Tuesday, April 30, 2013


On Friday the work crew and I decided to expand our variety for Friday lunch and go somewhere else besides the left bank, not too far from there is Wagamama if you haven't been please go! They are more of Asian noodle cuisine.

I will admit they are on the more expensive side - My meal above with a drink was $25.00 but the food was just perfect.

Saturday afternoon the boyfriend and I went to Southland - the boyfriend went straight to the apple store and because we didn't have an appointment this meant we had to wait 1 hour for someone to speak to us which was a bonus for me because the boyfriend was forced to go shopping with me.

I brought a pair of platform black heels for work and I loved them at first but they didn't have my right size so I went with the next size up as that's what I tried on and it was OK but of course my size would of been a perfect fit and now I regret buying them as they probably just a cm or two too big! Ahh always the way - Maybe I'll eBay them.

We brought a nespresso coffee machine on Saturday as our Aldi coffee machine had seen its day for a Aldi coffee machine I was impressed but then I tasted the nespresso coffee and hello I am never turning back! Its actually one of the most compact and easy machines to use - Even for me.

They give you a sample box of the 16 different capsules in which you can purchase and within a day or so we knew which ones we wanted to purchase so on sunday we hit up the Collins Street Nespresso store - this place I know is just a coffee shop but wow! Its feels like you're walking into LV or something! The staff are amazing and the shop is gorgeous.

Speaking of all things lovely just down the road is Tiffany & Co so as we walked passed I reminded the boyfriend that it was my birthday is less than 30 days and we should really go inside and have a looksie around in which he responded "We have to get back to the car - our parking will run out soon" .. Hmm such a typical response.

I'm writing this while watching the Celebrity Splash - I must say I give these people full credits for getting on national TV with only a bathing suite or shorts on - I certainly wouldn't! I guess this starts the roll of the reality TV hitting our screens. I've said it before and I'll say it again I get addicted to all of these silly reality shows but I'll always watch them ha.

What are your favorites on TV at the moment?

Thursday, April 25, 2013


So what have I been upto lately? I wish I had something exciting to report and that's half the reason I haven't posted anything, I didn't want to bore you with me ramblings but it has been a while.

I tried the "healthy eating the exercise" thing - For the 999th time but this time it's somewhat stuck! I have been eating super clean and with the Boyfriend back at gym now it makes it so much easier for us to not let each other cave - Although I must admit he cannot see what I eat at work ;-)

Chicken, Beef and birdseed's have been my best of friends recently.
I don't know if I have lost any weight that wasn't really my purpose I just need to cleanse my body and put in some good foods, I've noticed my skin has really thanked me for it.

Last week I went to freedom furniture to have a looksie around - The boyfriend reminded me to not to touch anything in case I broke it then we would have to buy it.

This place is so big and makes me so happy but we left empty handed as not one of the shop assistants even said hello or bothered to make eye contact. I'll take my money elsewhere.

I did however hand over a good chunk of money in MYER at MAC.
Which I certainly didn't feel bad about. 

I also updated the flowers beside my bed the red flowers where getting abit old! How good are fake flowers? So handy.

I had a massive cull of my clothes I had double the amount in our second bedroom and it was really getting ridiculous there was clothes I had brought and never worn, or worn once and then never looked at again but I never wanted to get rid of them! I don't know what got into me but I sorted through them all  "Ebay" or "Bin" and an hour later I had gone through everything and through everything else out in the bin. I have so many bits to list on eBay so will do 10 items at a time otherwise it's going to get out of control.

eBay user name: missholly23
My wardrobe feels so empty I have gone from having two wardrobes to one. I also never realised I owned more than 2 pairs of leather pants ha! I have 5 in total. Which I found odd lol.


I thought winter had finally arrived this week as the weather was bloody freezing cold and wet. I love this weather but not the rain so much. Which brings me onto me next purchase I need a good winter jacket I had a look at MYER a few weeks back nothing really jumped out at me. I think this year I want something different from the black coat - Maybe red? Have you seen any goodies?

Nothing better than freshly made pumpkin soup.
Hope you're all enjoying your ANZAC Day holiday.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Ling from Pork Chops Nest recently picked me up some lipstick while on her holiday!
I asked for MAC but left the colour choice upto her.
She brought me back Chatterbox.
Its perfect, its a sharp but subtle pink which goes perfect for work and play.

