Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I managed to get around and put a few bits and pieces on e-Bay its not healthy to have a 2nd (Which was meant to be out spare room) full of clothes and never wear them! So I started listing a few items last night. I find it so painful haha.
Knock yourself out.. I'll be listing some items coming this week as I think D is about to make me move out because he cannot access the 2nd bedroom and drives him nuts.
Quiet frankly I think its fine.
Speaking of fashion.. The brownlows where on tv last night I made sure I was home in time to watch it. Just putting it out there Rebecca Judd really needs to eat something! She almost looks straight besides the odd bone poking out - dont get me wrong I think she is absoultey stunning but someone please give her a cheeseburger.

Brynne always provides me with a laugh - she is one in a million with what comes out of her mouth and what she wears. I know she comes out with some cray outfits but I think lastnight she took the cake - She also looked like she felt uncomfortable while being interviewed.
I thought the red carpet this year wasnt that spectacular I was so thankful they didnt make the girls stand on that horrid spinning circle like last year but I didnt think there was anyone was looked amazing - Who do you think looked the best?
The weather has been so nice this week and I've been hearing rumors that thursday is meant to be 27 degrees? I dont have alot of faith in this afterall I do live in Melbourne but hey I'll take it.
 I am addicted to Ice-Tea espeically in summer I actually brought one with my lunch today.
It was perfection.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yes, I am dating one of those crazy iphone5 addicts. Friday morning at 6am I turned over to see Dim wide awake he was so excited about the iPhone, lucky for us we didn't have to contend with the likes of Chadstone or Southland and weren't lined up for 12 hour before hand he was having his phone delivered to work but needed to pick up the nano sim from the telstra store.

We ended up leaving home at 7am - despite the store opening at 8am.
Coffee.. when times are tough you are there.

I didnt bother to hang around and see the excitement but apparently at 7.50am about 17 or so people where lined up out the front of the store!  Did you see the crazies too?

I got a message from D around midday saying that TNT (Black listing this company!) had failed to deliver his parcel and the reason was that nobody was home. D's work is open from 7am and manned by 3 different reception staff so we weren't too sure what the courier had been smoking! After several attempts of being transferred around the TNT customer service helpline I was taken back to reception and told "It wasn't her problem and that I needed to go and pick up the phone from Tullamarine" .. Customer Service eh!? Each time we have used TNT something has gone wrong.

Issues aside we collected the phone from the depot on Saturday morning!
I dont know what my thoughts are on the iphone5 its alot bigger than mine but its so much lighter.. I'll most likely eventually get one but for now I'm happy with my ole faitfhful.

I think we are turning into the Apple family bcos on Saturday afternoon I brought an iPad !!!

I am in love with it! Its so easy to use and naw i just love it! After trying to haggle with the young kid at JB-HIFI I went elsewhere and brought it for a better price. you snooze you lose.

What are some fun ipad apps!?

I still havent decided on what I'm going to wear to the wedding thats coming up in 3 weekends.
I has a little snoop around Birds Nest but nothing!?


Thursday was our 2 year anniversary it's come around so quickly its crazy.  Our receptionist at work came upto my desk around 2pm with a huge bunch of pink roses I was on the phone at the time and I let out a little squeal - My poor client on the other end of the phone had no idea what was going on.
He's such a good boyfriend! 

He wasnt at work on Thursday so when I called him to thank him he played dumb haha but I also noticed he was in a shopping center due to all the noise in the background I asked him to buy me some bubble tea at first he said no bcos he never knows what to order about 10 minutes later I get a picture message of him with two bubble teas - This was enough to set off his ego..but I was proud of him. Also lately I have been ADDICTED to Pistachio nuts but they make me so damn thirsty.
We have decided that we are going to hold off celebrating our 2 year anniversary and have booked a weekend away next month! Which I cannot wait for!

