Thursday, February 28, 2013


On Tuesday the boyfriend surprised me with tickets to Gold Class for last night. I didn't say no!
I work opposite crown and the movie was booked for 7.15 so I just walked across to Crown after work and met up with the boyfriend.

We decided to go and see The Silver Lining - Staring Bradley Cooper.. I think any guy that takes his girlfriend to see him is a very secure man hahaha only kidding.

The movie was very different to what I was expecting but I still absolutely loved it, surprisingly even the boyfriend did too.. I wont spoil too much in case anyone hasn't seen it but Brad's character in this movie is hilarious and straight down the line. Robert DeNiro plays a different role compared to his other movies but still hilarious! I recommend that you go and see it.
I love gold class - it allows me to be lazy in a classy setting. What more could I ask for?
When it comes to the menu at Gold Class I sometimes wish they would change it up abit because I never know what to order we spent about 10 minutes deciding if we wanted to get the white chocolate cheesecake.
I have a serious weakness for the coffee's at Gold Class I don't know what type of coffee they use but I must get one each time, in fact I ordered one when I arrived and during the movie.
Opps. (This is reason why I didn't get to sleep until 2am. Bad move!)
Due to the crazy Melbourne weather lately I had no idea what to wear last night and to make my decision harder I had to make the decision yesterday morning and take my clothes with me to work. I ended up wearing my trusty leathers.

 Getting comfy.

Big screen yes please.
Have you seen this movie yet? If not.. Please do!


Tuesday, February 26, 2013


If I haven't mentioned this before, I'll mention it now.. I hate rain.
This was the message I sent to our receptionist this morning to let her know I would be late. Turns out I was 1.5hours late. I live 10 minutes from work! Crazy Melbourne weather and traffic I swear people lose it whenever the rain starts to fall.
So instead of hitting my pile of work I am sitting here with more curls in my hair (thank you mother nature) with my trusting T2 Peppermint cup posting this!.
In more happy news because we all love food, On Friday we went to Merrywell at Crown for lunch, this definitely wasn't what I was excepting I had heard good things about this place.
Its really hard to graciously eat a burger that's almost the size of your head hahaha in saying that the food was delicious. I ordered the merrywell burger my favourite part was the fries they where so crunchy and full of goodness. Drooling just thinking about it.
If you haven't been yet then make sure you do.

My Saturday night was spent putting on some extra kgs with my favourite Ben and Jerrys Ice-cream while watching equally as bad movies.. I needed a quiet weekend so I wasn't complaining.

Sunday afternoon we ventured out to catch some sun which resulted in getting coffee and juice and then right next door to the coffee shop is Flight Centre, I could feel the boyfriends eyes enlarge as he was thinking of excuses to get me away from the window. hahahah poor kid.

How cheap are these prices!?
 The other day during my lunch break I headed over to crown and had a little look around at what Witchery had in stock. Witchery for me is such a hit and miss some days I can walk in and want everything other days nothing stands out at me.

I did however love this pink maxi dress $149.00 It's still in the back of my mind but I decided against it after I tried it on and umm'd and arrgh'd and probably drove the sales assistant cray cray.

Autumn is right around the corner which exists me beyond belief. I love Autumn not only is it my birthday but I love the fashion and layers that come around for Autumn. Have you seen anything good in stores yet?


Monday, February 18, 2013


In the midst of my online shopping frenzy which I think is slowly coming to an end. Last week my makeup organiser arrived. I brought (x2) this baby online from a ebay store in China. If I am right in saying its a knock off version of the Makeup Box AU but the quality is just as good if not the same. I paid $29.00 and didnt bother to pay for express shipping and it arrived 2 weeks later.
If you live in a apartment like me and share it with your boyfriend you'll appreciate and get excited over storage items that make spaces look bigger than what they appear ha!
It has two medium sized draws at the bottom and a seperate compartment at the top I ended up putting my foundation and perfume in the larger section at the top and then my lipsticks an brushes in the other smaller squares. It took the boyfriend a couple of hours to realise and then he goes "Oh wow you organised your stuff.. that looks good" Hmm.
I love keeping an eye out for new pieces from Australian Designers this one if from Nookie Its a dress/top. I wore it as a dress on saturday. Best part was I picked it up while it was on sale I got over $100 off the orginal price.
So the boyfriend sold his car over the weekend. Ya'll know how much he loves this thing. He needed to move it on before it got too many Km's and also before he lost too much money on it. We met the new buyer in the city on Saturday morning and had arranged to meet at 10.30am but they didnt arrive until almost 12pm - Slightly rude.
So we parked the car on Lonsdale St and D has his final moments.
I will miss this car also, it so beautiful to drive and so much power!
To kill time went and had some breakfast in the lane way outside QV.
Because of the hot weather on Saturday morning I decided against hot coffee and optd for cold.
Wondering around the city on a saturday morning made me realise there are so many little cafes an alley ways that I've always just walked past and never thought about.
What are some hidden gems that you know about in the city thats good for breakfast?
Happy Monday.

