Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Its been 2 months and I havent purchased anything for myself besides a $2 nail polish haha! Ive done so well but I'll admit it's killing me. My friend asked if I wanted to go shopping and I said I'll come with you for company but I aint bringing along my debit card!
Lucky for me we didnt end up going.

Almost 3 months down and only 2 more to go!
Have your fingers crossed for me.

I almost slipped up the other day when I went into DFO SouthWharf and saw NOVO had a shoe sale, I wont lie I went in and even tried some on..but left the poor sales assistant hanging.

Reading this type of material on my lunch break doesnt help the situation either, but how stunning is this design - Its stocked at MYER girls if your interested!

D and I have been invited to his high school friends wedding which I only found out about lastnight apparently he has had the invitation in his gym for the past month.. (Men!) and thats the middle of March - Do you think I can work something from my wardrobe?!

Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok, so lets get serious for a minute.
Domestic voilence isnt something to laught at - We all know about the attack that took place on Rhianna by her boyfriend at the time Chris Brown.

So many people are talking about it this morning after reports of Chris Brown being at her birthday over the weekend and the release of their latest Song together.

I havent really formed an opinion on this yet and dont really want too.. but I was so proud of RhiRhi when she stood up and said she would no longer be connected to him because of what he did, Rhi is such a powerful role model and I felt she was sending such a fantastic message out to any one not just girls who have been abused but she was standing up for what is right and proving that DV is not ok and wont be accepted.

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is my final week at work - I finish up on Wednesday.
I dont know if I feel sad or relieved that its over - Id be alot more happier if I knew what my next job would be but thats the whole fun of it..the suspense waiting to find out and besides alot can happen in the next 3 days.

I had my outfit all planned for tomorrow then realised that the fact its raining outside right now may put a damper on things. FML Melbourne you destroy me.
I thought I was getting first hand rejection from my boyfriend this afternoon then realised facetime was working with anyone!

Does this ever happen to you??

Tonight I ventured outside to get some bits and pieces for dinner when I caved in and brought something which is one my weakness..Hot Cross Buns..Oh my heavens they are sooooo damn good! Worst part is there a good solid few weeks until Easter and Ive promised myself not to buy anymore until then. D's YiaYia makes amazing hot cross buns.


Yep this was the most exciting part of my weekend.
Coughing as I write this - So gross. You're lucky there is a computer screen in between You & I.

I hate hate hate hate being sick its the worst thing, you cannot sleep at night or if you do you're waking up every hour or so -You cant breathe properly and you sound like a wank when you talk. Worst part is I HAVE to go to work tomorrow regardless. Its my 2nd last day!

Share your weekend Loving with me - Did you get upto anything exciting?!

Friday, February 24, 2012


Its friday and I have that Rebecca Black song in my head "..Friday..Friday..Gettin down on Fridays..!" Argh kill me.

Nothing as bad as waking up this morning to a throat that felt like it was filled with razor blades - I knew lastnight when I went to bed that it was hurting a little but didnt think too much of it.
So before I got on the bus this morning I went and brought some Stepsils I really wanted the strawberries ones (I swear I have seen them before?!) But they only had orange. Boo!

On the plus side I did remember that we have casual dress fridays at work now and considering today is my last friday I was pretty proud of myself for remembering!
Im wearing blue zara 3/4 jeans, white basic shirt with a yellow blazer. (Photos to come)

We had a morning tea with our finance department - The girls in there went nutters with baking..but I wasnt complaining! There was scones, dumplings, biscuits. they went all out! and of course whipped cream topped with this amazing tasting Chinese green tea!! I want to get my hands on some of this!

D and I are going out for Dinner tonight - no idea where too but I cannot wait!
What are your weekend plans?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I finally got my call backs that I had been waiting for just over 2 weeks.

The role with the Recruitment Agency on Bay Street decided to internally promote the position so I lucked out on that one, but the one with the Marketing Company that I really wanted I have suceeded in securing that on! But before we get too excited the role has been moved with a starting date of April.

There was some issues with their headcount and they have had to look at their recosting structures.
The HR Manager called me this this afternoon to let me know they want me to join but she can understand if the start date causes some concerns. Im not gonna lie its frustrating! My last day here is next wednesday and the role with them isnt starting for a whole month.

