Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Dresses

This morning I went with Miss Erin shopping to find a dress for Melbourne Cup! We had the most delicious breakfast in Hardware lane before heading to MYER for some serious shopping!

I love walking past their fragrance section at MYER as you feel abit like a celebrity really.. everyones trying to get your attention (only to get your money!) haha but the smell is just amazing! I always pick up all of the testers - Tip if you want your handbag to smell nice place one of the tester strips inside a zip in your bag! Smells great for ages!

We started the shopping in reverse - We already have the shoes we know we are going to wear then we headed to the accessories section before even finding the dress? haha I don't think we where thinking clearly - but there is so many to choose from!? Last year my friend and I ended up making our own fascinators  last minute (Turned out to be not so tragic!)

I so want to get D to wear suspenders this year! (I'll work on it!)

I took 5 dresses into the change rooms! (I had a favourite from the start but I took in 3 others that I thought Id never see myself in and also another one which I thought was abit cute!)
The change room line was longer than the line outside Zara when it first opened lol!
I'm obsessed with yellow this year and really wanted to incorporate yellow in there somewhere.

Dress 1.

No doubt is so far is my favourite so far $190.. Should I do it?

Dress 2.
  I like it but I decided against it! - It was only $110

Dress 3.

I do like patterns but this just reminded me of a picnic dress.. and I felt/looked preggers! (!)
I know I said there was 5 dresses but other two didn't fit although they where labelled my size they where too big - Clothes for me are such a hit and miss!

After all the shopping we went go get some lunch Erin is obessed with Nandos - She was a nandos virgin until only a few weeks ago (Go Figure!)
Then as soon as we walked out right next door was The Chocolate Box
This is possibly one of my most favorite places on earth!

 Wall to Wall chocolate!
I was a pretty fantastic Gilfriend and left the shop buying something for D


Do you agree I should go back and buy the first dress or keep on searching?
Opinions please!


  1. Yes yes yes. Get the yellow and grey(?) dress. It is perfection! I think clothing is a hit and miss for anyone, no matter what their size.

    The belt looks fantastic just where you have it but I guess you could wear it higher or use a totally different belt to change up the look.

    I'm expecting pictures complete with shoes, handbag and fascinator:)

  2. The first two dresses are so hot! The third is pretty too but I agree, not really suitable for the Melbourne Cup. Can I ask what brand the second one is? I love it!

  3. Ladies - Riotersbloc its tokito - I love it!! but I didn't think it suited my body.. You'll find it in the basement at MYER :)

    Sarah - Will post complete pictures dont you worry! :)

    it looks so good on you?
    Have you decided what you are wearing anything in your hair?

  5. I like it but Ive always been one to try heaps of dresses (or anything) until im 100% sure if I really like it lol! Not too sure about the hair yet.. So much pressure - Am thinking a flower instead of a fascinator!

  6. I think a flower would go really well with that dress. It looks amazing on you so I say YES get it!

    And thanks for letting me know, I'll check it out although I have a feeling it wouldn't suit me lol!

  7. I am in Melbourne at the moment interviewing and I went into the basement today and saw the dress. It looks much brighter in the picture ! But i do love it! I really think a flower would suit you so much, especially with that dress

  8. Riotersbloc - Go and try it - I always get suprised at things that actually look good when I think they wont! You have such a great skin tone for it! :)

    Ms S - Oh your in melbourne!!!? Near my apartment blocks? haha kidding! Yeh its more of a gold in real life but I still love it!