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Valentines Day you either love it or you hate it. I love it! Even when I wasn't in a relationship its just feels like such a loved up day.

The boyfriend generally sends me flowers each year but this year for some reason I didn't know if he would or not. I had such a busy day at work on Thursday so I didn't really have time think about it, it wasn't until 5pm when all of us girls at work where standing around talking about our nights plans that we realised none of us had flowers sent to us from our partners hahaha.

I get this text from the boyfriend just after 5 asking if I had recieved any flowers today my response to him was "Nooo.. because you didnt send me any!" Just as I pressed send on the message our receptionist came into the office with a bunch of red roses!

I had to quickly message D back so he didnt call the flower company!
I really feel sorry for couriers/florist delivery people on Valentines day they are still running around cray cray at 5.30 trying to get all these deliveries done before home time.

Red Roses .. So Simple and So Perfect!

We had dinner plans at Cafe Saigon in Albert Park
Sadly I didn't take any photos as I was too busy being a good girlfriend and paying attention to the boyfriend during dinner, but I will say that is probably the best tasting Asian/Vietnamese that I have had in such a long time!

We ended the night by going for a walk along the beach it was a perfect end to the day I even got to see  a proposal which was so freaking cute an yes she said yes!

 While we are on the topic of loved up things last night around 10pm we decided to go and get a Slurpee (I was so excited to see 1% sugar) ha but I dont believe this it still tastes like the same amount of sugar and headed down to the beach again for a late night stroll.

The boyfriend looks sunburnt here not sure why ha!

Such a beautiful summers night!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hooray! Finally my OzSale haul from REVLON came to work yesterday!
It took about 3.5weeks which for me is pretty standard whenever I do order anything from OzSale I hate the wait but it makes it worth wild when the goods arrive.

I ordered 4 x Lipsticks
1 Lipstick
2 NailPolishs
1 Eye Primer

The first is a 900 Revlon lipstick which is a pale pink.. It looks different in the photo because I instagram'd the photos! BUT its very pale pink (but not in that I'm wearing foundation look on my lips!).. No offence. This one will be perfect for work.

 003 "Mauve it over" I love this one and wore it to work today. It may just become my new favourite

and finally my next favourite.
Every girl needs a good red/deep pink lipstick (Aside from MAC)

I think I have found mine.
I also got a foundation which is actually not the one I ordered. This one is for a skin tone 2 x's lighter than mine so I'll be most likely putting that one in the bin. I dont think you can return products to Oz sale if you where sent the wrong thing? Actually I dont think I could be bothered with the hassle!

I also picked up two shades of nailpolish to add to the good old collection.
I didn't realize it when ordering but the silver one is actually scented like coconuts! Once it becomes scented. haha I loved this!

Ps: Overlook my nail polish its all cracked and scratched- it was the end of my week wearing that colour! hahaha

Valentines Day post coming tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a fantastic day

Monday, February 11, 2013


So instead of our pre-planned ideas of going to Indian for dinner on Saturday night changed only an hour before we where meant to leave. Poor D has had indian a few more times than I and last time he did he got voilently sick so I think those memories came back to him and he changed his mind. hahah poor thing.
So off we went to Orlando Thai on Bay Street Port Melbourne - Cant complain it was in walking distance!
The restaurant was gorgeous and I loved the decoration.
Especially the cutlery
I wanted to take this fork home hahah.. Dont worry I didnt.
I know I'm abit late but I have decided to jump on the 50 shades of grey bandwagon and ordered the books a week or two ago I ordered the set from the Book Depoistory and on Friday it arrived at work - I have recieved so many parcels at work lately its not funny! I think my receptionist thinks I have some type of online shopping addication.