Can I survive without an incoming income for a month? Mmm Maybe Yes.
Do I want to? No.
I know what Im like and I'll chew into so much of my saving (Not that I have alot!!)

I told her that I'd talk it over tonight and let her know a definate on Thursday of this week.
I could always go into temp work for the whole of March?

Anyhow, Lastnight I over loaded on Fruche
This is the bomb.

Monday, February 20, 2012


When I reach 120 Followers I'll do my very first giveway!

Friday, February 17, 2012


I called in sick to work today as I got no sleep last night and felt horrible this morning, The pain isn't as bad its more just a dull throbbing sensation now rather than pain.So I figured a day in bed would be the best option.
Thanks to everyone for their wishes its so lovely!!

I downloaded a few episodes of the Hills that I hadnt seen yet, read a chapter of my book, searched some more on SEEK, checked my work emails..and then I was bummed for ideas. Even thou I feel like rubbish there is only so much sitting around I can do. I then thought about food and opened the cupboard stared blankly then spotted soup. Ever since I was little whenever Im sick I always eat soup, its the best comfort food when your ill.

I then needed to go to the chemist to get my scripts filled out, I felt like putting a paperbag over my head and going to Bay Street but I couldnt find any brown bags. I walked out of our apartment block to hear "The final count down!" blasting from somewhere - The oval behind our apartment block was hosting a school sports carnival - so that blew my whole "keeping a low profile".

While my script was being filled I went to the supermarket next door and brought some more tea I brought about 5 boxes but the flavors all sounded so good!

This isle is by far my favorite isle in the whole supermarket!
What do you do when you're home sick from work? Send your suggestions my way!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


This morning I handed in my resignation offically - I had to give an end date even thou I had already spoken to my manager about my situation I needed to note a date.

I still haven't heard back from the two positions that I'm in final stage interviews for, I have received emails from both updating me and saying they are still in the decision stage etc. Whatever hurry up.

Just after lunch time today I was sitting at my desk when I felt the worst shooting pain in my tummy, I stood up and then I fell over I had never experienced any thing like that before and before I knew it our receptionist was in a taxi with me going to the hospital, I could barley even walk and was in tears and the pain was beyond words and not to mention my stomach was bloated.

I got told to take a seat and wait - waiting time would be an hour.. Was she serious?! Anyhow about 5 minutes later they came and took me straight in. They hooked me up the drip, did some tests and topped me up with painkillers - It was bliss when the pain stopped. 
They thought it may of been appendix but they ruled that out, he then said it may of been a case of food poisoning but he wasn't sure. I went home just after 7.30 when D came to pick me up.

Im home now sitting here and feeling like rubbish again, the pain is slowly coming back and Im feeling so uncomfortable.

D made me a cup of green tea to help make me feel better. I hate e

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


12pm came.. 1pm came.. I thought Oh..the boyfriend has forgotten about me! but then at 2pm our receptionist came in the front door carrying a bunch of red roses! Yay

I love this kid bucket loads!

Yesterday at work it felt like it went on forever! I just wanted to get home.
5pm came and I was out the door - D had made dinner plans for us at one of our local fav resturants in Port Melbourne and I love it there so my tummy was calling for it! We decided that we werent going to buy each other presents this year but just go out for dinner and spoil ourselves silly.

I wanted to wear something red but I wore a red dress to work so opted for Bright Blue (Instagram ruins the colour in the photos!) Skinny leg jeans teamed with a white blazer & Black shiny top!

We had a booking for dinner at 8pm because D works like clock work and must go to gym after work regardless of what day it is - Knowing him he will be late to our wedding because he will be sweating it out in the gym haha..I Joke I Joke. (I hope!)

So..Guess what we did for dinner? All dressed up we hit up Nandos!! ..Its rather funny because its such a "us" thing to do.  Afterwards we went out for Dessert - This was Amazing! I felt so fat leaving but it was so worth it.

So much chocolate but so freaking good.
We went for a walk along the beach after this the weather lastnight in Melbourne was perfect it was balmy but so relaxing there was such a goodvibe out and about on the Streets.

When we got home I gave D his card he looks so happy.. Perhaps he thought there was something inside?! haha

We realised later that night when we went to put my roses in a Vase that we actually didnt have a spare one! So we improvised with a Maxwell&House Pasta Holder! Ta..Da!

