Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That awkward moment when..

Has this ever happened to you? The moment when you go into Odessy Nails and sit down with a lady who you couldnt actually understand or communicate with? Last thursday night I went to get my nails done french tips! Im not too sure what she thought that I had asked for because next minute she was giving me a manicure, cutting and filing and it wasnt until she started slapping on a bright pink nail polish and saying "shellac..shellac" that I realised she was way off the mark on this one. Such an awkward moment. I grinned and just said thank you.
Walked away $35 poorer and thought to my self.. I must remove this colour before the morning.
How does one get out of those situations? I would love to know!
In other news.
Yesterday on my lunch break I went into Australia on Collins and saw this colourful display of Umberellas - I dont know the meaning behind these but seeing as it is Melbourne and we do have dodgy weather I can kinda see the hidden point.

Now that I work in Southbank I am far too lazy to venture into the city I know its over the bridge but meh which is actually a positive because I'm not tempted to go shopping during lunch times now, but then on Thursday and Friday nighs after work I feel like I've been restricted all week and go nuts. Uh I'll never learn.
Y'all know my coffee machine we brought from ALDI?
Hmm.. well we brought some MAP pods a few months back and they worked.. So we went and brought some more and I dont know what the cheeky buggers did but they now dont work in the machine!? They no longer fit. Do you think they discovered and re designed?
So now we have a two whole boxes of them.. #epicfail.
I'm taking friday off work and we are heading up to Dims parents place for the long weekend and for Fathers day on sunday and then heading back to the city on Sunday night! It'll be good to get away!
Its dims birthday and our 2 year anniversay next month I am SO stuck for ideas so please send something my way - He said that he wants to plan our 2 year but C'mon.. He cannot even make his own breakfast! (I Kid I Kid!)
Birthday suggestions would be highly appreciated!


  1. That happened to me once before, when I got french tips done on a regular basis. I hope I don't come across as racist but I really wish they had english speaking nail salons (same price/convenience as the Asian ones), it gets kind of boring sitting there not understanding anything while they're having convos.

    I love those umbrellas, they look really pretty, they should put it in the CBD to avoid the hair frizz when walking to the shops haha

    1. I totally agree hahah I always get paranoid thinking that they are talking about me!! I usally just take a magazine and read it while they do my nails.

  2. The confused nail thing has happened to me before and as soon as I realise I just stop them and tell them it's not what I want and keep trying to explain, until they get someone who can understand. I hate bad customer service regardless of where it is though, so I'll make sure I get what I wanted :P

  3. Yes ! The nail thing has happened to me too, i corrected them but they weren't too happy about it & things got even more awkward after that

    How annoying about the pod's, they must have caught on ? I would love to get the Aldi coffee machine when it's available again, sounds pretty good :)

  4. Oooohhh thats a sucky situation. I do the same as Sarah. Ill stop them and say no, i actually want this...

    I have no great great gift ideas in mind at the moment sorry. How sweet, your anniversary is soon =D =D

  5. I always feel awkward in those nail places... i feel like i speak slow and patronizing to them only because i'm scared i'll walk out in the situation you had.

    Anniversary gifts... this is so not my specialty haha I'm sure you will find something fantastic.

    Meanwhile that is so dodgy about the pods!shattered!

  6. I dont know the point of the umbrellas but i think they look awesome.

    Since Melbourne is full of black business suits and black umbrellas it definitely does brighten the day :-)

  7. long weekend?? is it just you thats got friday off or do we all?? haha

    LOL at the shellac situation... thats why i never go to the asian places to get my nails done!! i used to get gel nails (just like acrylics but baked under UV light) and one time i was in queensland and just needed to get my nails done and i said "gel" to them and theyre like "yes we can do gel top coat" and im like "no, gel, like when you put it under the uv light" they didnt get it... so i just said acrylic and they seemed to understand that instead. lol

    i also let loose with shopping on the weekend... feel like ive been restricted all week! haha

  8. Eek, that sucks about the nails!

    And the pods, nooo! I was going to get the Aldi pod machine, and wanted to use Map pods in them. What's happened?! Boooo.

  9. I tell them NO SHELLAC French manicure YOU KNOW? French?

    I have heard that some MAP pods fit but some do not.