Monday, February 27, 2012


Ok, so lets get serious for a minute.
Domestic voilence isnt something to laught at - We all know about the attack that took place on Rhianna by her boyfriend at the time Chris Brown.

So many people are talking about it this morning after reports of Chris Brown being at her birthday over the weekend and the release of their latest Song together.

I havent really formed an opinion on this yet and dont really want too.. but I was so proud of RhiRhi when she stood up and said she would no longer be connected to him because of what he did, Rhi is such a powerful role model and I felt she was sending such a fantastic message out to any one not just girls who have been abused but she was standing up for what is right and proving that DV is not ok and wont be accepted.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I've never been in a abusive relationship so I can't judge completely. But after the incident they got back together and according to her broke up because she was a role model and it wasn't a good idea to get back with her abuser. Now she totally switched and is doing everything opposite of what she claimed to be the right thing.
    After reading the police report of what he did I really can't understand why she'd have anything to do with him,

  2. Are they releasing a song together? That's crazy. Maybe it's for publicity?

  3. Im in two minds about the whole issue.

    One one hand, I am disappointed she couldnt be strong enough to stay away from him. I am also disgusted he still has a career.

    On the other hand- I have been in an abusive relationship. And I went back multiple times for the same pattern to happen over and over and over again.

    It's a cycle that she may have to throw herself in a few times, but she eventually will get out.

    But will Chris Brown ever break HIS cycle of abusive behaviour?

  4. She is an idiot if she goes back to him. Once a hitter always a hitter.

  5. These are my thoughts exactly:

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if she went back to him.. She seems that 'up-in-the-air'. I hope she doesn't though - too many people look up to her and it would send the wrong message.

  7. Although I also find it disappointing that she came across so strong a couple of years ago and said she had to leave him due to her being a role model etc. and has now done a total backflip, I find it really hard to judge her because I’ve never experienced DV so have no idea what goes through people’s minds who have. From the outside it’s very easy to say “why would she want anything to do with him, he beat her, what kind of idiot goes back to that?” but for those involved, it’s obviously not that easy and simple to just walk away for whatever reason.

    I am more disgusted in him for what he did, the fact that he’s never acknowledged the severity of it and that he was barely punished for it.

    1. 100% agree but I think he got some of what he deserved when he lost a number of his fans.. but its nothing compared to what he should of got for the severity of what he did

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