Tell me about your Valentines day!!?

One sad thing about yesterday which I realised at midnight lastnight was..While we were being all loved up walking along the beach I was missing out on the seasons return of Packed to the Rafters! Im making a reminder on my iphone to somehow download it tonight haha lame I know!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

It was so much fun seeing all of the women out there dressed in red this morning.
Even our bus driver decided to join in the fun!  Anyhow just a short message to say I hope everyone has a lovely day, gets spoilt & enjoys whatever comes their way.

Lastnight I brought this little card for D at the supermarket - Im such a sucker for these types of things
This guy has changed my life and for that I'll love him for life!

HappyValentinesDay :)

Ps: Report back I want to hear how your day went!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

#!%@ !!

Worst day ever I have a headache.
I just finished up at the gym - It felt so good to get all of my frustrations out - It actually helped me on the treadmill and with lifting weights!

The way that some people can act really can confuse the hek out of me! Ive had such a sh*t day no words can describe. Someone borrowed a significant amount of $ from me over 5 weeks ago and has made no attempt to pay it back, return my calls or any type of communication! I spent half of today trying to get in contact with them, and when I get I get petty excuses as to how the money must of gotten lost via bank transfer? Dont lie to me and then try and defend why you haven't been in contact. I have the biggest headache and am so angry with them its beyond funny. I told D today next time someone asks me for something to remind me to say no. I have this habit of being too nice for my own good.

This was how I felt a few hours ago!

Isnt it funny how Money can be such a huge thing that can come between people? Have you ever been in a similar situation and if so what'd you do?


Oh I'm glad I read this post - I'm in my second year of studying Commerce this year. I'm also interested in working in HR after graduating.. do you have any tips on how to get a job in that industry? I'm not sure whether I should be looking for an internship at the end of second year or not.. I have no idea! If you have any advice or feel like sharing your experiences, I would really love to hear it! :)

Sue over at http://en-ce-moment.blogspot.com.au Left a question on my post about careers and I thought I'd make a blog post about it.

I'll try my best to answer your questions! I did a Degree in Commerce and then majored in People management and Human Rescources, 3 years later I landed my first Graduate position which was working for a world wide engineering company. My first job was really nothing based around the theory that I had studied for however many years prior. It was more about policies, working across procedures and so much god damn paperwork! It wasnt until my last 3 months of my position that I got exposure to recruitment. Thats when I realised thats the area I wanted to head into.

If you speak to anyone who works in a recruitment agency they will all tell you that HR and Recruitment are too diffrerent things and that they are BUT it all depends on how you work it.. For me my role now is working in the Internal HR Team but I focus on Recruitment and structures for the business so for me I still class my Industry as HR because it is.  What type of HR do you want to get into? There is so many umbrella's asuch in the HR Tree - Being a HR Generalist is a good medium that was my role inbetween my grad position and my role now - I loved it as it was really varied and had exposure across all areas. It gives you a choice to be exposed to alot of different areas that Human Rescources covers off on and also allows you to know what you dont want to get into either.

If you havent had any previous experience or exposure to the industry (and thats fine because youre still studying) then at the end of your course I would jump onto SEEK or even look at some of the bigger name companies who are willing to take on HR Trainees and there you'll find out what its really like and if there is any areas that you want to specialise in and also the industry that you want to specialise in also. If your love fashion try and get into some of the bigger brands that support training and development - even by sending your CV and a Cover letter explaining your situation to their HR Department - that can go along way.

One of the girls that I went to Uni with she is now a Training and Development Coordinator at one of the large fashion houses in Melbourne, so its like I said there is so many different avenues that a "Commerce/HR" Degree can take you but the best advice that I could offer to you at the moment is getting yourself out there and experiencing first hand how you find it, learn as much as you can, ask as many questions as you can and also network!! Dont go out there with the attitude that now you have a degree you want to earn the big bucks! Of course you do but experience takes time and with time and experience comes the money.

Goodluck & If there is anything I can help with dont hesitate to ask!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


I woke up at 12.45pm today.
Hahaha I felt like the laziest little sod when I realised until I turned over to see D still snoring away. I havent slept in like that since I was about 15 - Then I realized it was cloudy outside and though eh whatever no big loss.

