Monday, October 29, 2012


On saturday we met up with my older brother and his fiance to take some family photos. It wasnt until 5pm which gave me plently of time to actually find something decent to wear and put my hair together ha! In style we were running late and didnt get there until 5.15pm opps.
The photographers where a brother and sister team and hilarious!
I ended up wearing Leather Pants and a Green Dress/Top which was made from Chiffon like material which didnt do me any favours when the sun went down. I was freezing!
The green colour really isnt coming through with the photo its almost a grass green colour.
Nevermind the messy 2nd bedroom.
We had the photos at the Botanical Gardens in Williamstown it was so stunning, I cannot wait to get the photos back! They said about 2 weeks was the average turn around time.

Yesterday we went out for a late breakfast considering we snooz'd until 10am

The weather yesterday was perfect to sit in the sun, get fat and drink coffee.
Im generally not allowed to order breakfast when we go out anymore because I'll eat one of two things from the plate and leave the rest.

I brought this dress onine from a shop in Oxford Street and im loving it! Its silk and feels so good I wore it yesterday over my leather pants.
Its a dress but I'm actually wearing it today as well as a top!

It has leather shoulders and tucks nicely into my work pants ha!
 Black CUE work pants
Black Blazer from Zara
Michael Kors - Watch
 Forgive my dodgy bathroom photos from this morning but you get the idea.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Black and Gold Knuckle party. Yesterday at work I had a meeting with the guy that created "Calm in a can" and at the end of the  meeting he gave me a can.. I have to admit i've never had it until now but its pretty good! Its a little bit tangy for my liking but his idea and making behind it is fantastic.

 This week for me was junk overload I found Grape Fanta in our local IGA and wasted $2 - this stuff was toxic. It tasted like jelly crystals that hadn't set yet.  We went sopping for some new jeans last night and as you can see like a typical male we went through about 50 pair before he found ones he likes. Ya'll know my issues and adventure stories when it comes to shopping with the boyfriend.

Yesterday was his name day.. He actually thought I had forgotten as I got a text message from him after I got to work saying "You forgot to wish me a happy name day!" haha cutest kid. He's lucky I love him. I didnt know what to get him for his name day as he still isnt 100% better so I decided to get us two tickets to gold class to see Taken2

The food at gold-class is always SO good.. I almost feel like sitting in the cinema smelling everyone elses food is enough to stack on 2kgs. God bless the person who created gold class. Have you seen Taken2 Yet? I thought it was pretty good.. probably not as good as the first but still a thumbs up!

I brought these new leather pants yesterday but am not 100% sold on them just yet.
Today we have family photos and I have no clue what to wear the venue has already been changed twice from indoors to outdoors but by looking at the weather outside who knows!?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Ive been a bad blogger I know - Apologies!
Last friday after work the weather was perfect and we went out for friday night drinks.
They made a make-shift bar on southbank called The Hub which was only there for 3 days or so.

Have you been?
Over the weekend I went to Spotlight I dont think that D trusted me to go alone and so he shouldn't that place is dangerous for our bank account especially considering they had a sale on!

So I ended up spending $217 while being supervised which I thought wasnt to shabby.
We are in the middle of re-doing our bedroom so we have been on the look out for a new cover set.. there was ridiculous savings on most things..

They had SILK bedsheets for $12.99 - I brought 1 of each colour.
I am in love with pillows and would have my bed covered in pillows if  I could we both brought two new what D describes as "oh hotel pillows!" for $30 each down from $80 I had to laugh at the name

Before the more mature one in our relationship pointed out it was short for "standard".
Yeah whatever.

 We picked up some goodies including a new cover set (I'll get a photo but its silk too!) new pillowcases, bathroom robes, lots of decor things and some new latte mugs for the kitchen.

I had today off work as I felt like a bus had hit me - It started on Sunday my throat started to hurt and my head felt worse and worse I went to work Monday but this morning woke up feeling 100% times worst with a voice that sounded like a 10 year old boy.. Not attractive!

 My day consisted of catching up with  KUWTK, Eating Oranges, sipping water, popping nurofen and visiting the doctor I dont feel like its a cold but I have a shocking headache which only gets blocked out with nurofen and my voice has gone and a I have a fever!? 

I love these lights - I really love it when a place puts effort into their waiting room!
Whats your pet peeve for hospitals/doctors?

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I am so exhausted this weekend has been full on! As you guys know we had D cousins wedding. Dims parents arrvied around midnight on friday so we had a late night catching up.

I ended up putting some extensions in my hair for some extra volume..looking back at this I miss my long hair!!  My hair dresser is the bomb an made it look so natural. I ended up wearing a blue lace dress from ladahk, black and gold Alice Mcall waist belt and nude Tony Bianco platform pumps.

The wedding was at 2.30 in South Melbourne surprisingly the weather wasn't as cold as I was expecting and the rain held out until just after we came out of the church hahaha then we all made a run for the car.

