and the Saturday following I had plans to head out with my friends and make a messy night of it - BUT lastnight I got word from my boyfriends family that they are coming to stay on the friday and are leaving on the sunday - now they NEVER come to Melbourne! So what are the chances of that?! Im exciting they are coming it'll be great to see them so the bday plans have been put on hold.

I have to share my newest addiciton with you - I've seen these little bottles in the supermarket for some time now and If I like the shape of something Ill buy it - Weird ha?
Im a sucker for Apple juice and always have been but I recently discovered these its actual Pink Lady Apple juice..

I was super excited when I discovered these and then this is the mother of all mothers
*Drum roll please*

Apple and Strawberry!? It was like I had died and gone to heaven.
Scuse the half drunken bottle but I couldnt resist.

Now there is a little story that goes along with the bottom discovery lastnight around 11.30 Dim turns to me and tells me how thirsty he is I told him to open the fridge and see what jumps out at him!
Nothing - so some more time passes and its after midnight, Im all comfy in bed and then he goes "We need to go to 7/11 So I can buy a powerade" Now because I love the kid, I pulled myself outta bed put on a hoodie and my ugg boots an we drove around the corner to 7/11 I kid you not.

Which is where I discovered the Apple & Strawberry juice - The poor kid at 7/11 must of thought I was weird as I let out a little squeel when I saw it!
On the way home we got pulled up by police who insisted on interigating Dim as to why he was driving a "Black BMW just after midnight" LOL.

Home and in bed by 1am.
Tell me about one of your funny and random adventures?

Monday, May 7, 2012


I love me some good skincare products esp. if they are organic! If you're anything like me I have sensitive skin and need to be really careful about which products I put on my skin.
I have paired up with the amazing ladies at Integrity Cosmetics to do a review on their skin care range let me introduce to you - Integrity Cosmetics.

I sampled their skin care range – Rejuvenating Serum/ Moisturiser Protecting Moisturiser, Nourishing Moisturiser and Purifying Cleanser

Day 1.
At first the purifying cleaner didn’t feel any different to other products, I had previously used, then the beads in the cream kicked in and it wasn’t until I had scrubbed it all in that the product felt light and SO smooth on my skin I thought this little baby must be good! I washed it off and my face felt so refreshed and clean and so smooth (I could instantly feel the smoothness improve in my skin!). Can I just say the product smells AMAZING! If I could eat this stuff then I probably would ha! (And to think you think I’m kidding - I kid you not!)

Day 2.
When I woke up the next morning I noticed just how much cleaner and softer my felt, Depending on what time of the month is it my face can be very prone to breakouts on my chin at the moment I am pretty good but did notice on Day 1 of using the product I had some red patches around my chin - Breakout beginning (not fun!) Day 2 I had noticed these red patches had turned into a really soft pale pink (almost my skin tone colour) without forming into a pimple - Winning.

Day 3
I was pretty impressed with what nourishing cleanser had done to my "almost" pimple, by the end of the day there was no head to my pimple at all – Victory! Now the funny side to this my boyfriend was stroking my face the other night and he made a comment about how smooth it felt (I could of said, Oh so my face doesn’t always feel this smooth!?) But no I resisted on making the poor boy feel bad, but its true the overall softness and the texture of my skin felt so much better, I used these products in between my normal moisturizing techniques and general routine I have definitely found a new place for these products in my bathroom cupboard.

Now this is the fun part - for you my lovely followers!

An amazing opportunity to win a $95 starter pack from Integrity Cosmetics.

Imagine a product that is not only good for you and makes you feel beautiful but helps to create a beautiful world. Imagine as you apply this to your skin, each cell relaxes taking in only the very best ingredients nature has to offer. All Australian made and owned, with no testing on animals, a simple regime, uncomplicated pure certified organic ingredients for your beautiful skin. This incredible philosophy is tested energetically providing you with a state of pure natural balance to the mind. This is a special opportunity for you to experience breakthrough nutrition for your skin.

Try one of each of our samples for free via our website, then once you have had the Integrity experience we would like you, in 50 words, to share your Integrity Cosmetics experience with us on my blog. The best description of our product will win a fantastic starter pack valued at $95.

You must be quick to log on to, order your samples of up to $42 worth for free and enter the coupon code Brunette and you just pay $9.95 for the postage and handling. That’s one sample of each of our products for you for the most amazing experience you will give your skin.
The competition closes on the 30th May allowing you to enjoy your Integrity experience and add your review on

Jump on it ladies! I cannot wait to hear your reviews and feedback!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Usually I go on about my weekends, Neh not this time - It wasn't anything too exciting Saturday we went to the footy I was super happy Essendon won by 67 points but it was such an easy win!
We had such good seats! Went out for a quick dinner afters (in the rain) and then headed home to have a lazy, quiet night in watching movies and getting fat on carrots & hommus.