Speaking of all things nice - I also recently got the MUK hair mask repair cream. You're meant to wash your hair with the Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner and then apply this to the hair at the end and let it sit on the hair for 7-8minutes and then rinse.
I dont follow instructions, so instead and I used the MUK shampoo and repair conditioner and then applied the mask to my hair and washed it off about 5 minutes later and still got the same results.
This stuff really is good, its thick but oh so smooth.
I think all of my talk and hints about wanting a new bedroom set finally sunk in for the boyfriend because on Saturday I convinced him to lets at least go and have a looksie at some bedroom suites or new beside tables. We went to Focus On Furniture at DFO and the boyfriend quickly changed his tune when he saw a bedroom package he liked.
We have a two bedroom apartment and our bedroom thankfully is really big so we could fit in a King size bed which the boyfriend was eye'ing off until we realised it probably wasnt neccessary.
We settled on this leather bedroom suite.
Queen size bed
2 Bebside tables
1 tallboy.
I am looking forward to this tallboy and the organisation headed my way.
They had a big reduced sale on so we couldnt resist.
I've been looking at the amount of junk that I include in my diet that I dont even need to have, I just have it "because" bad ha? Then I realised it's because I get hungry and I pick on things.
I've taken new measures to stop my ass from growing this includes; a new jar of trail mix on my desk so when 3pm comes around I can snack on that and also I brought myself some Lo-Carb Protein shakes which I've found keep me so much fuller.
Happy Monday.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.. It feels like all I've been doing recently.
Last week I recieved two bags from Glassons (over night express shipping is a god send!) I always read that but never expect to actually recieve it so quickly.
My first haul was for a pair of jeans. Glassons have one of my favourite pairs of jeans and the brand is "miss who" I should of looked into it a bit more before buying as I thought these jeans were the same but they werent! They are a different brand called G Denim.
I brought x 3 pairs.
Black, Navy and Tan - they were on sale for $20.00 each.
My 2nd haul was for a Navy Blazer which is actually black.. which works better for work, It has a tailored cut and looks great.
To continue my shopping trend on Saturday I woke the boyfriend up nice and early and dragged him down to Spotlight in South Melbourne, this place makes me so happy (how sad is that!?) They had some great sales on. We had some pressing issues at home that we really needed to update our bath towels. The boyfriend suggested we get two colours, one for him and one of me.
We wanted Egyptian Cotton towels normally $34.99 they where on sale for $13.99 each so off to the counter we went to purchase $200 dollars worth of towels. Haha why do something by halfs hey!?
The boyfriend got the Blue and I got dark Purple.
So soft and fluffy! They remind me of hotel towels.
Sunday morning before we hit the shops again I actually made an effort and decided to curl my hair.  I hadnt brought out my MUK curler for a couple of weeks so decided to give it some love, and in return it burnt my finger.. multiple times.
We went to SouthWharf DFO - I wanted to go to Freedom Furniture as I am on the hunt for the perfect bedside tables.. I know what I want but cannot seem to find them.
We soon gave up on that hunt and went clothes shopping.

 I brought nothing from Lorna Jane but picked up a new adidas hoodie from the Adidas outlet along with some new socks, as the boyfriend kept complaining I always wear his ankle socks and never return them... Which is probably true.

 I posted all of my eBay goodies off lastnight after a sucessful cull.. This almost makes me want to cull some more bits and pieces.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I love yoghurt and even tho I can't eat too much of it, I'll always make room especially for fresh yoghurt. Downstairs to where I work they recently opened The Yoghurt Club and this stuff is the bomb. You can either go in there and order a smoothie (either dairy or non dairy based) or there is the option to have fresh (almost like soft serve ice-cream) yoghurtand you have a selction of fresh fruit or if you have a sweet tooth lollies to put on top.
Mine was a total of $3.50 I think thats cheap and perfect for a 3pm snack.
We left for our easter holidays on Wednesday so Tuesday night after work I went on the hunt for a perfect sized travel bag my dreams where crushed as I went from store to store trying to find something suitable but nothing surfaced. I left and headed down to the road to MYER and stocked up on some MAC foundation and CK Euphoria perfume.

Our flight was at 10am on Wednesday - I always have a brief moment of panic thinking that the taxi wont arrive then I'll be late and we wont get the plane. Does this ever happen to you?

Does anyone else get freaked out by these hand dyers at the airport? I always feel like my rings are going to go flying off somewhere! Best invention for hygiene tho.
I posted this photo of Instagram while away, saying you know your in with your boyfriends mum when she lets you cook in her kitchen. I love cooking in D's mums kitchen its recently been renovated and this woman knows the true understanding of organisation. Draws and spaces for everything, "every day use" "special occasion cutlery" "semi special occasion cutlery" hahaha.
I made a lasanga and it got good reviews all around - Maybe I will make a good wife one day.
Speaking of food in true Greek style we had a big family get together on Saturday night featuring a lamb on the spit. Mouth watering goodness.
I tell you what - My greek family never dissapoints.
The weather turned freezing while we where there which forced me to bring out jumpers, coats and jeans..Not that I'm complaining I love that type of weather.

All in all it was so good to see all the 101 family members, although its not easter for us until May 5th it was still good to catch up, eat and celebrate and get away from the city for a week or so.
As you can tell there was way too much chocolate, olives, feta and other goodies.
Both of D's yiayia's are amazing cooks and never take no for an answer by the time we had finished eating I was felt like I was going to pop. I could of almost done my own April fools joke by posting a picture of my belly on FB and telling everyone I was pregnate I was that full.

Best part of all yesterday morning before we left to head to the airport his yiayia came over and brought my all time favourite spanakopita. If you dont know what that is its a greek dish - pastry filled with spinach (or silver beat) mixed with cheese and herbs.

It wasnt all fun and games, the first two days of our holidays the boyfriend was still recovering from his cold I think he is the most affectionate when he is sick. So lucky me caught his cold which I had actually managed to fight off before heading away on holidays.

Let me tell you flying with a cold is not fun. I'm not sure if we where flying higher than normal but about 20 minutes into our flight my ear started stinging and then the pain got more and more intense, the boyfriend suggested I start trying to "pop" my ears by holding my nose and blowing.. I kept sticking my finger in my ear but nothing would help I ended up asking the flight attendant on suggestions and she gave me a cup of ice to suck on (?) I later read on google (my virtual Dr) that you shouldnt fly any type of cold or flu! My ear is still pretty sore so I'm hoping it will sort itself out.

This is what we arrived home to.. Typical Melbourne.
I hope everyone had a great easter and cant wait to catch up on whats been blogging while i've been away on holidays.