Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The boyfriend has been struck down with the evil Man flu which yesterday I thought had latched itself onto me. So yesterday when I woke up with sore eyes, slightly sore throat and a thumping headache I ran down to the IGA as soon as I got to work and jumped onto fighting those nasties.

But the good news today I feel fine.. Thankgod! #winningimmunesystem
Same thing happened last week when a colleauge came to work sick the next day I started to get a running nose and feel slightly sick. I think if you're sick - Stay home.
As I was leaving work early yesterday I started a little earlier which I thought wasnt such a great idea at 6am when my alarm clock was blazing but never the less there was a plus side to starting work early I got to snap this photo of the hot airballoons coming across.
Who else saw these half car half bed things in southbank yesterday?
I picked up my car yesterday after work.
Its so cute and perfect.
Easiest little beast to drive
and zippy!
I'm so proud here that I managed to park, wait make that reverse park hahaha I am the worst parker in the world so I was impressed with my efforts.
I'm so happy with my purchase so if you're thinking of buying a car.. Get a swift!
We are heading away on holidays tomorrow for Easter, I havent packed, I havent even washed anything to take with me and tonight I wont be home until late so I can already forcast a disaster happening tomorrow morning. Who knows we might even miss our flight.. haha!
I need to go and buy a new travel bag tonight after work as D forgot to buy checked in luggage for our flight and only brought a ticket with on board. I generally dont travel that lightly therefore I dont think I have any bags small enough so I'll be hitting up MYER after work.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


On Friday I had to head into the city for a client meeting and afterwards I had a message from my boss asking if I could pick him up a bunch of flowers for his EA as it was her last day. I thought this would be easy, I'm a girl, I love flowers. Simple so I replied back with a yes!
I was soon regretting this decision.

My meeting was in Queen Street and I found this florist around the corner thanks to my trusty iPhone in Bourke street, as soon as I walked in I knew I was in way over my head, the florist wasn't English speaking (or very well) I told her I needed some really girly flowers I soon spotted these pink ones for $70.00 she then took them to to the corner and charged me $120.00. Go Figure? I knew that  questioning her was pointless. The amount of looks I got treading through the city with  my portfolio, huge box of flowers and high heels heading back to the office in Southbank - Priceless.

On the plus side, when I got back to the office this little bunny was sitting on my keyboard. The Easter bunny came early.  I wont deny the fact that he was demolished straight away.

I recently listed bits and pieces on eBay and I was actually surprised at how popular my GHD was. Best part of all the winner paid instantly. Don't you love that?

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know around this time last year I was going to buy an Audi A1.. I'm not sure if I blogged about this but I decided against it. I couldn't justify dropping $30,000 and decided not to buy it. I have been looking around at what small, zippy, city girl cars that I like I was looking at the i20 as its great value brand new drive away at $15,990 but on Monday night I saw a Suzuki Swift for sale and before I knew it I had brought it!

It's silver and all things nice, I think they are so cute, zippy and I fell in love.
The Boyfriend joked that the boot wasn't big enough for all of my shopping bags ha! but never fear it has a big back seat for all of those extra bags. I put it up tomorrow (Monday) after work I'm excited.

Its a short week for me this week as we are heading away for Easter early as we managed to get cheap flights to the boyfriends parents place. We leave on Wednesday.
I need to pack and we all know how much I suck at that.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I love bargain hunting but I hate buying junk. I was lucky enough to come across this baby on ebay (let me know if you want the seller as I'm happy to link it!)
I showed the boyfriend lastnight and his first response was "Oh" .. Followed by "OH... Thats nice" and then followed with "Its abit..what are all those circles for?" This is nothing different from the boyfriend most of the things I buy or wear he thinks are weird hahaha.
I'm suprised he still wants to be seen with me in public.
I'm happy with the quality too!
My bank recently presented me with a Credit Card they said it would help to get me started with my credit history (Load of BS but a good selling technique on their behalf hahaha) So I agreed and it arrived in the mail lastnight. Personally, I dont see the point in them?!
Do you have a CC? Any tips for me!?
Speaking of all things good - two beauty products that I've been loving recently are these two 1) Clinque makeup remover - I use this each night before going to bed there is nothing I hate more than putting on an oily and greasy makeup remover onto my face it feels gross! I love this one purely because it feels so clean, fresh and light and nothing is left on my face.
Another one is this Rapid Action Pimple Cream.. Thankfully I actually have Ok skin (If you'd ask my 16 year old self, now thats a different story hahaha) But I seemed to grow out of Acne. The boyfriend had this nasty one on his check which he was really concious about so I thought I'd check out what the health & beauty isle in Coles had to offer and came across this its $13.95 but I was actually surpised how well it worked! By the morning his pimple had dramatically reduced. So I think i'll be keeping this one of stand by.
What good beauty finds have you recently come across?

Saturday, March 16, 2013


Everyone loves cake. Especially Ice-cream cake - on thursday one of the boys at work had his 30th and the only way to celebrate is with cake.

My boss also gave me a coffee card with free coffee or a whole week. I've actually gone off coffee at the moment - Who'd have thought?! I've been drinking green tea in the mornings instead and have started feeling so much more awake! So thanks for the advice a little while back.. I'm now working on my breakfast issues haha.