The South Melbourne Greek church is so amazing inside - I almost took more photos of the church than the wedding hahaha.. Only kidding. The reception was at Riva in St.Kilda and the back drop was stunning, we got to watch the sunset go down over the ocean.
The wedding was really beautiful it was a small intimate wedding with about (60?) people mainly the grooms family and the brides friends.

It was so good catching up with everyone again.
My favourite part of a wedding is listening to the speeches - The Groom (Ds cousin) and the bride both made speeches the brides was really touching as was the best mans speech!
Below is Ds two aunties and his mum next to me in Pink.

As you can tell by the quality of the photos.. the longer the night went on the messier everyone got..  there was so much alcohol and minimal food (The food was served on platters and everyone on the table helped themselves the food that they served was so delish).

Not many of you can say that they hit up the dance with their (future) mother in law.. but I did all night haha..It was such a beautiful wedding we danced away with the rain pouring down outside!

The beautiful couple!

        We ended up getting home just after 1am and I remember walking out of the reception and  
     realizing it was pouring rain tried to run to the car which was parked so far away then realizing I
  had huge heels on and that wasn't going to work so well. Good news was I wasn't too hung over this
          morning! Wine doesn't have a huge affect on me but champagne is my weakness.

We all went out for a recovery breakfast to the velvet bar on Bay Street.

American omlette with choritzo and a hash-brown on the side was enough to soak up all the left over alcohol floating around my system.

Whats your favourite hang over cure?

Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday its friday! - I have that dreadful Rebecca Black song in my head. Not impressed!
Today was the first time that I had used Dry Shampoo.. I was actually impressed with how my hair reacted to it. It was pretty easy to use aswell spray onto the roots of my head and leave for about 2 minutes and then brush it out and style as per normal. I brought this one from the supermarket for $12.95
Earlier this week I was in the chemist picking up a script and I always without a doubt get sidetracked by the little things besides and around the counter (Im like a little kid!) I got heavily involved looking at their nailpolishes and then little did I realise I was actually digging half way through their little stand before I noticed staff looking at me weird. So I stopped hahahahaha.
I brought this one by Revlon "405" Peachy.
Excuse my white hands in our loungeroom light its not the best but you can also see the colour in the first photo. Ive warmed to it as its not fluro and its not orange!
$12.00 from the chemist although it was in a clearance bin but didnt realise I'd paid full price until I was home. Fail.

I often look at my tighs and think to myself why are you so big, but then I realised that its my own fault when I can gleefully eat a whole quater of a mousse cake. This baby was so delicious words cannot describe.

Dims family arrvies tonight and we have the wedding tomorrow so it'll be a full on weeekend no doubt I'm annoyed at the weather being a top of 16 degrees. Talk about freezing!

Have a fun weekend!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Do you shop at Forever New? Last week a work colleauge and mine headed across to crown during our lunch break to have a sneak peak at the shops. I used to shop there but for some reason have stopped.. While I was in there I noticed alot of their clothes had really changed from the old forever new that I knew!
I found this sparkle dress which didnt look much on the rack but stunning on.
I was pretty suprised. I've noticed the neon colours coming in for summer.
YSL - my favourites.
I brought these new red shoes and I plan to wear them for the wedding this weekend but still have no idea what I am going to wear. Im hitting up MYER tonight after work.
We had the most amazing weather last week I was lucky enough to work from home last thursday afternoon sit on the balcony in the sun with my laptop, this is probably my favourite time of the year.
Friday at work was a no brainer day for me I felt like I was in such a daze.
My day consisted of selfies in the bathroom, going out for a group lunch and eating gelato at my desk. Didnt help that the sun was out making me want to be outside!
Our receptionist went back to the Amercia for 2 weeks and she arrived back at work yesterday with a bag full of amercian candy and goodies. God I love that girl.
 I had never had these little York chocolates before but they were (past tense!) so yum and the mint flavour was so strong.
Hows your week tracking!?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday, you say?

Just to give you an idea of the type of Monday I'm having..

2 large skinny lattes
1 peppermint tea
1 orange juice
and a glass of water.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I got to work this morning only to realise that all of my clients/colleauges in SA, NSW, WA all have a day off today. I think its time that I move interstate.
I also havent had a coffee yet which also might be adding to my irritation.
We had a in-house competion last week at work and I won a bottle of Pinot Noir (Lets just say this bottle is now empty) - Im not usually a fan of red wine but this went down a treat.
Dont judge me for my chocolate/candy overhaul last week - but it is what it is.

Remember 50 shades of grey? I'm just finishing mine now haha I'm the slowest reader in the world but I've also been mixing and matching it with reading Kris Jenners book which is slightly awkward because when I pick up Kris's book I'm half expecting some raunchy story about her and Bruce.
My mind is playing tricks on me.

 I'm a little bit excited today because I get to interview a C-List Celebrity well I dont even know if you'd call her a celebrity? She is an old big brother housemate that turned the house up side down.
Obviously for privacy reasons I cannot say who but woohoo!

I have been really digging the red lipstick of late.


Whats your favourite MAC colour?