What are your thoughts on fur?
I have lots of faux fur items - I'm not one for wearing dead animals, but I have noticed since the weather has been shocking and I've started to drag out my fur items to play, some of the looks that I get in public? Yesterday I wore my fur vest to the footy and I got several dirty looks from an elderly lady, now this could of been for a number of reasons haha but I'm guessing because I was wearing fur - Have you had this happen to you?

I'm curious  - Would you ever wear REAL fur?
I'm in love with Pinterest - Do you use it?

I love May there is only 17 days left until my birthday - I think I've told everyone that knows me hahah and I'll tell you the same now ;) I LOVE Birthdays, Its an excuse to get cake and just be happy for 24 hours haha I'm one of those people that gets exciting leading up until midnight, goes to sleep from staying away so late and waking up realizing its my bday haha.. 

Friday, May 4, 2012


Thank god It's Friday!! I have had such a busy week and I've had such busy weekends leading up until this weekend - I was so keen for a quiet and relaxing weekend but tonight after work when I met up with D I discovered he had ticket for tomorrow's football game! Yey but then I found out it was for the medallion club - double YEY.. If we are gonna do this - lets do this in style!

I've never been in the medallion club area before, but I'm told its the best seating AND you have to dress super nice - Just in time for my shopping ban to end eh? haha I Kid I Kid.

The weather has been so bad here this week so tonight after work I wanted to go out and find a nice new winter coat because my one from last season.. is well last season and I dont like it anymore ha! Would you believe I spent nearly an hour and a half walking around South Wharf DFO and couldn't find a damn thing?! So I'm reaching out.. hahaha where did you buy your nice coat from this winter?

I had nandos for dinner - So bad but so bloody good now I'm at home sitting on the couch chillaxing in my hoodie and trackies - sipping on some T2.
Thats the life!

Happy Friday 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This whole post is dedicated to my mum - Some of my long time followers would know that when I was younger I lost my dad to the worst disease out there Cancer. I was 16 at the time - Looking back on it of course it was dark days but there is one person who has stood by me through out EVERYTHING and I cannot express even in words how much admiration and love I have for my mum!

She was there when I didn't want to speak about things, She never gave up when I would I felt like giving up, She was there when I stooped down to the lowest weight I had ever been, She put the grief she was feeling from loosing her parent of 21+ years aside so she could be strong for me and my brother - She was the one who helped me through some of the worst times - and when I was 16 and dealing with loosing with my dad I didn't appreciate any of what she did for me and it's only now that we have a whole new relationship that I can truly say she is purely amazing and there isn't enough words out there to show how my mum how thankful I really am!

I dont live with my mum she lives 4 hours away and I love when she comes to visit because she will cook an clean for me - "over" mother me but I wouldn't change a thing!

Not that my mum will ever read this post, because mum lets face it - You struggle to deal with sending a text message hahah.. let alone turning on a computer but here's your own little shout out on my blog!

The reason for this random post is just to vent some thoughts but also keen to get some good mother days ideas for presents? What will you be doing this year?


Yesterday was my the conclusion of my crazy bad ass shopping ban.
Jan 1 I commited myself to a shopping ban so I could
a) Save some money
b) Pay off a debt that I wasnt even aware that I had.
I struggled so bad in the first month because all of Jan sales flashed infront of me like neon lights.
I was seeing everyone buying nice things and I was like "Nooooooo..."
I have a really bad habit of buying things online or in store because its either on sale, new in stock or I just like it when I see it or I'll buy multiple of one colour - which is the worst ever... honestly.

5 months of pacing myself, telling myself no and having D keep on me on track by telling me horrible horrible things hahahah.. I have completed my shopping ban! I have saved a chunk of money and feel really good about it! Ive had some people say 'Ooh what are you going to buy next!?" I actually dont know I feel like I dont even want to spend my money after I've seen that saving is actually healthy for my bank account.

Im keen for a new Michael Kors watch.
Watch this space LOL

Shopping Ban
Greek Catchism Class
Greek Lessons

Now I've started a little list going and I'm now on a roll - I have sent off my application to kick off my Orthodox conversion classes - Im nervous but feel super excited.

I needed to start work super early this morning and by early I'm talking about 6.30am - The weather here in rubbish today, the trench coat, faux fur scarf and tights came out to play once again today!
 I have an addcition to Marc Jacobs  - Daisy
I brought this baby out on my desk to cheer me up - Im so in love with the smell.

What are some of your favourite perfumes?
and no this isnt to add to my shopping list LOL..