Monday, December 31, 2012


As 2012 comes to an end I thought I would for a recap looking back across the year at my favourites
Winners and Losers, Househusbands, The Big Bang Theory.

  James Bond!!

Swedish House Mafia, Bruno Mars, Pink and Flo Rida.


I'd have to say Nandos.

I purchased my own iPad and love it to bits.


I cannot pin point one but I've witnessed my beautiful family members get married! 

Shopbop, ASOS, Topshop, Forever New.

Alice McCall Bridgewater house dress.

Hair products 
Moroccan Oil and Dry Shampoo (I've only recently discovered Dry Shampoo!) Where the hek have I been?
Marc Jacobs Daisy always a favourite of mine.
Versace yellow diamond perfume.

Each year I will make resolutions to eat better, hit the gym harder, be more committed to excelling my career and when I look back at where I was in my career this year to now I've come along way I love work and the people I work with - If anything I've probably worked too hard this year hahah not kidding - Long hours but the rewards have been worth it. I don't think I'll ever eat 100% right I love my food way too much for that and as for the gym well we have a love hate relationship.

The only goal that I want to achieve for 2013 is to be happy, healthy and enjoy life a lot more.
I want to travel and make sure that each day I spend is worth it!

As 2012 comes to an end I want to wish all my followers a happy and safe new year. What a year that 2012 has been. Filled with ups and downs but lots of memories made along the way. I can look back and say 2012 has taught me lots of lessons. May 2013 be amazing for each and every one of you. Remember a new year is on the way and the possibilities are endless!
Make 2013 what you want it to be!



Friday, December 28, 2012

XMAS 2012 & CO.

I hope everyone has had a fun, safe and merry christmas.

We left Melbourne last week on Friday morning the last couple of days of work felt like the holidays would never come! I had to clean up my desk and I never realised how much paperwork I hoard
(Im also the worst at filing too so there was no chance of that haha!) To help get me through my final day my colleauges brought me a coffee.. labelled Polly.
Cheers guys.

Saturday night was D's older brothers 30th birthday. In true greek style we had a lamb on the spit and 101 family members come over to help celebrate. I'll admit I wasnt coping to tell with the heat at first, When we arrived it was 40 and for E's bday it was sitting around 42.. Coming from Melbourne where its average is 27.. Yep I was sweating!

I wore black silk scallop shorts
Alice McCall lace print shirt
Alice McCall belt.

 D and I with his little cousin - Shes such a doll.
 Myself and D's mum
Ds YiaYia.
Couples shot.

It was such a good night and I think we ended up pulling it in around 2am. By then the weather had cooled down and I could breathe again.. haha except by this stage I had eaten so much food I could barely move.

For christmas day we went to Ds cousin house.
More food was consumed it was such a nice day (weather wise!) perfect way to spend christmas day.

 More christmas snaps below.

I was a little sad that I wasnt in Melbourne for the Boxing day sales but I didnt miss out! I went online the night before as most sales started at 9pm christmas night and bagged myself some goodies (More on those later) But I did head out with Ds cousin to see what bargains we could find. Novo had some amazing sales on. Did you brave the crowds and go?

 Before I left Melbourne I brought these Bardot shorts. They are called "Yacht club shorts" I love them! They are so damn comfy and hide my booty (Winning!)

Lastnight we headed out on the boat bonus of holidaying along the Murray River. The weather was perfect I wasnt game enough to go on the back on the donut or water skiing but maybe next time hahaha.. Considering all the food that i've consumed over the last few days I decided against it!

Cant wait to catch up on everyone's posts over christmas but hope you're all having a fantastic break!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I got home from work tonight to a surprise early christmas present. Yes please. In true style my present wasn't wrapped so I knew straight away it was something I had wanted for a while now!

I have been wanting the Muk curling stick since I had been hearing awesome reviews on it and its what my hairdresser swears by I have just been using my straightener to get some long curls into my hair.

It comes with 3 different styling cones small curls, medium curls or big beach curls, whatever style you want to achieve you can! It also comes with a Muk Straighter (I've never heard if these are any good or not!?) and a 1 minute treatment to put onto your hair before hand to enhance results.

I think that with my thick hair I will mostly use the largest curler but will be keen to use all 3 to see which one works best.

The Boyfriend has done well so far this christmas!
I'll post some photos when I first use it.. Do you have one? What are your thoughts?

This is the last chance I'll get to blog this week before we fly out for xmas so I want to wish all of my bloggers a wonderful christmas filled with love, happiness and good times! Please take care over this holiday season whatever you do and please do not drink and drive.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2012


Hommus, Salmon and Beetroot dip with Turkish bread now thats heaven!
Friday was a wash out we had our christmas party at a rooftop bar in Richmond and with the horrible rain that come past all afternoon we were all huddled underneath an umbrella to begin with but by 3pm I dont think any of us realised or cared ha! Was a good way to end the year.
Far too many cocktails.
 I think my photos (or the lack of) show my form on friday.

I've been wanting to go balayage for a little while now but didnt know how obvious I wanted the affect, I've always had a slight balayage look to my hair but got inspired from this photo of Jessica Beal (Or is she now Timberlake?!) her hair looks freaking amazing.

