Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Session

Waking up at 8.30am on a Sunday morning is not OK in my books. D and I went out and about this morning before catching up with my cousins for some lunch.
Me being me I have an in-built shoe radar - and Its impossible for me to walk past a shoe shop without showing any interest  (This is something that D has learnt to accept lol!) I saw these babies this morning

(There is no white marks on the shoe - the window was extremely clean and its a reflection!) Since I brought a pair of shoes last week and I only came off my shopping ban last month I need to ease back into it - but I do want them!

D and I are on the search for a new couch an I fell in love with this red leather extravganza

But when D announced it was $11,000 I jumped off it and kept walking

I saw thought this would look amazing in our living room

D didn't agree - Men!

We walked into country road at Melbourne Central and the man behind the counter looked D up and down and goes "How are you today Sir" So for the whole time we where in store D's ego was 100% high which encouraged him to take a seat and try on different Ties  (Cannot take him anywhere!)

Gah - Back to work tomorrow
Weekends are far too short!

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  1. LOL @ D's ego! That's so cute. You guys make a lovely couple.

    God, an $11k couch... I would be afraid to even go near it lol.