Sunday, November 25, 2012


Its my own fault for choosing to take public transport but Friday night I waited 45minutes for my bus to arrive and when it arrived it was jam packed and I felt like a sardine.

My mum has spent the last week with us and as I had been been at work all week I had plans to spent Friday night with her, we picked up a bottle of wine and that's how we spent out night drinking wine and teaching my mum how to use her new iPhone which actually turned out to be more challenging that I first thought.

Today we went to another OFI but this time this one was in our apartment building I couldn't face talking to any realestate agents until I had at least had one coffee so we headed down to bay street. Skinny late with 1 please! I brought these new pants from mossman I actually dont think they are new in stock as I picked them up on a clearance rack so maybe they are last season? Either way. Love.

The apartment was stunning, its a 2 bedroom but two story a little small but it wouldn't be too bad for a first buy. While the real estate agent was talking off D's ear I went exploring.

I loved the layout. Lounge room and kitchen upstairs 
and then downstairs was the two bedrooms and bathroom + laundry.

Only thing I didn't like was there was a small walk in wardrobe in the main bedroom but the 2nd had way more cupboard space and storage.

There was a little balcony with this view of the city from the main bedroom. It was nice but we currently have a way better view from our own main bedroom! The bathroom was alot smaller than our current on also. The auction is on in the first week of December.

I have been loving this hot weather! I'll admit yesterday took me by suprise haha my poor albino skin didnt know what had hit it! Today has been the first day in a couple of weeks that we have had the house to our selves after my mum left yesterday. Ds parents arrive tomorrow!

Yep. that's how we roll.
Nandos for the win.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Thursday night I went to the Dentist for my usual clean and checkup.
 I have to be more serious about this now as I'm getting Invisalign in the new year. I had booked in for 5pm and had to leave work early. Generally I'm used to waiting and it doesn't bother me but I was having the worst day and I tried really hard not to show how annoyed I was haha but it obviously didn't work as one of the gorgeous "smile angels" came up to me and offered me a complimentary Glass House candle. Freedom Dental have been my dentists for just over a year now and cannot fault they are truly amazing and I don't hesitate to recommend.
My bag arrived from ASOS this week
I must admit I am really impressed with the quality and it looks pretty snazzy it was love at first sight until D walked into the bedroom and asked what was in the box.
I just mentioned it was something I ordered a long time ago hahah!

Yesterdays weather was amazing. I went for a walk into the city at lunch time with a colleague and snapped this photo in southbank. Yesterday also marked a 7 year milestone of my dads passing. Its crazy to believe how quickly the past 7 years have flown by and how much I as a person have changed in those 7 years. My mum is in Melbourne at the moment so it was good to spend last night together - Its great to have so much love and support from family and friends even after 7 years.

Not sure why but I received an email yesterday from D that had a picture of a baby seat in the back of a AMG I quickly responded back asking for an explanation.. Kids are the furthest thing from my mind. Close to my mind is Snapple.. Have you had this before? I was told this morning by a fellow Instagrammer that they thought it wasn't available in Australia - but I brought it from IGA in Southbank its the bomb! I think its near reaching No.1 non alcholic beverages on my list. Have you ever had it before? If not.. Jump on board.
Have a happy weekend

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I used to love ASOS but then started to find their products werent as good quality and the sizing was all over the place and I would end up sending more things back and gaining credits. Im too lazy for all that. My hairdresser is obessessed with ASOS and last week when I was getting my hair done she was talking about all of these clothes she'd brought which was enough for me to jump back online and check it out.

There was a few items of clothes that I saved for later but found this bag.
This one is called the "Warehouse Paddlock Shopper"
I need a bag thats not too big because my biggest issue now is that I can fit everything into my current bag and its rediculious. I trawl through my bag to find my MYKI and Keys that are lost between makeup, headphones, hair brushes, tissues.. hahah really disgusting.
So I figure the smaller the better.
I've paid for express shipping so it should arrive either today or tomorrow.
Whats your biggest issue with handbags that you have?

