Friday, September 30, 2011


Lastnight after a trek around the whole city we got back home around 10pm I was starved and the only thing open on Bay St was URBAN BURGER!

Baby this stuff is amaze!

I couldnt really be bothered scanning across the whole menu
and I felt bad because they had just cleaned the whole store for closing time
So I went with the first option on the board

Chick Burger

It was amazing.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rain rain go away!

                                 The last 24 hours I should have been wearing gumboots!
This is how my morning has turned out
7.20 get on the bus
7.30 bus breaks down
7.35 get on replacement bus
7.50 get off bus and walk 2 blocks to work

Rain starts to pelt down lucky for my trusty umbrella, couldn’t really say the same for my tony bianco flats I was wearing stockings with a skirt and by the time I had walked only half the block my stockings felt like massive flippers and I squelched all the way to work! There is an IGA around the corner and from my work an figured my hairs a wavy mess I may as well just head around the corner and buy some new stockings, their selection was shocking! (I feel like I currently belong in a burlesque party!)
 Grab them pay the dodgy guy behind the counter his $6.50 and left.
For all you Melbournians following me you’ll know that when it rains King St gets flooded
 I stepped out of IGA only to be met with a HUGE flying puddle of water – The gutter was over flowing with water and each time a car speed past woosh up goes a gallon of water and… Yes lucky me.

I felt like I experienced my first sex in the city moment.

Got to work changed my stockings, re-did my hair and makeup and even had a mr.bean moment trying to dry myself with the blow dryer in the bathroom (Hahahaha..!)
NOT the best start to a Thursday – Bonus its pay day today!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Catch some Zzz's

I need some serious Zzz's this weekend I feel as though all this lack of sleep is catching up with me!
Yesterday 4pm came and I felt like I had hit a brick wall!

To make to worse today at work we are having some professional photos done for our company website ..Doh! Seriously I look like Ive been hit by a bus!

 Love love love my new favourite breakfast find!!
I never have time to sit down in the morning and have a proper breakfast during the week
I came across this the other night at the supermarket!
Love. Love. Love!

Does anyone else have any other quick/healthy/yummy breakfast suggestions?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Lastnight I watched the brownlow medal blue carpet arrivals 
Once again Rebecca Judd looked amazing - Who would of thought only a few weeks ago she gave birth? That woman is a machine!

She wore a gown by Aurelio Costarella and a gown at that!
Check out the detailing!

For me the clear winner was
Lauren Phillips
I think over all she is just stunning so natural and she seems so sweet!
I thought her dress combined with the silver and white and the makeup/hair was just devine!

and check out those shoes?!

Monday, September 26, 2011


The move – Its over over overr
Where abouts do I start?! I took Friday off work (D couldn’t get time off) and spent the whole morning sitting there looking at my cupboard thinking to myself is this even possible?! (Jokes!) I was so brave I did the biggest wardrobe cull I had been selling bits off on eBay for the past few weeks but then I got crazy busy at work and just didn’t have time to sell off the rest sadly, but someone is going to be a very happy kid when they walk into st.vinnies!

17 boxes!

I was so proud when I assembled the first one all by myself (D gave me a demonstration before he left for work..pfht!)

By 3pm I was exhausted with a capital E I had cleaned out both mine and D’s clothes, shoes and had the bedroom was emptied! I felt like a kid in a candy store because I found things I thought I had lost/thrown then I got sidetracked by all of my clothes So I thought I would share a few of my favorites.. (Ok it’s really just two pieces because I didn’t have a lot of time to take blog photos!)

I brought this ladakah dress at the end of summer last year I ADORE it – Gorgeous detailing around the neck and it’s short and flowy ..Perfection.

Mossman – I brought this top at the beginning of this year only to be totally disappointed when I pulled it out of the washing machine to find Sequins EVERYWHERE – D was still finding them in his work pants weeks later.. Opps!

D finished work around 5.30 came home and helped to pack up the remaining of our bits and pieces before heading out to dinner (Nandos..Oh so romantic!) But I wasn’t in a position to argue I hadn’t eaten all day and was starved! We then ventured out to the airport to pick up D’s little Brother who had come Down to help us move (And to go to the Soccer!) – By this point I was almost snoozing in the car!