On Friday at work we went to Ludlow on Southbank for a group lunch we were placed on the bar side of the restaurant. I thought the table reservation signs where really cool bcos they where made from the floor boards and the bench tops where made from tiles.

Me and Grace shared dips and bread before we had our main which was chicken skewers these where bloody amazing the chicken was so tender and soft but so tasty! 
I want to go back again 4 for $12.00 it was pretty good.

Do you go out for Friday lunches at your work?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


I have been addicted to Shellac lately I used to be crazy about it and then I'd get sick of the colour and realised I was stuck with it for about 2 weeks.
I go to Feeling Smooth in Port Melbourne the girls there are lov-erly and just never shutup its just chat chat chat lol! So lastnight and I had my nails shellac'd with "Cocoa" which is the one next to the very dark brown on below! it looks caramel in that light but it's actually not..  and it looks nice on!
Whats your favourite Shellac colour?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Yesterday was Dims 25th!
Poor kids getting old.. ha I reminded him its only 5 years until he turns 30.

I blew up a number of balloons on Monday night - Its actually hilarious how much "balloon tennis" two adults can play AND it doesnt get old haha!  Dim woke up at midnight and reminded me that it was his birthday and that he was now allowed to open his presents, I told him he was delusional and to go back to sleep.
I am the worst at wrapping presents or picking colours
We had a quiet night in last night ordered takeaway and spent the night on the couch watching rubbish TV. Which was perfect because D still isnt well.
I finally got my Ozsale pefumes the other day delievered to work!
Lolita smells SO amazing and I think I've found anew signature scent.
Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary I cannot believe its already been that long.
Friday night we are going out for dinner to celebrate both his birthday and our two year.. not sure were we will go yet, any suggestions?

Monday, September 17, 2012


I've been using MAC now for about 2 months - At first I loved it but now im not so sure.. (Does this sound familiar!? I was using Estee Lauder for about 3 months before I changed to MAC) Ive loved it so far but Ive recently started to feel its too pink for my face!? Should I go a shade lighter or should I change my brand? Is it bad for your skin to swap your makeup every couple of months?
On Saturday morning I caught up with Sophie for breakfast we went to Velvet Bar on Bay Street in Port Melbourne - We had youghert and seasonal fruit - I was feeling lazy and wanted mine mixed into a smoothie I asked the young kid what "seasonal fruits he had" his response was "Um.. I think there is apples..and banana..oh and also honey" Yea probably NOT the answer I was looking for.
Sophie being less lazy than what I was.
Below is the product of my laziness.
It was SO good so I couldnt complain - Who says being lazy doesnt pay off?
We decided to take on IKEA which was evenful but fun.
We discovered that IKEA had little basket holders/trollies we pulled this half way around the store until we realised it was making an awful noise and we picked up a dodgy clunky trolley so we ditched it.

 IKEA always provides laughs.

Lastnight I made the best stir-fry - So good that the boyfriend didnt eat his share so I've packed it in my bag and I'm having it for my lunch today - Chicken, Carrots, Broccoli, Bok Choy, Onions, Cashews and best of all soy sauce!

 Its Dims birthday tomorrow - I'm excited.
Happy Monday

Friday, September 14, 2012


Its been a week since I posted..Opps! Especially since I posted numerous times last week. Life has been crazy busy and it doesnt help that Dim has been sick for the past 4 weeks - but thats a whole different story.

I got a letter in the mail this week confirming my classes for conversion.. I'm excited but nervous I'm not too sure what to except but come Oct 4th I'll be on my way to converting to Orthodox!

At the moment I am obsessed with pastel colours and i've noticed some of the trends coming out for summer are all pastel and floral - personally I dont dig floral all that much tho? but pastels yes. which explains my recent urge to update my O.P.I collection.

I resorted to food earlier this week for comfort haha (worst habit!) but also was able to re-live my childhood..TINY TEDDIES! I used to love these things.. my mum would never let me have them but my dad and I would always sneak them into the shopping basket! I eat the ears first then the legs, do you have a special way to eat tiny teddies?