Monday, November 19, 2012


I spent the weekend with Food Poising - Not pretty let me tell you! I thought it'd be a perfect time to catch up on blogging but soon realised I had ZERO energy.

Last week I had the weirdest cravings for sweet potato mashed and on Thursday night after the hairdressers I got home around 9 and made myself a massive bowl.. Not the best thing to eat that late but oh I was in heaven. Glad to say I'm now over that craving. Tick Box!
Since I've been so busy lately any motivation I can get to get back into the gym is with open arms so I brought a new sports bra from Target (My faith has been restored in their products!) Its so good and holds my little babies right in place! It was on sale for $30.00 Not complaining.
Yesterday the only thing that I could stomach at about 3pm was a big bowl of fresh fruit. I'm a sucker for stone fruit honestly you could just leave me on a island with stone fruit for the rest of my life and I wouldnt complain so the other night when I saw nectarines in the fruit section I almost squeeled!
At work we have a once a year scheduled fire drill and as we are on level 36 our managers are nice enough to warn us before hand and we were told to make client meetings off site all morning on Tuesday last week. Thank god as I could only imagine what would happen to me if I was made to walk down 36 flights of stairs. So I went to leftbank for the morning.
Here I was sitting there by the window when I look up to see this guy staring at me..  One thing I don't like is people who stare.. So I took on this guy with a staring competition (Mature ha?) Until I gave him a massive greasy and he looked away. I was pretty impressed with my efforts until my colleague came along and sat down and goes "OMG..Danny Green is right there!" my response was "Danny..Who?" So yep I gave one of the best boxers (learnT this fact later) a greasy. It wasnt until then that I noticed the 3 people sitting next to him with their microphones interviewing him.
We have been looking around at some OFI's recently just to see what out there at the moment, I sent D a link to a gorgeous renovated town house which was all decked out inside and he kept telling me that it looked too old. Personally I dont think he actually opened the link! We went regardless of his thoughts and I instantly fell in love. It was only a 2 bedroom house the rooms were small but the living room was so open and looked onto the little courtyard out the back.
We arent ready to buy but just scoping out the market.
Mondays are always a struggle but its now lunch time!

Friday, November 16, 2012


This week I received the photos back that we did at our photo shoot with my family.  Which I blogged about here. Some of them I liked but only a few favorites. We had over 100 images and considering we were there for around 2 hours I'm not surprised.

It was surpingsly hard to get a good photo with all 4 of us. Esp when us girls would be smiling and the boys would be straight faced like the above photo, but s'all good we had some fun with it!

The sun was starting to dissapear in this photo and we had to slowly walk away from the camera, At this point I was freezing and just wanted to get it over and done with and we got told off for walking too fast haha.

I actually thought this photo was abit cute.

Photos done by Photo Moods.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Last Tuesday after 10 months of the boyfriend having his BMW I was allowed to drive it, now it doesn't sound like a big deal but this is a kid who has never let anyone drive his car before, he washes it daily, tells me each time I get into the car not to touch anything because "you'll get makeup on the doors" and "watch your heels on the door frames" hahaha. Yep its all true.


 We brought two tickets for the $100M last Tuesday but sadly only won $13.50 back. Not even enough to pay for our ticket haha! That much money would be enough to make me faint.

Elevator selfies at work.

Last week I did an online order with Target as they had below cost sales on. There is  a couple of things in life that I am a snob about and one is Lingerie, but I've never had any major issues with bond undies etc from Target so decided to stock up!

Just on a week later my haul arrived at work! I picked up 5 pairs of undies and then they also slipped in a "bridal" g-string which I think I will be sending back hahaha. Obviously mistaken my order.
I also picked up two bra's for  $15.00 I was pretty pleased with the quality so this puts my question out there - do you buy your bra's and undies from target? I think i'll keep an eye out from now on.