We hit the markets and despite missing out on all the good stuff we still managed to get some decent food and at good prices! As I said I planned on killing my body in this coming week so I had to go to the markets with a shopping list.. Which I had until I gave it to D and then when we arrived I asked him where he had it and he goes "what shopping list?" so there you go. Mental note - never take a man shopping. We went to coles an the first thing I saw was a huge box with a $2 label on it.. I realised what It was and dragged D towards it. His face said it all and he set off to go and get the more important things and left me to search the box.

I ended up buying only 2 I brought Honolulu and Watermelon.. I tried the watermelon one just before and so far so good! Love it the colour is really girly and I couldn't believe how quick it dried?

Its so good having a man carry home all of your shopping!

We got home and had a HUGE clean up or should I say out? It feels so good being able to sit down, chill out and relax in a clean house (apartment) we really need to clean out some more things or being more productive with our storage - the lounge room and kitchen are fine but then wham once you hit the bedroom, bathroom and laundry its like coming onto the the monash free way on a week day morning its total chaos.

I'm sitting here relaxing and D is filling out his BMW customer survey which he only just received despite buying his car nearly a month ago. From the day he put down his deposit to the day he picked it up was only 3 days and he was told that the car would be kept on site for a detail, yet when we picked up his car it had done 300Kms.
Some dealerships are really dodgy.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012


I need to get back into a routine and feel better about myself - the past two weeks have been crazy busy and I havent been able to get to the gym, go for a walk or have alot of me time! So now excuses no more. This time each month is my "bloated" week. Dislike but now thats over I still feel gross and want to get back into things again..Health and Fitness we meet again.

I love nothing more than a good cardio work but nothing compliments it like some good tunes! I picked up an old Womens Health magazine that I had and started reading it

They listed some awesome tunes that I'm downloading as I write this! Fat Lip - Sum 41 LOL some of these bring back my teenage/school day memories.

Food now lets get down to the important stuff - I haven't been eating bad but Ive just been eating to get me by and if I'm feeling emotional I'll just binge.. Worst! Up until last year I would never eat breakfast as I couldn't face food before 11am I just wanted coffee Ive slowly worked myself to eating SOMETHING for breakfast an that's generally either a protein shake, fruit or a quick bowl of cereal without the milk (Yes I'm weird!)

I came across some ideas for breakfast and this was one of them, I remember last year I was addicted to Bagels for a week..I even blogged about it. So I'm curious to try this one out..It sounds yum but also weird at the same time.

I generally don't snack on rubbish because we don't buy it and at night will more often than not eat Almonds with D curled up on the couch if im feeling hungry but generally as a rule come 9pm and my tummy just shuts up and doesn't want to be fed lol - but I came across these other ideas too.. Sliced Strawberries sounds so good! Cannot believe I haven't thought of this before now. 
The idea of popcorn sounds delish too. 
I have such a love hate relationship with popcorn yes it tastes better than life its self but its such a b!tch to get all of the little bits out of your teeth afterwards - This is where my love for floss comes in

So starting Monday Im going to hit my body like its never been hit before, Im going to do a 1 hour cardio session at the gym after work and put together a healthy eating plan over the weekend do a huge shop on sunday and go for it! 

I need motivational so you all best motivate me!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just for fun

On Instrgram this morning I saw this little baby floating around on and figured it'd be a good one to post! So here goes

1. Relationship Status -  In a relationship
2. Instagram crush - Rahh..I dont have one?
3. Obsession? Im going to change this to Obession(s) - YSL, my family, and junkfood
4. Why my ex is my ex? I couldnt trust him towards the end of our relationship
5. Celebrity Crush? Kourt Kardashian
6. Favourite sports team? - Essendon Bombers!
7. Who I trust?  My family and my closest of friends
8. Favourite song "Hot right now!" Noo Idea who its by.
9. Favourite thing to do? - I couldnt pick just one.. I love doing so much! Anything fun!
10. Confession - Hmm.. Trying to think of something good but.. All I can think about is this week I broke D's iPhone headphones brought him some newbies he goes "these look alot cleaner?" and I go "I know..I cleaned them for you!" haha..Now he thinks Im the the #1 Girlfriend..haha perlease! 