Thank god for his little brother and D’s friends with their muscles because I had no chance of lifting half the furniture! We ended up rocking back to Port Melbourne around 5.30am – After a few 7/11 stops along the way to grab red bull and whatever the boys could find to eat! – D is in the middle of his “Shredding” season and all the 7/11 food is “Unhealthy” so he brought himself one of those little Chicken slices – LOL men..I turned to his brother who was scoffing down a meat pie – Hard to believe they are related!!!

We slept until around 8am (Yes.. 3 hours!!?) Jumped up and headed back to Richmond to finish off cleaning up and taking the last of the bits and pieces back – We had our open house at 1pm Lucky we had finished the final clean by 12 and went for lunch around the corner. – Walking zombies by this stage!

         All the time we had been living in Richmond we never noticed this cafĂ© on the corner of Burnley St  The food was amazing!
Strong skinny latte’

                                                                   Spanish Omlette
                                                                  Dont mind if I do...

Yes Please!

Went back to our new home around 4pm after dropping off the removal truck.. and D’s little brother went to the Soccer (Saturday night!) and D and I went to get some Zzz’ around 7pm woke up at 10pm and finished unpacking the rest of our things! Feeling a little less like zombies we pushed on through and ended up back in bed by around 4am – Slept solid until 10am when we got woken up by D’s little brother who decided to bring home some friends! (Hmmmmm!)

Sunday was spent relaxing – We couldn’t face another box and went out for lunch with D, his cousin, little brother and two of my friends on Acland Street
Gelati – Yes please!

Now here comes the highlight of my weekend – We needed to get D’s little brother back to airport as his flight was leaving at 6.25pm we were stuck in traffic in the docklands at 5.45 (He hadn’t even checked in at this stage!) D flying down the freeway just to make it on time – The V (D’s little brother) HAD no idea where to go at the airport D dropped me and V (That almost rhymes!) at the doors and I grabbed V and we sprinted through the airport (Must of looked rather funny as people couldn’t help by turn around the look!) at this stage it was 6.05 and his plane started boarding at 6pm we got stuck at security for another 5 minutes and then they decided to swab me for bomb traces! (Phft..Please!!)

                   (Drum roll please..)
All ended well and V was on his plane with 2 minutes before the doors for boarding shut.
I was left there trying to catch my breath lol!

Lastnight D and I got things in order for this morning and then went to bed nice and early after he cooked up a mean pasta to help with the lack of energy I was dealing with.
Carbs ...Carbs..Carbs!
So glad it’s over ..the next step is to Unpack the remainder!

Its fair to say this morning Im sporting some pretty huge bags underneath my eyes - If only they where considered to be the newest fashion accesory!

Will post some photos of the apartment when its not looking idential to a squatters hideout!

Monday, September 19, 2011

D's birthday

 D's birthday was yesterday! He turned 24 (Aww..bless him!)
I woke him up by bobbing balloons around his head - for someone that claims to be a "light" sleeper I had to start hitting his face with the balloons before he woke up ha!

We went out for breakfast on Bridge Rd to Olmecs and had a feast and a half! Food was delish! Then we decided to go for a walk along the yarra the sun was amazing and felt so good! So we brought some boost and water and laid down in the sun for abit!

He love love loved his present with a "No way?" haha.. So happy he liked it - For those of you who havent been following me I brought him a V8 Race car experience from redballoon (Honestly hit this website up if your stuck for present ideas its fantastic!) We are heading to sandown on Oct 2nd!

We went out for dinner in Port Melbourne and honestly I cannot take my boyfriend anywhere! Here we are sitting at the table eating dinner, chatting away when all of a sudden the waiter comes up and asks D if he drives a BMW (as you do?) and funny enough D is in the middle of a bmw purchase and then that started a whole conversation - So here I am sitting there having NO idea about the specs of this and the details of that while D and this waiter talk about cars - The conversation ended with the waiter inviting D out for track drive.. Things that make you go mmmmmm.

