Friday, September 7, 2012


I hit up ASOS as I havent been on their website in forever. I've never really been a fan of their shoes but found a couple of nice little babies that I'd like to call mine.
I found these first and foremost which are ideal for work and for play

The worst thing for me is buying shoes online - I have the worlds ugliest and worst feet haha I have a wide foot across the arch and its sometimes a real hit and miss for me, but I've decided to buy a size 9 and cross my fingers. Size 10 I usually slip out of and sadly there was no 9.5.
Then I came across these babies and I think they will be perfect for the wedding I'm going to in a months time.. Cream/Pink usually goes with most things! and I adore the heel. was $86 on sale for $55.00. Woohoo!

Im not sure about these but they reminded me of a pair of YSL heels. I havent purchased these ones yet but they are in my Save For Later bag! I brought the first 2 but am unsure about the last pair.. whats your thoughts?
Happy Weeekend! x



  1. Oooh I really like the first pair! I have feet exactly like yours, including the size. It makes shoes really tricky to buy online! I say go for the last pair, I think they're gorgeous :)

  2. I like these shoes, and I also have a lot of shoes, they are very beautiful and fashion

  3. Really love the splash of Metallic with the second pair!
    Hmm shoes - the one thing that you can never have enough of! ;)

    - KK

  4. Yes they do look like a YSL heel. I like em.. keep em!

  5. I love the last pair! I think you should definitely get them. lol I'm such an enabler x

  6. I really like the last pair! I always get worried buying shoes online and not knowing if they will fit.


  7. For real we have exactly the same shoe size. I'm a 9.5 and 10 is just too big, and 9 is never quite right --- although i always hope for the best like you just did! Tony Bianco shoes always seem to work the best for me.

    How good is ASOS tho, you did really well!

  8. Oh, loving the first pair miss ! I'm a big fan of versatility ! They seem like a great day to night pair :)
    My biggest problem with shoes is the height ! I'm already tall, so most shoes out there make me look gigantic haha

  9. I MISS heels!! The downside to working in a laboratory... Flats. Boo.