This is what happens when you burn yourself with the hair straightener.
Worlds most unco right here.

As apart of the food and wine festival they put together a urban coffee farm in south bank, if you're from Melbourne you've probably seen/been here but its right beneath our work.. Since I've gone off the coffee I haven't tried their coffee but after 5 it turns into a bar and Friday night after work my work buddies and I went to check it out.

Featuring Burbon Espresso Martini.
The weather was ah amazing yesterday but in true style today was wet, cold and miserable.
The boyfriend was working over time today so I got my domestic goddess out and cleaned, cooked and dragged out all of my winter clothes to give them a good wash.

I'm not complaining Autumn is my favorite season (Birthday time!) but I wasn't ready as this weather came out of no where after our 9 day heat wave! Which made me want to go shopping but I listened to that little conscious of mine that was yelling out save save save! Didn't stop me jumping online to see what I was missing out on.

I made a facebook page so I can interact with you guys more.. So I would love it if you could like/follow..Happy Days.

Monday, March 11, 2013


I love long weekends.
Saturday morning I went to get my hair done around lunch time, my re-growth was going nutters. I want to do something different for winter but I have no idea what!? I was thinking about doing the chop but the thought left my mind as quickly as it entered ha!

Do you change your hair in winter? If so shout out with some inspiration. My favorite part about visiting the hairdresser is catching up on all the trashy celeb goss! I do laugh at some of the stories that do get printed. If ever I was famous I would  run down the paparazzi with my car.

I have to admit, I'm really getting over this Melbourne heatwave.
The Boyfriend went to Fitx on Saturday and after my hair appointment I hit up some shops to see what else I could empty my bank account on. Luckily there was nothing that caught my attention but to ease the pain of the heat I did spend $10 at Orange Leaf.

I wish I had more exciting things to report for the long weekend but I used it to my advantage to eat food, stay in the air conditioning, clean up our apartment and watch movies.
Oh I also got around to making some room in my cupboard for upcoming Autumn pieces so I have decided to put a few items up for sale on e-Bay - ugh wish me luck.

We did head out to Bay Street yesterday for lunch and this Revlon shade was featured.

As I mentioned.. Spent most of my weekend in front of the TV under the air con.

The best part about long weekends - Waking up at 10am.

Happy Monday.

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I'm writing this post on The Boyfriends new laptop. One bonus of having a boyfriend who works in IT he can always fix my computer, repair my iPhone and bring me home the latest gadgets to play with... Cannot complain.

This little gem is so light and thin.. I'm sad that he has to take it back to work!

I go through phases with Juice - Im the type of person that thinks drinking Juice is "breakfast" yes yes I know my receptionist at work tells me off about this each morning. But lately I have been digging the Charlies juice - So much goodness in one bottle.

Which brings me onto my next issue.. Breakfast
Lets face it.. by the time I wake up, shower, get my clothes ready, do my hair/makeup its literally time for me to run out the door and to be honest I really cannot face food (besides coffee!) much before 11am so I dont even crave it, but the odd mornings I do force myself to eat I feel much better and don't start picking at food pre-lunch.

This was my attempt at breakfast last week - We have an IGA about 500 meters from our building so I always head down there for my snacks/bits and pieces. 
What do you have for breakfast!? I need ideas of fast, quick but healthy options!?

Getting my flower on.

Tomorrows Friday - Happy days and for my fellow Melbournians - Happy long weekend.

Monday, March 4, 2013


On saturday we went to the Airshow.  The Boyfriends uncle and little brother both came along. I had never been before and it's one of those events in which we said Oh yeah we will go and never do! So this year as soon as The Boyfriend heard about it he jumped on the tickets.

My camera is currently out of action at the moment so the boyfriend got me this new toy for the weekend. I didnt really know what to expect nor what to wear I knew we would be walking around so knew flats would be in order I ended up wearing jeans and a white tee with the scarf above.

On our way.
 we arrived and there was people scattered everywhere, planes everywhere, tents across each section and all different planes/helicopters/jets flying high and low! It was pretty full on and noisy! They offered us ear plugs but I didnt bother.. whats the point? Its like going to a concert and putting in headphones haha!

 My two favouite things hahaha.
I always get so excited when I come across Fairy Floss.


Sadly, I didnt realise how strong the sun was.. We put on some sunscreen at the beginning of the day but as the day went on time flew past and it wasnt until around 3pm that I looked down and told the boyfriend my arms where hurting.. little we realise how badly I was burnt!

You cant see too much of the damage here.
We ended up leaving around 4.30pm - It was such a fun day, met so many US soliders (these guys are cray!) got some great photos and saw some huge crazy fighter jets. I def recommend going.

We had plans to meet up with some family friends for dinner so about 8pm we headed to Docklands.
to New Quay - Its an international buffet all you can eat.

Dont get me wrong it was beautiful both inside and out we had a table right beside the water. I wasnt too impressed with the price $65.00 per head! I know it's all you can eat but we had to be out of there within 2 hours so how much can you eat in that time!? The food was nice, but not nice enough to spend $65.00.


On the plus side they did have my favourite Moscato and dessert.

I'll leave you with a picture of my classy sunburnt arm.. I think I should take a mental health holiday to go and fix my tan, lay on a beach for 5 days and chillax.

Aloe Vera is my bestfriend.