All in all gorgeous weather spent with a gorgeous guy - Cannot complain.
Back at work this morning needing some serious sleep.
The big move is happening next weekend.
Yay - Ha!

Tomorrow is our one year anniversary!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

hit the snooze button

This post comes with a big yawn! and a skinny lattee on hand -  I have had NO sleep - (ok so I have slept but its been a minimum!) Work has been making me put in crazy hours - There is so much going on with the move packing and planning and trying to work with realestate agents who are listing our house but on a level of 1 to 10 he has the motivation of ZERO and last but not least the actual move (cant you tell im dreading it?!)
10 days to go!

I got home lastnight after bootcamp to discover our internet has been cut off early (D spoke to them only 3 hours earlier that afternoon to have the date changed because we werent going to pay for something when we werent using it! and by that time it should of been transferred across to our new apartment) Next minute you know its gone.. Gah! Pure frustrations. I spent 20minutes on hold to get onto someone in their call centre who I could not understand so I hung up!- So sadly no more posts until we get to our new place and I have FULL internet access - (Im posting this one from work!)

D's birthday is coming up in Sunday - Super excited to give him his present and see his face!
We are heading out to dinner on Saturday night in the docklands I cannot wait Ive been to this place only one other time - the food is amazing!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Ive been learning Greek for about 6 months or so now with some help from D and all of my greek friends!
Its possibly one of the hardest languages to learn - esp when they all talk so fast 
ahhhh! But then he possibly thinks the same about my family ha!
Czech meets Greek!

Do I have any Greek followers?


I was walking to work this morning along King St I looked up and there was a huge amount of black smoke coming from a bin as I got closer I realised there was MASSIVE flames shooting out of the bin.
The number of people, drivers and cyclists that kept walking past was astounding! I ended up calling the fire bridgage and then where there within minutes!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Outfit inspiration

We received our wedding invite today to D's cousins wedding.
I need to find a dress ideal for a Melbourne summer wedding I love wearing soft colours to weddings So I jumped online and had a quick look around.

Ideally I want to buy the dress here in Melbourne and one thing I always freak out about buying expensive dresses online is that they wont fit properly then I'll need to spend more money getting it altered!

Zimmermann doesn't generally fail to disappoint me but I know from experiences
There is a good chances someone else could be wearing the same!
But I fell in love with this one..
The yellow colour is gorgeous
What are you thoughts?

Friday, September 9, 2011


Im actually a big fan of Glassons clothing! I was on their website before to bookmark a few things to purchase once this stupid ban is over (hahah!)
How cute are these bikini's? and considering ive been working my butt off at bootcamp for the past 5 weeks I can now wear one with pride!

Do you shop at glassons? What are your favourites?


I'll admit I havent been watching alot of this seasons next top model but when I saw photos of Yolanda I thought she was stunning, she seems very down to earth and even better yet she has a great body without being "too thin!" Hope to see her go all the way!


I just got back from having lunch with another of the managers - We went to Regency chinese resturant on King street - This place is devine!
From the moment we walked in we where looked after
from having our seats pulled out, water poured and napkins put across our laps!

We lived like kings hahahah

I had chicken with honey and black pepper sauce with rice on the side! The taste was just amazing! 

I love these things!
Happy Friday!


After 3 months of having the same flowers sitting in our reception area at work I noticed something different this morning and then our receptionist said we had new flowers! They're abit snazzy

Cooper St

So I got a nice little suprise in the mail yesterday!
Before my shopping ban was imposed I remember I brought this little number from Ebay its a Red and Leopard Cooper St pattern dress.
I thought it was a maxi but its not quiet that long (even better!)

I tried to get some better photos but my iphone is failing me!

 and you may have to turn your head to see lol!

Apologies - But the red is just gorgeous and it almost has a chiffon feel to it! This one will be sure to get a work out during the summer months ahead!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Book Worm

I have had no time to read lately yet my bed side table is full of books!
I have read TOY BOY by Holly Hill
Its actually a pretty good read its her 2nd book (I didnt read the first!)
and its about her journey with her boy toys!

