Sunday, November 25, 2012


Its my own fault for choosing to take public transport but Friday night I waited 45minutes for my bus to arrive and when it arrived it was jam packed and I felt like a sardine.

My mum has spent the last week with us and as I had been been at work all week I had plans to spent Friday night with her, we picked up a bottle of wine and that's how we spent out night drinking wine and teaching my mum how to use her new iPhone which actually turned out to be more challenging that I first thought.

Today we went to another OFI but this time this one was in our apartment building I couldn't face talking to any realestate agents until I had at least had one coffee so we headed down to bay street. Skinny late with 1 please! I brought these new pants from mossman I actually dont think they are new in stock as I picked them up on a clearance rack so maybe they are last season? Either way. Love.

The apartment was stunning, its a 2 bedroom but two story a little small but it wouldn't be too bad for a first buy. While the real estate agent was talking off D's ear I went exploring.

I loved the layout. Lounge room and kitchen upstairs 
and then downstairs was the two bedrooms and bathroom + laundry.

Only thing I didn't like was there was a small walk in wardrobe in the main bedroom but the 2nd had way more cupboard space and storage.

There was a little balcony with this view of the city from the main bedroom. It was nice but we currently have a way better view from our own main bedroom! The bathroom was alot smaller than our current on also. The auction is on in the first week of December.

I have been loving this hot weather! I'll admit yesterday took me by suprise haha my poor albino skin didnt know what had hit it! Today has been the first day in a couple of weeks that we have had the house to our selves after my mum left yesterday. Ds parents arrive tomorrow!

Yep. that's how we roll.
Nandos for the win.


  1. I tried to teach my mum how to use a computer and it was a nightmare!

  2. I hate packed buses :( but I do like the look of that apartment!

    1. Melbourne needs to sort out their public transport thats for sure!

  3. You have an amazing appartment
    Anyway, have a nice evening hun
    your new follower
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  4. I too have been enjoying the hot weather! although, today not so much... melbourne is really mixing it up for us hahaha

    teaching parents with 'modern technology' can be a nightmare.. i give up now (to avoid the fights)and they enjoy working it out themselves... they feel tech savvy lol

  5. Ah ! The view from where you live looks amazing <3

  6. Looks like such a great view, nice little apartment too!