I was quick enough to snap this photo of the rainbow over the city on thursday night. 

I want to go a shade or two lighter for summer so am trying to work out a colour that I like so when I go to the hairdressers this week we can get a head start! My hair is pretty close to the "Dark Brown" if not even lighter on the ends, so I'm not sure if I should get a colour all over or just put some foils through the ends..

The next couple of weeks are going to be full on, Long story which I havent chosen to share on here D hasn't been well for the last couple of months and will need some surgery in the next couple of weeks. I have my mum coming to Melbourne tomorrow and spending the week with us as we will be in and out of dr appoitments this week so she will be here to.. cook, clean.. Hang out and then the week after Dims mum arrives, he goes in for surgery and then she will be staying for a week also. So it'll be a full on next two weeks. So If i'm not at work i'll be crawling into bed for exhaustion.

I've scheduled some posts in-case I dont get time to blog - I've been slack enough as it is!

On the plus side.. The weather this weekend was amazing.

Monday, November 5, 2012


I dont know why I didnt take today off work. Hardly any of my clients are working today so I'm stuck working with all the interstate ones. Not to mention there is only 3 of us in the office today.
Friday night I went to SouthWharf on the way home.
Mimco had a massive sale on, personally I think that massive SALE sign has been there since the shop opened but hey I wont judge.
I also went to Dotti. I love sequins there is no denying that - they make any outfit go from nothing to something but yet they are so simple. I brought this top which was on sale and scored it for $20.
I am still adding new furniture and trying to get our apartment looking schmik.
I went to Snooze on Saturday morning and found this AMAZING bed - Its actually the bomb and has a tv that remotely folds away into the foot of the bed. $2,500. I was so tempted to layby but it's on back order until April/May of next year. which bites.
Also DARE Gallery had these gorgeous mirror draws on sale for $200.
I love house shopping its just the best!
Yesterday I went to Southland to visit MYER - I must of been having a blonde moment because I swear that I had previously been to the MAC counter there - apparently not! I arrived and couldnt find it only to be told there isnt one. My bad.
Instead I went to the Revlon counter because I couldnt be assed heading back into the city or venture across to Chadstone - This lady was possibly the worst sales assistant that I had EVER come across. She had enough makeup caked on her face, had a mouth full of food and had less motivation than a balloon with no air. I asked her if she could suggest a colour for my skintone as I wasnt familiar with the Revlon range and she looked at me and said "Right. Well take a seat, I guess I need to try some colours on you.. Hopefully it wont take long we close soon"
I ended up purchasing a bottle of their colour stay which the assistant says "lasts 24 hours"yet on the bottle says "16  hours max" argh. I am trying this new Toni & Guy shampoo as my hair needs some major loving at the moment. Have you used it before?
Melbourne cup tomorrow.
Are you heading to the races?

Friday, November 2, 2012


Lastnight we had a work function at Sho Noodle Bar in Crown.

The food was unbelievably good and how all asian meals start off.. we had dumplings!
We had soup dumplings which I adore.. They are just SO damn tasty... also we stuffed our faces with  Pork & Seafood dumplings.
I couldnt decide what to order for my main because without photos I always imagine the food will come out different to what it actually does. (Trust me I've been caught out way too many times!)
So I went with something that I could read/understand haha.
Gong Bao Chicken - Which is wok-fried chicken with chilli, peanuts and chinese vingar.
So delicious and wasnt too spicy.
It was a long night and when our MD said he wanted to race up and down the stairs to see who would win we decided to call it a night.
Wise move.
Is this the cutest "trick or treat" bag you've seen!?
My Boss is American - Enough said.
Did you celebrate Halloween?
I went to the Beauty House in Port Melbourne last week to stock up a range of skin care products as my skin has been really dry recently and I was fed up with it. I ended up leaving with 5 different lots of creams and moistures I'll report back.
Thankgod the weekend - How many of you are taking the Monday off work aswell to make it an extra long weekend? Sadly I am not!