Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday morning sesh'

I have been hitting the gym alot this week! Cardio.. Cardio...Cardio!!

 I had such big plans for this weekend - but then when I left the office yesterday and it was raining so hard my friends pulled the pin on going to the races today! - Gah

D is working this weekend so Erin and I woke up early this morning (7am on a saturday morning is dedication!) and went for a light run from port melbourne to stkilda and back.. in the rain might I add!

Then we made it upto our selves by heading out for a massive breakfast at the Velvet bar on Bay street

I couldnt even finish it all.

Fresh juice was the best part!
Afterwards we went and got our nails done and then off to boost.
As you can tell we had a productive morning ha!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pointy to Peep

I have always adored shoes there is no secret about that - My mum nearly died when she first saw my first wardrobe out of home, she just looked at me with that motherly look like.. "This is not ok but im not going to say anything because its your life.. your pay cheque.. rah rah rah"

I must say I have tamed myself alot since I was 18.. Ive gone from 100 pairs to 80 haha kidding!

I have always loved pointy shoes they are my weakness but as of late I have started to develop a soft spot for peep toe shoes! I have never really considered them as I have a hate.. and I mean hate for toes.. I cant really explain what it is but uh.. they are one of my pet hates!

But they are really growing on me!

What do you prefer?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Buying a dress for Melbourne Cup is turning out to be quiet a challenge!
I know I posted a few posts back about the dress choices and I thought I had made a decision but

D went to MYER this morning to get some new work shirts and I accidently lost him and somehow ended up back down in the basement trying to find a dress - Little did I remember he was with me until I got a text message saying "Do I dare ask how much youve already spent?" haha..sucker!

Maybe I just wasnt in the mood this morning but nothing was even coming close to cutting it.
I did however pick up something else.

Navy and White stripped skirt
Bargain @ 39.99

Friday, October 21, 2011

Instagram wrap # 4

This stuff is heaven sent!! I wore a dress earlier this week and when I put it on I realized that it was possibly a little bit too revealing for the office (ha!) so on goes the Hollywood tape - went from Miss.Nightclub to Miss.Corporate.

I came across these heels and D is now well aware after sending him numerous text messages full of hints and also posting this photo on his facebook wall that these are making number 99 on my xmas wish list

I was suprised by a client today when they brought these into the office for me!
Taste so good!!

I was invited to one of our clients who were hosting Pink Ribbon this morning in the building next
Never seen so much pink in my life haha! It looked just beautiful though and such a worthy cause.
I got over 19 likes on my Instagram its so good to know women take this cause so seriously!!

I had this baby for lunch today
I LOVE mangoes one of my favourite things about summer is all the stone fruit that comes out.. Its like heaven to me hahahah

Puddle Mania

What do you know its raining again in Melbourne -  two straight days of pure heat and sunshine then Friday greets us with rain and puddles..
Here is a view of my world at 7am this morning from underneath my umbrella

Funniest part I looked down at my iPhone to see "Rain on me" By pitball playing
Ironic Ha.
Now for the best part of my morning -  Two people from our company chose to volunteer to sell pink ribbons at 550 Bourke St to support and raise money for the cancer council we were told to arrive at 7.30 and we arrived shortly after only to be told the concierge arrives at 8am and we couldnt do anything until then.
This guy with tatts and piercings rocks up at 8.05am
We get told to that we need to have 15 minute Induction if we are to stand in the lobby and sell.
None of this was mentioned to us before hand - not even by the cancer council project manager - So off me and my work collegue go down to the loading dock to get told we cannot start our induction for another 10minutes because the guy was off getting his coffee?

Waste of time!
By the time we had our induction and finished it would of been quater to nine - we were rosted to volunteer from 8 til 8.30am
Im all for volunteering but honestly?! I woke up 6am for this!


Thursday, October 20, 2011


I have come across my latest crave.

*Drum roll please*


I have NO idea how my mind even began to crave this but pure and simple it tastes soooo good!
I went into the supermarket lastnight after work and left with 2 things
Bagels and Creamcheese

I think you'll should try!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ASOS # 2

ASOS has done it again!
70% off

I placed my order for these goodies

Was $79 I brought it for $29

 This one was $49 and I brought it for $19
I love the back to this its a bow shape and has open slits
(Ideally wanted it in another colour but this was all they had left! Still love it!)

I also brought this to add to my ever growing collection of lipsticks

I love coral coloured lipsticks they're so easy to work with

I brought alot of red huh? Ah well this will be a good thing Im always needing to bring colour into my wardrobe.. I love patterns and colour! Considering most days Im stuck in the black corporate world!

Another gold star for ASOS  :)


I love online shopping..possibly a bit too much! One of the girls at work sent me a link for a online clothes shop its called Lucy in the sky - They had loads of cute dresses online and it was a reduced sale was orginally $50 and I brought it for $19 Ha!

As mentioned in previous posts im craving yellow at the moment and when I saw this I wanted it!

Its not something I would normally wear hence why I brought it!
The yellow is more of a gold
Love it!

It has the cutest tags too!

