Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That awkward moment when..

Has this ever happened to you? The moment when you go into Odessy Nails and sit down with a lady who you couldnt actually understand or communicate with? Last thursday night I went to get my nails done french tips! Im not too sure what she thought that I had asked for because next minute she was giving me a manicure, cutting and filing and it wasnt until she started slapping on a bright pink nail polish and saying "shellac..shellac" that I realised she was way off the mark on this one. Such an awkward moment. I grinned and just said thank you.
Walked away $35 poorer and thought to my self.. I must remove this colour before the morning.
How does one get out of those situations? I would love to know!
In other news.
Yesterday on my lunch break I went into Australia on Collins and saw this colourful display of Umberellas - I dont know the meaning behind these but seeing as it is Melbourne and we do have dodgy weather I can kinda see the hidden point.

Now that I work in Southbank I am far too lazy to venture into the city I know its over the bridge but meh which is actually a positive because I'm not tempted to go shopping during lunch times now, but then on Thursday and Friday nighs after work I feel like I've been restricted all week and go nuts. Uh I'll never learn.
Y'all know my coffee machine we brought from ALDI?
Hmm.. well we brought some MAP pods a few months back and they worked.. So we went and brought some more and I dont know what the cheeky buggers did but they now dont work in the machine!? They no longer fit. Do you think they discovered and re designed?
So now we have a two whole boxes of them.. #epicfail.
I'm taking friday off work and we are heading up to Dims parents place for the long weekend and for Fathers day on sunday and then heading back to the city on Sunday night! It'll be good to get away!
Its dims birthday and our 2 year anniversay next month I am SO stuck for ideas so please send something my way - He said that he wants to plan our 2 year but C'mon.. He cannot even make his own breakfast! (I Kid I Kid!)
Birthday suggestions would be highly appreciated!

Monday, August 20, 2012


How cold was Friday in Melbourne HUH!? Worst. It started out with me picking up some Chocolate from the Chocolate Box at the Home and Garden Expo which was held over the weekend at the Exhibition Centre (I'll post more on that later!) But they are a client of mine and I got free tickets to check it out! - Rugged up w my new Topshop jumper, trackies and moccasins we headed to the airport to pick up D's little brother who was in Melbourne for the weekend.

Short lived at the Football on Saturday I left the house in the freezing cold and wet weather with the hope that my team would eliminate Carlton (and much more!)

Unfortunately we saw ourselves leaving at 3 quarter time. There is losing and then there is losing by 100+ points. Shame Shame Shame! Upside was that we went to a Richmond bar before hand to get some lunch and Sammy Newman walked in - D's little brother went and took a photo with him - He's so (Funny!?) in real life and has this constant confused look on his face!

Mimco Purse
Us 3.. Yes and one day I will marry that man with the hand motion to his crotch!
Outfit shot - I love my new boots
Sam Newman & Vasili!

Things are finally getting back to normal after a good 2 weeks full of stress!

Friday, August 17, 2012


Thank you all so much for your comments and wishes on my previous post! It means alot!
 I was told last week at the Dr's if my results returned normal I would get a letter in the mail..
Monday came ..Nothing Tuesday came.. Nothing Wednesday came..Nothing
I was about ready to pull out my hair.. I got a call from the Medical Centre yesterday asking me to come back into see the Dr.. As you can imagine my heart was racing and I dont think I got a wink of sleep lastnight - Fronted upto the Dr's this morning with a million and one things running through my mind only to be told that everything is fine!

I feel like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

As you could imagine it has been a really quiet week for us so there isnt alot to report..aside from happy news :) but I have alot been snooping around the shops - Yep retail therapy at its worst.

TOPSHOP new jumper its dark blue w massive white polka dots

Bad photo I know but I'll post a better one soon!

Just a quick post to update you all
once again thanks SO much you guys rock x

Monday, August 13, 2012


I umm'ed and Argh'd about making this post because my blog is a mixture of lifestyle, fashion, food and pointless posts and didnt want to get too serious or change the vibe of my blog but even D agreed that I should make a post to at least make people aware and considering that most of my readers are women.. and I agreed.

First off sorry for being MIA for the past week or so - As suggested in my last post I was dealing with some things that came at me from left of field and took me offline for a good week!  I wont go into too much detail as I am still waiting for the test results to return but I just want to get real for a moment. Health in general is something that is SO important to stay ahead of but more so Womens Health - Our bodies are amazing creatures but they can also be our worst enemies.

Papsmears are something that women should get every 2 years. Sure they are uncomfortable and could even freak you out but trust me they are well worth it! Its 5 minutes of feeling anxious versus a lifetime of health issues that sometimes arent uncovered until the later part of your life.  I'll confess I hate them - and would always try to put it off but you need to get them done! Papsmears are able to detect abnormal cervicial changes which your body may or may not give symptoms too.

Until I get any of my results back I wont be jumping to any rash thoughts but I'll admit last week it really hit me and also D - Im not going to lie it was actually a really shit week. My mind wasnt at work even though I was and laying in bed at night your mind just wonders! I think its human nature for your mind to run to the worst possible senario.

To cheer me up Dim suprised me the best bunch of yellow roses Friday night after work

We had plans to escape reality on Saturday for a night away to the Macdeon Ranges and just spend some quiet time together but we changed our minds after we realised most of the accomodation was already booked out! #fail. haha yes I am the worst planner alive!

To keep my mind off things we had a pretty out and about weekend - I dragged D along to go Macaron shopping at Thomas Dux in Port Melbourne. Have you ever been there? If not I highly reccomend you do! After that he dragged me to a BMW car meet which I lasted a whole.. 5 minutes before asking if we could leave haha! I cannot remember when I took this photo of the sunrise probably one morning lat week when I couldnt sleep and woke up at some rediclious hour of the morning but what a photo!

Coffee on the balcony on sunday morning while everyone else in my household is snoozing! - Is a good enough excuse for a photo right? Yes.

I'll catch up w all your blogs today but hope everyones been well xxx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Quick post to say thanks to the 33 entrants for the MOR Marshmellow soap giveaways! I used a number generator to select the winners so it was all fair play.

Thanks for all those that entered!
I'll email all you 3 to collect postal address


Ps: Apologies for being in hiding this week - not having the best week and just dealing with some things on the sidelines.