I love OzSale but without fail there will always be a delay in my products reaching me and whenever I contact them I get the same email from Alexia saying that there was an issue with stocklevels - I am still waiting for 2 perfumes I brought about 10 weeks ago.

Its Dims birthday on tuesday and like an amazing girlfriend that I am I went out to twitter to get some suggestions on what I could buy him - I know he's wanted a watch for some time now so that came into my mind but holy hek which brand was I meant to buy!? 
Last night I went to MYER and decided that I could re-stock his wardrobe into "home clothes" and then "clothes to wear in public with Holly" But no.. I ended up going with the watch
Yes I am a good girlfriend.
 Its also our 2 year annivsary on Thursday.

Ps: I have been eye-ing off a full button/sequin dress from One teaspoon for a about 2 weeks now its $399.00 - Yes that's my problem but I want it.

Have a fun weekend!

Friday, September 7, 2012


I hit up ASOS as I havent been on their website in forever. I've never really been a fan of their shoes but found a couple of nice little babies that I'd like to call mine.
I found these first and foremost which are ideal for work and for play

The worst thing for me is buying shoes online - I have the worlds ugliest and worst feet haha I have a wide foot across the arch and its sometimes a real hit and miss for me, but I've decided to buy a size 9 and cross my fingers. Size 10 I usually slip out of and sadly there was no 9.5.
Then I came across these babies and I think they will be perfect for the wedding I'm going to in a months time.. Cream/Pink usually goes with most things! and I adore the heel. was $86 on sale for $55.00. Woohoo!

Im not sure about these but they reminded me of a pair of YSL heels. I havent purchased these ones yet but they are in my Save For Later bag! I brought the first 2 but am unsure about the last pair.. whats your thoughts?
Happy Weeekend! x


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


How amazing has the weather been. Yesterday was just bliss! Dim and I went for a walk along the beach lastnight at around 9pm for a good hour becuase the weather was so good..but then today I almost got blown away walking into work and fighting against the little pieces of rubbish flying everywhere.. but I'll admit I do love spring! #typical.melbourne.weather.

Last Friday we headed up to D's parents house for the weekend and fathers day.  We left melbourne in the cold and wet horrible weather only to jump off the plane into pure sunshine. Yes please.
I love flying - there is just something so relaxing about it. Do you?

I love the fact that there is someone in D's family who is just as immature and weird as me and thats his little brother. Inbetween catching up with the grandparents on friday night and going out for dinner and catching up with both sides of the family. His mum and I hit the shops on Saturday morning to find a fathers day present and just general shopping.

I ended up buying a bottle of Versace - Yellow Diamond which I purchased for $70.00 it wasnt until I got back home and openeded up the box I realised I had brought the small one.. Doh!
One thing about both of his Yiayias is they LOVE to cook, which is good news but bad news for my tights and bum.

Sunday was Fathers day and while it was sad that I wasnt able to spend it with my dad I know he's watching over me and thats enough for me (well its all there really is!) but I feel blessed that I've managed to find a FIL in law who's so funny, down to earth and amazing as he is!
We brough his Chanel Colonge - He's so not into presents ha!

We got home at noon on Sunday it was great to see everyone and soak up the sunshine.
In other news..
I recently brought some clinque skin care products and recieved a free goodie bag. I was suprised that there was actually good products inside!

Which included a night eye cream to help reduce brown spots, Mascara (Which is too little to use on my top eyelashes but have found good use for it on my bottom ones!) Lipgloss which is perfect because despite it being in a pink bottle doesnt taste like strawberries and some body soap.

I have changed from getting coffee's in the morning to trying to stick to green and peppermint tea but I'm finding its just not giving me that caffeine kick! I doubt I could give up coffee all together but what other energy hits do you guys use in the mornings?