FREE express postage
Jump on it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Session

Waking up at 8.30am on a Sunday morning is not OK in my books. D and I went out and about this morning before catching up with my cousins for some lunch.
Me being me I have an in-built shoe radar - and Its impossible for me to walk past a shoe shop without showing any interest  (This is something that D has learnt to accept lol!) I saw these babies this morning

(There is no white marks on the shoe - the window was extremely clean and its a reflection!) Since I brought a pair of shoes last week and I only came off my shopping ban last month I need to ease back into it - but I do want them!

D and I are on the search for a new couch an I fell in love with this red leather extravganza

But when D announced it was $11,000 I jumped off it and kept walking

I saw thought this would look amazing in our living room

D didn't agree - Men!

We walked into country road at Melbourne Central and the man behind the counter looked D up and down and goes "How are you today Sir" So for the whole time we where in store D's ego was 100% high which encouraged him to take a seat and try on different Ties  (Cannot take him anywhere!)

Gah - Back to work tomorrow
Weekends are far too short!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Dresses

This morning I went with Miss Erin shopping to find a dress for Melbourne Cup! We had the most delicious breakfast in Hardware lane before heading to MYER for some serious shopping!

I love walking past their fragrance section at MYER as you feel abit like a celebrity really.. everyones trying to get your attention (only to get your money!) haha but the smell is just amazing! I always pick up all of the testers - Tip if you want your handbag to smell nice place one of the tester strips inside a zip in your bag! Smells great for ages!

We started the shopping in reverse - We already have the shoes we know we are going to wear then we headed to the accessories section before even finding the dress? haha I don't think we where thinking clearly - but there is so many to choose from!? Last year my friend and I ended up making our own fascinators  last minute (Turned out to be not so tragic!)

I so want to get D to wear suspenders this year! (I'll work on it!)

I took 5 dresses into the change rooms! (I had a favourite from the start but I took in 3 others that I thought Id never see myself in and also another one which I thought was abit cute!)
The change room line was longer than the line outside Zara when it first opened lol!
I'm obsessed with yellow this year and really wanted to incorporate yellow in there somewhere.

Dress 1.

No doubt is so far is my favourite so far $190.. Should I do it?

Dress 2.
  I like it but I decided against it! - It was only $110

Dress 3.

I do like patterns but this just reminded me of a picnic dress.. and I felt/looked preggers! (!)
I know I said there was 5 dresses but other two didn't fit although they where labelled my size they where too big - Clothes for me are such a hit and miss!

After all the shopping we went go get some lunch Erin is obessed with Nandos - She was a nandos virgin until only a few weeks ago (Go Figure!)
Then as soon as we walked out right next door was The Chocolate Box
This is possibly one of my most favorite places on earth!

 Wall to Wall chocolate!
I was a pretty fantastic Gilfriend and left the shop buying something for D


Do you agree I should go back and buy the first dress or keep on searching?
Opinions please!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Topshop at livebait


I Feel so fat right now! I went out for dinner with D tonight in docklands and I swear to god I have never eaten so much in my life! We went to Live Bait (Ah-mazing!) Food was so delicious.
Im not a huge fan of seafood but recently I have been craving it and D will never
say no to some so off we went.

For an Entree we shared - Whipped goat’s cheese bruschetta, glazed figs, toasted pecan nuts (I generally will automatically say yuck to something without even trying it - bad habit i know!) but after seeing D enjoying I was saying Gimme!! turned out to be rather yum!
for my main I had Pan-fried garlic tiger prawns, with a side of crusty bread 

One word for this - Pure bliss!

I wore my new topshop cream shirt - This is possibly one of my best buys as I can dress it up or dress it down! I wore this tonight with my Sass & Bide black skinny leg jeans and paired it with some heels, clutch and bam ready to go!

 Bring on this weekend!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ASOS arrived

I was so excited when this little baby arrived at work this morning

I had waited over 2 weeks for my order
- ASOS Dalmatian Print Balloon Blouse
- ASOS Midi Bell Skirt

 Ripped it open! Felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

I love the sleeve's on this blouse, but guess what! None of them fit they are all too big.. (Boo!) So off they go back for my refund! 
Am I the only one who has trouble with sizing for ASOS?
Its such a hit and miss for me!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tony Bianco

Dear Tony,
I have a slight obsession with you and would really apprecaite if you could stop making yourself so appealing to me as my bank account is really hating me/you for it!


Brought these babies on the way home from work today!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Girls Night

Last night I went out for a girls night to a male burlesque show!!
It was HILARIOUS! These gorgeous men with cheese grater abs dancing on stage with shocking dance moves and possibly more in love with themselves than kim karadashian!
It was a show in Fusion called Princes of the night - Bascially male strippers! It was full of brides to be on their hens night - They did a good job at including the crowd in every aspect of the show

 Apparently we weren't meant to take photos inside the venue..Opps!
 Needless to say as soon as the show was over the night got rather seedy!

These little babies where $9 a glass but so worth it!

Erin & I - Doing what girls do in the bathrooms!

Dont mind if I do?! - It actually didnt taste that great..
D and his friends came to meet us around 11 somewhere in crown we ended up staying til around 1.30 walked and waited about 20 minutes for a taxi while D listened to me complain about the queue (He puts up with alot..hahaha!) Ended up jumping into bed around 2am.

Slept like a baby!