Its pretty full on ha! What are your thoughts on the book? Im keen to find out.
Speaking about online shopping - I checked again on OzSale to find out where my most resent hauls have gotten to and the status has now moved to "Delievery Requested" So that means its going to be on its way soon. Thankfully then I can update you all on what I brought.
Speaking of Money - I have been trying to save some cash by bringing my own lunch to work.. So I am loving these Suimin Noodles - They arent as nasty as they look.
Whats your bring from home lunch favourite?
One thing I hate it when you buy nail polish and you have to apply 50 layers to achieve the colour that you believe it (is) will be. 
I have to admit I dont have alot of the Sally Hansen Nail Polishes so I didnt really know what to expect but this was so watery and not a solid colour infact its almost clear with a tinge of metallic and I've already put on 4 coats.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday I went back to the dentist as my results had been sent back. They came back so much quicker than excepted; Last visit I was told 2 weeks but they came within 1. This is where you are able to watch your results change week by week, month by month until the end result. My main problem is that I have overcrowding and a small mouth - this isnt noticeable when I talk because I dont have a wide mouth but its there! As you can see from the photos below.

These are my teeth now. See lots of crowding

These will be my teeth 10 months into treatment. (I took the photo lop sided so please forgive!)
Overalll there is a huge difference - I was really amazed at the results.
I just need to pay my despoit and then my alligners come in about 2-3 weeks.
While I am excited to get started I'm also really nervous? This is a huge thing.
My treatment overall should take 12 months - 10 months to move and then around 2 months to make any other adjustments or minor changes. I have complete trust in my orthodontist and feel really positive.
What do you guys think?
In other news. I had to start work at 7am the other day and while I was feeling sorry for myself I snapped this baby - I love my view.
I've also noticed that everyone is alot more friendly at that time of the morning I was on the bus at 6.30am and its all the other old grandmas and grandpas on the bus who want to smile and chat (well in my area it is anyway!) compared to the normal 7.45am hussle of school kids and people pushing to line up and get onto the bus first hahaha.
I have finally convinced the boyfriend that we are going to Bedi's Resturant on Saturday night for Indian -  I have been hanging out for this for ages now! I'll report back.
Valentines day is just around the corner - Some people hate this day and others love it. Personally I love it but I'm not 100% into it - Damn straight I love flowers and all things pretty but I do think there is alot of hype commercially around this day.
My question for you girls out there - Do you buy your partners anything for Vday?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Sunday morning I went into the City with a friend as I  wanted to find some extra goodies to wear to work during the week - I work in a pretty corporate enviroment so I like to mix it up when I can. We headed to  MYER and DJ's to see what they had to offer. I was so dissapointed at with what CUE and Saba had to offer this season / in general.

So when all else failed we went looking in areas we shouldnt. Bec & Bridge you are devine.
I will admit I am loving the colours that are around at the moment.
I have decided to change back to the MAC cosmetics (foundation) to switch things up abit. I was using Revlon which was great but I noticed after a while it just wasnt cutting it for me. I wanted longer coverage and just felt I wasnt getting it with Revlon. I love the feel of MAC on my skin and it gives me great coverage and at about 3pm when I head into the bathroom its still on my face. #Winning
We went to the Cupcake Bakery on our way home and I wasnt going to buy anything but ended up caving in and buying two - One was for the boyf who later told me he didnt want any so I was left with no option but to eat both.. First world problems right there.
I said to my friend I would love a huge arrangement of Cupcakes for my wedding cake - We both agreed when I informed the boyfriend on this he said No, we must have a cake.
I have been watching MKR and lastnight watching the two Indian girls I have been craving to try Indian food I havent had it too many times but I know that if Indian food is cooked right it can taste amazing. So we've decided to make this Saturday Night date and try out local Indian Restuarant - But I would love to hear any recommendations that you guys might have!?

Friday, February 1, 2013


Today (Friday) we went to Tutto Bene for Lunch in Southbank as a group.

I had never been before but I was sitting at my desk drooling over their menu which I found online.
The atmosphere was great and it wasnt too busy when we arrived. We had a table out on the balcony sitting in the sun with a gorgeous view looking over the yarra and the city.
I loved the feel of the place, true italian style and the waiter was a beautiful old italian man! You could just feel the love. Speaking about feeling all I could feel was my stomach eating itself I was so hungry by this point.
First they served us Bread and Oil - My pet hate is when places dont serve vinger. I cannot eat just oil.. One of my colleauges put some salt and pepper in the oil to mix it up abit.
I had such a hard time ordering as I wanted everything on the menu - Not kidding.
I ended up ordering the Italian and fennel sausage risotto with tomato and basil. Not one word of a lie it was amazing. The meat just melted in my mouth and the rice was perfect.
Sadly thou - Look what I found in my risotto?
 A nice chunk of plastic/glass - Im not sure what it was as I couldnt bend it?
Not impressed at all. It was such a downer especially since we had a fantastic meal!
The Waiter was very apologetic and gave me a free chocolate.. I understand it wasnt the waiters fault as it came from the kitchen but it was a huge letdown!

Despite, I would love to recommend this place just based on the food and service.