Monday, November 19, 2012


I spent the weekend with Food Poising - Not pretty let me tell you! I thought it'd be a perfect time to catch up on blogging but soon realised I had ZERO energy.

Last week I had the weirdest cravings for sweet potato mashed and on Thursday night after the hairdressers I got home around 9 and made myself a massive bowl.. Not the best thing to eat that late but oh I was in heaven. Glad to say I'm now over that craving. Tick Box!
Since I've been so busy lately any motivation I can get to get back into the gym is with open arms so I brought a new sports bra from Target (My faith has been restored in their products!) Its so good and holds my little babies right in place! It was on sale for $30.00 Not complaining.
Yesterday the only thing that I could stomach at about 3pm was a big bowl of fresh fruit. I'm a sucker for stone fruit honestly you could just leave me on a island with stone fruit for the rest of my life and I wouldnt complain so the other night when I saw nectarines in the fruit section I almost squeeled!
At work we have a once a year scheduled fire drill and as we are on level 36 our managers are nice enough to warn us before hand and we were told to make client meetings off site all morning on Tuesday last week. Thank god as I could only imagine what would happen to me if I was made to walk down 36 flights of stairs. So I went to leftbank for the morning.
Here I was sitting there by the window when I look up to see this guy staring at me..  One thing I don't like is people who stare.. So I took on this guy with a staring competition (Mature ha?) Until I gave him a massive greasy and he looked away. I was pretty impressed with my efforts until my colleague came along and sat down and goes "OMG..Danny Green is right there!" my response was "Danny..Who?" So yep I gave one of the best boxers (learnT this fact later) a greasy. It wasnt until then that I noticed the 3 people sitting next to him with their microphones interviewing him.
We have been looking around at some OFI's recently just to see what out there at the moment, I sent D a link to a gorgeous renovated town house which was all decked out inside and he kept telling me that it looked too old. Personally I dont think he actually opened the link! We went regardless of his thoughts and I instantly fell in love. It was only a 2 bedroom house the rooms were small but the living room was so open and looked onto the little courtyard out the back.
We arent ready to buy but just scoping out the market.
Mondays are always a struggle but its now lunch time!


  1. I'm the same.. Danny who?

    Hope you have recovered from food poisoning and why was it on a weekend!! Bah! :(
    BTW i love your new layout. Time to clean mine up -> did you do it yourself? And how did you get those Follow me pins so neatly. Sigh.

    1. Haha yes but I did feel just a little bad!

      Feeling much better today thankfully! I purchased the codes from Etsy I can send you the links if you like?

  2. Stone fruits r the bomb!!!

    Hope your feeling better now! Sucks to be sick over the weekend :(

    1. Especially with the awesome weather yesterday!

  3. Hope you are feeling better!
    OFI's are a great weekend past-time and the best way to see what your $$ can buy :)
    Only 4 days until weekend now!
    K xx

  4. How do you know he was looking at you? I mean there could have been someone else behind you or he could have been deep in thought? I dont like when girls shoot guys dirty looks for no reason. It makes it harder for girls that actually like the attention.
    Sounds all a bit vein to me don't you think?

    1. Not vein at all.. I was sitting right in front of him and a wall behind me.

      Maybe read the post properly before you bother with your comments.

  5. Our new house is only two bedrooms too (as is the apartment we have now) but it has everything we need (bath, courtyard etc) until we hopefully have the next baby in 2-3 years and then we will upgrade again!

    It's always good to scope out the market, plus going to OFI's is fun!!

    Sorry to hear you had food poisoning, I have never felt worse in my life than when I had it. My MIL and husband kept creeping in to check I was still breathing because I couldn't get out of bed and was just sweating through the sheets. Disgusting!

    1. OFIs are fun.. I agree! Ha yes food poising is not my idea of a good time!! Feeling much better now so it passed within 24-48 hours thankfully!

  6. Haha @ the Danny Green thing. I must admit I wouldn't really recognise him either if my boyfriend wasn't obsessed with him!

    Food poisoning sounds crap, hope your feeling better.

    x Eve

    1. Hahaha aw! Yeah I'm so bad with people like that!

      Feeling much better now thanks! :)

  7. Whats with all the hater comments as of late?
    Every blog ive come into has one?!!!!! CRAYYYYYY.
    ANYWHO - hope you ARE feeling better!
    I saw the OFI on your instagram - It's always good to check out the market so you know what's out there! Hope when the time comes you find exactly what you're looking FOR!!!!!

    PS (is Dimmi better?)


    1. hahaha I know tell me about it hey! They are out in full force.

      He has his operation on Tuesday, so we have our fingers crossed for a speedy recovery :) xx

  8. wow that old lady in your first photo should reaaalllly lay off the fake tan.