Saturday, December 1, 2012

SATC and Saturday Night

What a week!
Its Saturday night and I've freshly washed my hair, watching SATC and eating left over food that Ds mum had made for me! Bliss.

Good news, D's surgery went well on Tuesday - How bad was the weather on Tuesday!? Bloody crazy. We were told to go to the hospital at 6.30am as he was going in just after 7.30 not too sure what happened but he ended up getting wheeled off to surgery at 12pm. Not the best wait for a nervous guy!

Cute? I think so.

Its been a pretty crazy week for us. We have had Ds parents staying with us looking at him while I was working all week.. but he's been a pretty good patient! I'm flying solo this week as D went back home (6 hours away) with his parents today as he needs someone to look after him for another week and I wont be here!

Wednesdays weather was unbelievable I had already worked up a sweat getting to work and then on the way home I could feel the heat creeping through the soles of my flat shoes. Don't get me wrong I love summer but that was just cray.

I went shopping on Friday night at south wharf I wanted to buy some new YSL perfume and while heading to the store noticed that TYPO had a sale.. naturally I went inside.. I picked up a few bits and pieces and walked out with $30 less - not too bad!

 I love these signs but I was trying to find the Melbourne one but they had sold out so I picked up the New York one $10.00.. Yes please. I also brought some bright orange OSOP pants as they were massively reduced from $89.00 to $19.00 and then when I went to the checkout they were $13.00 double winning.

  I've told myself I'm going to get up tomorrow morning and hit the gym.. But pretty sure that's the furthest way from how my morning will actually turn out to be! I need some serious motivation.

I need to get some photos framed but cannot decide if I want a canvass or frame. What do you think looks best? Office works have an online ordering system chose your image and then pick it up.
I didn't think their price was too bad.. Depending on the size but I think I'll go for the 20 x 24 which is $81.00 Have you ever used office works for a canvass before?


  1. I'm a fan of canvas:)
    I actually bought that ny sign at typo too yesterday!

  2. I'd go for the canvas as well, I think it looks great.
    Hopefully the weather is a little bit cooler over the next few days! X

  3. Replies
    1. I think she means because you said you won't be here.

    2. Oh!! haha my apologies, No I meant that I wont be here during the day.. as I work and he needs something there during those hours.

  4. I have not used officeworks for canvas but that's not a bad price. They should have given D a bright pink cap! :) kidding.

    SATC sat nights are the bomb.

  5. Glad to hear surgery went well and BRING ON THE HEAT! Just be careful with the canvas, that you check it comes on the frame. I know this sounds silly but once I got one from Kmart or something and I got the actually canvas but it wasn't on the wooden frame = useless! x