Saturday, October 27, 2012


Black and Gold Knuckle party. Yesterday at work I had a meeting with the guy that created "Calm in a can" and at the end of the  meeting he gave me a can.. I have to admit i've never had it until now but its pretty good! Its a little bit tangy for my liking but his idea and making behind it is fantastic.

 This week for me was junk overload I found Grape Fanta in our local IGA and wasted $2 - this stuff was toxic. It tasted like jelly crystals that hadn't set yet.  We went sopping for some new jeans last night and as you can see like a typical male we went through about 50 pair before he found ones he likes. Ya'll know my issues and adventure stories when it comes to shopping with the boyfriend.

Yesterday was his name day.. He actually thought I had forgotten as I got a text message from him after I got to work saying "You forgot to wish me a happy name day!" haha cutest kid. He's lucky I love him. I didnt know what to get him for his name day as he still isnt 100% better so I decided to get us two tickets to gold class to see Taken2

The food at gold-class is always SO good.. I almost feel like sitting in the cinema smelling everyone elses food is enough to stack on 2kgs. God bless the person who created gold class. Have you seen Taken2 Yet? I thought it was pretty good.. probably not as good as the first but still a thumbs up!

I brought these new leather pants yesterday but am not 100% sold on them just yet.
Today we have family photos and I have no clue what to wear the venue has already been changed twice from indoors to outdoors but by looking at the weather outside who knows!?


  1. Love the pants they look great! what brand are they?

  2. Haha love the jeans selection .... thats as bad as me when I look for jeans!

    With your legs, your rocking the leather pants!!! xoxo

  3. Ah yes name days! Its funny how in Greece they celebrate them more than a birthday! My grandparents always used to give me money on my name day and I was like yep...dont really care about the nameday but thanks for the money! haha (gosh that makes me sound like a brat!)

    What is this calm in a can stuff?