Lastnight after work I met up with Jac and we headed to Lygon Street to meet Miss Erin for dinner, I love the vibe that Lygon St has to offer, the smell, the people its all so...Italian haha!

We went to Piccolo Mondo

Im not even going to bother posting photos of what I ate.
It was one of my worst experinces eating out.. Waiting 15minutes be served  then waiting one hour for our food to come out. The place was almost empty apart from two lovebirds. So I have No idea what the wait was all about - The food was average.

Afterwards we went to good ole Brunetti's - This place is heaven.
I Randomly saw two of D's cousins so all 5 of us sat down together If you havent been here before please go! Wall to Wall choice of millions of goodies.

See Macaroons!! Whats not to love.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My motivation of recent has gone out the window and doesnt seem to be coming back. Im so exhausted and I have no idea why. Work at the moment is starting to drop off and I find myself looking at the clock!! Argh I hate that feeling.
Im over applying for jobs as well, infact Im feeling really flat this week.

On the flip side this morning I went to meet with a client who said work couldnt be fun.
We had a meeting at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe - It was delish I had one of their hot chocolates.

I wanted to take a photo but figured it'd be a bit unproffesional.

I spoke to my manager today and we have agreed that the week of the 27th Feb will be my final week with the business, Ah its creeping up so quickly! Im excited and nervous all at the same time. I got a really lovely email from the HR Director at the marketing company letting me know I am one of the two short listed for the role and will have an answer for me next week.

I had the biggest outfit malfunction this morning, The zip on my pants wouldnt zip!! Im wearing high waisted light brown pants today and they hug around my hips..I was walking back past reception when our receptionist goes, "Your zip is undone!" We spent 5 minutes trying to get it onto the teeth of the zipper again..Would of been the funniest thing to see - Lucky I had a skirt in my desk draw (My god I have so much junk in my desk draws!) So I put that on instead.

Tonight Im heading down to underbelly town' - Lygon Street for dinner with Erin and Jac! Bring on the wine.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Two blog posts in one day.. Yes its a slow day at work
Only Kidding.

I got a call back this morning from the marketing company to let me know that I have been shortlisted for the role but she is having one other candidate come in for an interview so she is able to bench mark our skills and I'll have an answer on the week of the 13th.  I dont think I can wait that long! Its so frustrating but Carpe Diem.

The Recruitment Company on Bay Street want me to come back their on Wednesday morning for a 2nd an final interview before offer stage - Which is exciting!

Lunch today I went and brought a salad bcos I really couldnt be bothered and also a bottle of Coke Zero I was drinking away until.. I realised the used by date was my birthday!!?

Me being Me assumed that I was going to die ON my birthday, so I messaged D straight away to see what his thoughts on the situation may be.

Of course he disagreed but how ironic!

I really am in no mood to work today, I got to work had a large coffee, took some personal calls RE: Jobs/Interviews. Did about 2 hours of work and then went for lunch. I didnt sleep very well lastnight either so that doesnt help with my productivty levels.


This weather is a joke.

Saturday - 33degrees
Sunday 30degrees  and then drops to 20?!

We kicked the day off around 11am and went out for breakfast. I was half way into my breakfast when D goes "You realise you didnt take a photo of your breakfast for once?" I was so devo'd.
So now i'll just explain to you what I had. I had sliced mushrooms seasoned with herbs and french toast It was yummy.

This is a signature dish for D whenever we go out for coffee. Straight Espresso two shots/no sugar.

We went to SouthWharf for a little bit as Im on the hunt for a new blender after I accidently smashed mine during our last move.. Hey Im not a good one for packing I thought that putting it ontop of a box not wrapped would be more than enough. Clearly not.

We left around 3pm coming outside to see it had really gotten cloudy back on Bay Street we got faced with these bad boys in the sky

and then wham! It started to pour down rain, thunder and lightening.. We ran for it from bay street all the way home - OK its not far but still when we got home we were drenched.
Then when we got inside our apartment block to make things even more entertaining the lift was down for servicing!? The only other option was 4 flights of stairs..which you had to enter from outside so out into the rain we went. Fair to say I want to move out already lol.

