Friday, February 1, 2013


Today (Friday) we went to Tutto Bene for Lunch in Southbank as a group.

I had never been before but I was sitting at my desk drooling over their menu which I found online.
The atmosphere was great and it wasnt too busy when we arrived. We had a table out on the balcony sitting in the sun with a gorgeous view looking over the yarra and the city.
I loved the feel of the place, true italian style and the waiter was a beautiful old italian man! You could just feel the love. Speaking about feeling all I could feel was my stomach eating itself I was so hungry by this point.
First they served us Bread and Oil - My pet hate is when places dont serve vinger. I cannot eat just oil.. One of my colleauges put some salt and pepper in the oil to mix it up abit.
I had such a hard time ordering as I wanted everything on the menu - Not kidding.
I ended up ordering the Italian and fennel sausage risotto with tomato and basil. Not one word of a lie it was amazing. The meat just melted in my mouth and the rice was perfect.
Sadly thou - Look what I found in my risotto?
 A nice chunk of plastic/glass - Im not sure what it was as I couldnt bend it?
Not impressed at all. It was such a downer especially since we had a fantastic meal!
The Waiter was very apologetic and gave me a free chocolate.. I understand it wasnt the waiters fault as it came from the kitchen but it was a huge letdown!

Despite, I would love to recommend this place just based on the food and service.



  1. That place sounds lovely, except for the creepy thing you found in your food... lucky you didn't bite it!

  2. Wow that is lucky you didn't swallow that.

    I like risotto but it always looks really disgusting on the plate - a sludgey mess. Is that just me?

  3. Oh no, that sounded mouthwatering until the last part! So cool to see you enjoying melbs :)

    P.S thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day *hugs* xx

  4. Yum, but i'm sorry I think foreign object in my food = FREE MEAL! Don't you think?

  5. Luckily you didn't eat that thing!