I didn't want to go too light and freak out and my hair dresser agreed. so we went half way. My ends are alot lighter than the top. It's been a couple of days (I got it done on Thursday) and now I think I'm already over the colour change. How bad is that? I'll let it ride a little longer. Boyf and the people who have seen me since say they love it and its a good change so we'll see.
My hair looks shocking here as I walked out of the hairdressers and straight into the rain and my hair does frizz brilliantly.
While the boy was away I was able to eat whatever I want and funnily enough I was more creative and had more energy to cook amazing foods while he was away than I normally do when he's here.
1- Chorizo and pasta salad - for dinner = perfect.
2. I love this time of year and going into my clients offices and just general shopping centres to see their Christmas tree's I think I love this that little bit extra bcos we don't have a Christmas tree at home (No point.. No will be there over xmas!)
3. I swear this time of year the whole corporate world goes crazy my inbox hasn't been under 100 emails since the 1st of December and its only getting worse.
4. If we didn't already realise and needed a reminder it was Christmas hows this for a sign at Flinders Street?
Wost of all - I haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet. I'm going tonight after work. Please tell me I'm not the only one?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


So I hear there is only 13 days until the fat man arrives. I am not ashamed to say that I have done NO Christmas shopping as yet and probably wont do right until the very last days, its like a ritual for me.

I have however been on the look out for gifts that I would love to appear on xmas day ..for me.

House of Harlow Engraved Ring $50.00 (On sale!)

FATE - Lovers Lane Dress. I LOVE the detailing around the neck and sleeves.

Lorna Jane - Cross over sports bra.
LOLA - Marc Jacobs.
Whats on your Christmas wish list?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last night I went to Hollyhock in Port Melbourne for dinner with a friend. I had never been before but we had heard great things about their calamari salad and wanted to try it!
Leather pants
Top shop shirt
Cotton on flats
It was freezing last night so I grabbed my blazer and off I went.

Hollyhock is one of the restaurants down at Station Pier. I ended up ordering "Zatar Lamb Salad' it had fresh goats cheese, sun dried tomatoes, red onion and spinach leaves. The best part of all was the goats cheese - I'm a sucker for cheese but I could of eaten this all night! The lamb was so tasty.

Without fail we could not go past the "fat chips' with Aloli. Only annoying thing was that the our chips and mains both came out at the same time.
I have to admit Melbourne's weather has been in fine form this week 4 seasons in one day is how its happening, especially yesterday and this morning - freaking freezing but its not until I'm outside that I realise how cold the wind is and then cannot be bothered going back upstairs to grab a jacket.
I got to work early today after waking up just after 4am this morning and not being able to get back to sleep - I was in the lift by myself this morning so decided to snap this photo which includes my new ASOS bag that I purchased a little while ago!

Monday, December 3, 2012


I had the most relaxing weekend hence why I'm feeling so alive this morning! Yesterday I suprised myself and got up just after 8 and headed down to the gym for abit of cardio. It killed and I realised just how un-fit that I had become.

By 12 I had gone to the gym, had all my clothes washed and out to dry, the house was clean, my bed was made and I had this sudden urge to go shopping. I didnt feel like heading out to southwharf so I figured I'd just go and see what Bay St had to offer. I think must be because we have hit December but I was expecting most of the shops to be closed but they were all open and it was sunday!
Happy Days.
There is this trendy shop called Jaggers Closet it actually has 80% baby and toddlers clothes but have recently started to stock womens fashion as well. I tried on this Peplum top. I wasnt 100% convienced with the colour comination and stripes so sadly decided against it.
I did however walk away with two other tops.
I also picked up some cute christmas cards and figured i'd get them out of the way early this year.
I was feeling domestic yesterday and decided to make some Protein cookies featuring M&M's pointless combination I know but they taste so bloody good! I also picked up heaps of fresh fruit and veggies while out so my whole week is sorted not to mention I made the best salad lastnight with way too much fetta cheese and lemon zest. Straight to the hips.
I decided to end up getting a canvass printed for our photos and went to The PhotoShop on Bay street to see what they offered. They had a variety of different canvasses ranging from $100+ I havent had a good opportunity to shop around but do you think this is reasonably priced?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

SATC and Saturday Night

What a week!
Its Saturday night and I've freshly washed my hair, watching SATC and eating left over food that Ds mum had made for me! Bliss.

Good news, D's surgery went well on Tuesday - How bad was the weather on Tuesday!? Bloody crazy. We were told to go to the hospital at 6.30am as he was going in just after 7.30 not too sure what happened but he ended up getting wheeled off to surgery at 12pm. Not the best wait for a nervous guy!

Cute? I think so.

Its been a pretty crazy week for us. We have had Ds parents staying with us looking at him while I was working all week.. but he's been a pretty good patient! I'm flying solo this week as D went back home (6 hours away) with his parents today as he needs someone to look after him for another week and I wont be here!

Wednesdays weather was unbelievable I had already worked up a sweat getting to work and then on the way home I could feel the heat creeping through the soles of my flat shoes. Don't get me wrong I love summer but that was just cray.

I went shopping on Friday night at south wharf I wanted to buy some new YSL perfume and while heading to the store noticed that TYPO had a sale.. naturally I went inside.. I picked up a few bits and pieces and walked out with $30 less - not too bad!

 I love these signs but I was trying to find the Melbourne one but they had sold out so I picked up the New York one $10.00.. Yes please. I also brought some bright orange OSOP pants as they were massively reduced from $89.00 to $19.00 and then when I went to the checkout they were $13.00 double winning.

  I've told myself I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and hit the gym.. But pretty sure that's the furthest way from how my morning will actually turn out to be! I need some serious motivation.

I need to get some photos framed but cannot decide if I want a canvass or frame. What do you think looks best? Office works have an online ordering system chose your image and then pick it up.
I didn't think their price was too bad.. Depending on the size but I think I'll go for the 20 x 24 which is $81.00 Have you ever used office works for a canvass before?