I cannot stand this type of weather, my hair feels the same way I cop frizz hardcore and when my hair isnt happy either am I, but no seriously If it goes from hot to cold its as if my immune system automatically puts its hand up to accept a cold from whoever is kind enough to share theirs.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Friday I left work early to go to the dentist, It was probably one of the best experiences and yes I did just write that! I had a general clean, general check up and also my free invisalign consultation

 This is a bad photo I know, but I love the look of the dentist that I go to, when you walk in it doesnt even smell/look like a dentist its so relaxing! Like a day spa!

I had my consultation with one of the lovely consultants she said having a quick look at my teeth that I need to straighten up the bottom teeth - Which I already knew and also towards the back of my mouth which I didn't know! So she quoted my work for $9700. They have a special at the moment to get $1500 off so it would come down to around $7K.. They require a $3K deposit and then from then on in its just a monthly payment of $250. I'm actually impressed with that yes its alot of money but I believe its worth it. 

I have decided I will go ahead with it, the technology is amazing they show you how everything will work across the different stages before the work is even started! So you know what the end product will be! I'm going to go to my work up session at the beginning of March. I'm going to save a little bit before I jump into it!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


This morning I went back for my second interview with the Marketing Company to meet again with the HR Director and she wanted me to meet with one of their heads of business development. It went really well we clicked and conversation flowed he asked me more personal questions about my personality, nature etc..as culture is a big thing for them!

After I met with him I met with another department manager, and I soon clicked on to what was happening I was meeting with all department managers that I would be working alongside.. (Such a smart cookie!) They are all so lovely, friendly and down to earth. They all mentioned that the HR Manager had spoken highly of my previous experiences, so they werent here to speak to me about my previous roles but just a meet and greet and a chitchat about the company and my personal goals. They are a company that works hard and also plays hard.

After the meetings with all 4 people I met again with the HR Director and she said she was very impressed so far and wanted to progress and mentioned she would be in contact with me early next week with a decision.

Saying that I havent even given details of references?! But otherwise Im really excited and cannot believe how fast things are moving?! Im keeping my fingers crossed but trying to stay focused on my current job too!

My book finally arrived! I order this about 2 weeks ago (and no this doesnt go against my shopping ban!)  I have only read the first page as my lunch break got interupted but I've heard great things! Have you read this book before?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Interview, Interview Interviews! I think I can now do them in my sleep.
 Heres a picutre of my necklace I wore

I also wore my Wayne Cooper Skirt & Blazer (Black) with my forever new white shirt (See above) an teamed it with some blue heels. 

My first Interview was at 9.30am on Bay St which worked out well, despite me going to the genesis gym a few times before I never knew there was a whole corporate building behind it! Learn something new everyday ha. The Interview went well and they gave a positive vibe yet I wasn't sold, the arent willing to match my current salary and its paying alot less, while its still of interest to me its not my first choice. Rating: 3/5

2nd Interview I had was working internally within a recruitment agency working on their Projects team, The role sounds amazing and the interview went really well! They must of been impressed as they have already started to contact my referee's and will be in touch with me friday.  Out of 5 Id rate this 4/5

By 12pm I was starving and needed food. I dragged my friend out of work so get lunch with me so I wouldn't have to eat alone.

This was the bomb. Ya'll be proud of me I didnt spill any on my white top ha!

The 3 others where all one after another (Im a gun for making them on time!) The first and the last one went great the second one I wouldn't even consider which is disappointing but that's the fun of interviews, finding out more about the role/company/culture.  The last job by far would be my fav out of all of them I rate this job 100/100 I got a call on my way home to invite me in tomorrow morning for a 2nd and final interview which I was not expecting!! I'm so very excited The role is ideally perfect and I couldn't even fault anything with it!

Im exhausted right now, I spent a long day shaking hands, smiling,  running across the city, trying to look half decent with my hair blowing around, I spent alot of time in building foyers (I also used the photo below for the February photo a day instragram challenge!) Answering questions in the right way, doing some work via my emails for my current job and trying not to get overwhelmed. I have a headache and am off to bed!

Thanks for all the wishes in my previous post my heart and fingers are crossed for the In house HR role with the world wide marketing company. I'll tell y'all about it tomorrow as I'm sure I'll find out some more in my 2nd interview.