I always love to hear what D says about the "book titles" I read!

kiwi fruit

Newest addiction for this week
In love love love!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That C word

Did someone say clean? Last night I got home from work at 6 and spent a good 3 hours cleaning our house and starting to pack a few pieces up (Dreaded task of all!) We had the photos taken today for the up coming auction so we had to make the house look designer almost!
Cannot wait to see what the photos turn out like!
Also I never knew D had so many pairs of shoes.. He's almost as bad as what I am!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Sitting at my desk with a pile of things to do I was craving like never before some fresh greek youghert with berries! - I ended up caving in to my needs left my desk to find some form of a food court (Lucky for me its right next door hahaha!)
Fresh youghert with berries
Double winning!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Forever new

Just got home from bootcamp and I'm killing time before D gets back from the gym..
Sooo what do I do? Have a looksie online so see what I just cannot buy!
But honestly this is just unfair?

I just love tan tote bags or bags full stop! The fact that it was close to 100 and now close to $50!
Damn you shopping ban!

Days until

Busy times ahead for this month and I think my bank account is already hating me!
Thankgod for being on a shopping ban otherwise I dont think i'd have enough $ to eat!

Dims birthday is coming up on the17th of this month - Last year we went away to sydney together (we had just started dating at that stage!) we totally spoilt ourselves by spening a weekend in the hilton (costing around $800 per night!) with a spa over looking the city and .. it was amazing! So this year I thought to myself I have no idea what to get him or how to top off last years birthday. Ended up jumping on red balloon and purchasing him a front seat ride in a v8 super car (I think its 8 laps at high speeds) (He has a HSV at the moment so I thought it'd be good to give him some of his own medicine!) Im super excited to see his face! I know he will love it and best of all.. I think he's thinking Ive brought him some socks or something!

We are also celebrating our one year together - Time goes so fast!
And last but not least the most dreded of them all the big move! 18 days to go! - Must start packing/cleaning.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make packing less stressful?

Sunday, September 4, 2011


For those of you who have been following me you'd know this weekend I was looking after my friends 9 week of English staffy pup. Leroy!

Besides my carpet and parenting skills getting a work out it was all in all a very un eventful weekend with Mr.Leroy he found it necessary to sleep every 30minutes and then demand cuddles. If he wasn't destroying his little lion teddy bear he carries with him everywhere, or wasn't asleep.. He would be barking (Has the cutest little bark!) at us for attention.

Conclusion for the weekend: Not ready to have kids lol!

Fathers day

Todays fathers day - My dad passed away when I was 16 but for me fathers day was all about getting together with my older brother and my mum and taking my dad out for lunch to his favourite place to order "the normal' which would be a steak with peppercorn sauce and vegies on the side and then give him his presents where he would act all surprised (although he always knew was his gifts where!)

Not a day goes by where you don't pop into my mind and I know your up there watching over us. Happy Fathers day dad x

Saturday, September 3, 2011

wish list

I love wearing blue in summer and have my eyes on this little number
its by Magdalena Velevska
and its just a cool $495

If anyone knows a similar style please let me know!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Whats inside my handbag

Bag: Kate Hill

- KH Black Zip around purse
- Monthly train ticket
- Small packet tissues
- Make up case - Foundation, mascara, eye liner and mac lipstick
- Extra green chewies
- iPhone Charger cord
- Perfume - Princess by vera wang
- Benetint lip balm
- Earphones and small earphone pouch

playing mum

I am so excited for this weekend Im baby sitting Leroy.. For those of you who dont know who leroy is click here! Leroy ! I have no actual idea how this will go down as he is the size of a peanut and this weekend was going to be spent cleaning and packing up for the big move in a couple of weeks time! But now I think I have the perfect excuse!

Spring is really out doing its self with this weather it has been such a gorgeous day - I went for a walk before to grab some juice for lunch and didnt want to come back into the office!

Since I have infliceted this self imposed shopping ban it feels as if each shop I walk past has 101 things on sale that I want! Argggh!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Newest song on my iPhone at the moment 
Must admit it's a pretty catchy song!