Monday, April 8, 2013


Shopping, Shopping, Shopping.. It feels like all I've been doing recently.
Last week I recieved two bags from Glassons (over night express shipping is a god send!) I always read that but never expect to actually recieve it so quickly.
My first haul was for a pair of jeans. Glassons have one of my favourite pairs of jeans and the brand is "miss who" I should of looked into it a bit more before buying as I thought these jeans were the same but they werent! They are a different brand called G Denim.
I brought x 3 pairs.
Black, Navy and Tan - they were on sale for $20.00 each.
My 2nd haul was for a Navy Blazer which is actually black.. which works better for work, It has a tailored cut and looks great.
To continue my shopping trend on Saturday I woke the boyfriend up nice and early and dragged him down to Spotlight in South Melbourne, this place makes me so happy (how sad is that!?) They had some great sales on. We had some pressing issues at home that we really needed to update our bath towels. The boyfriend suggested we get two colours, one for him and one of me.
We wanted Egyptian Cotton towels normally $34.99 they where on sale for $13.99 each so off to the counter we went to purchase $200 dollars worth of towels. Haha why do something by halfs hey!?
The boyfriend got the Blue and I got dark Purple.
So soft and fluffy! They remind me of hotel towels.
Sunday morning before we hit the shops again I actually made an effort and decided to curl my hair.  I hadnt brought out my MUK curler for a couple of weeks so decided to give it some love, and in return it burnt my finger.. multiple times.
We went to SouthWharf DFO - I wanted to go to Freedom Furniture as I am on the hunt for the perfect bedside tables.. I know what I want but cannot seem to find them.
We soon gave up on that hunt and went clothes shopping.

 I brought nothing from Lorna Jane but picked up a new adidas hoodie from the Adidas outlet along with some new socks, as the boyfriend kept complaining I always wear his ankle socks and never return them... Which is probably true.

 I posted all of my eBay goodies off lastnight after a sucessful cull.. This almost makes me want to cull some more bits and pieces.


  1. Those jeans are nice! I wish I had a glassons close by, I used to love shopping there.

    That is a great haul from Spotlight.

    1. Why don't you try buying online? Don't miss out just bcos their is no stores near you!

  2. Miss Who Glassons jeans are the BEST. I've managed to give up my lifelong loyalty to Levi's thanks to them!

  3. I love Glassons clothes for their price point! Always try and pop in when I can.

    Congrats on the awesome ebay job!!

  4. Hello! I used to follow your blog from my old blog and just recently stumbled across you again! Of course I'm following again!Your blog looks amazing, it's really coming along and I'm loving it! Keep it up! I'm also from Melbourne and go to that Spotlight store in Sth Melb, I get the excitment! It's huge there!! So many project ideas! xx

    1. Thanks hun, I am following your new blog now x

  5. love the new layout! those towels were a great bargain, I would have done the same! x

    1. Thanks lovely! Thought it was time for a change. Hahah I think I am slowly becoming more domesticated in my older age lol!

    Spotlight Sth Melb is a great one though. It's usually empty and so big!!