Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I love bargain hunting but I hate buying junk. I was lucky enough to come across this baby on ebay (let me know if you want the seller as I'm happy to link it!)
I showed the boyfriend lastnight and his first response was "Oh" .. Followed by "OH... Thats nice" and then followed with "Its abit..what are all those circles for?" This is nothing different from the boyfriend most of the things I buy or wear he thinks are weird hahaha.
I'm suprised he still wants to be seen with me in public.
I'm happy with the quality too!
My bank recently presented me with a Credit Card they said it would help to get me started with my credit history (Load of BS but a good selling technique on their behalf hahaha) So I agreed and it arrived in the mail lastnight. Personally, I dont see the point in them?!
Do you have a CC? Any tips for me!?
Speaking of all things good - two beauty products that I've been loving recently are these two 1) Clinque makeup remover - I use this each night before going to bed there is nothing I hate more than putting on an oily and greasy makeup remover onto my face it feels gross! I love this one purely because it feels so clean, fresh and light and nothing is left on my face.
Another one is this Rapid Action Pimple Cream.. Thankfully I actually have Ok skin (If you'd ask my 16 year old self, now thats a different story hahaha) But I seemed to grow out of Acne. The boyfriend had this nasty one on his check which he was really concious about so I thought I'd check out what the health & beauty isle in Coles had to offer and came across this its $13.95 but I was actually surpised how well it worked! By the morning his pimple had dramatically reduced. So I think i'll be keeping this one of stand by.
What good beauty finds have you recently come across?


  1. 'what are all those circles for?'

    boys. they make me laugh so hard! umm, because it's a necklace that's made of circles, that's why it has them!

    only spend what you can afford to pay off at the end of each month on your credit card. it's very easy for it to spiral out of control...


    1. Boys will be boys haha!
      I have a card with 55 days interest free which I think is plently of time to pay back anything that I use in that time!

  2. I have a few credit cards. One I have because it doesn't charge currency conversion fees which comes in handy for me since I purchase from overseas all the time. Then the other credit card I use because my bank account offsets my mortgage so I want to keep money in there for as long as possible. Using a credit card means I have about a month after making the purchase to actually pay it off. Having that extra dosh in my account for a month makes a huge difference in offsetting a mortgage.

    Having said all that, I never EVER go into debt with my credit card and make sure I pay it off every month.

  3. I pay for almost everything with my credit card, because I earn Qantas frequent flyer points. I pay the full balance every month and have not once paid any interest. If you make sure you do that, you'll be fine!

  4. Hi Hols!

    haha at D's comment!! I think it's a lovely necklace :)

    I don't own any credit cards because I don't trust myself. LOL I know if I get 1 I would most probably get 5.. Although all my friends have frequent flyer points linked with their cards and always have enough points to go on holidays which I think is pretty awesome!!!

    It's not a find as everyone is aware of it, but I use Bio Oil on my face (not much) just around the eyes etc and everytime I wear it people always comment how I look "fresh".

    I need to get better of washing the make up off. I am so bad sometimes.

    Yes you do have great skin!

    - KK

  5. i kinda consider credit cards as a personal lay by type thing. like if i want something (like a new GHD) thats $300 and i cant justify spending it out of my every day account, i'll put it on the CC and then i can pay it back gradually over the 55 interest free days. so a whole chunk of $$ doesnt come out of my account at once. smart, huh?! haha

  6. What are those circles for? HAHAHAHAHHAHA

    I swear by Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, I get about one break out every few months now, so I will probably never stop using that.

  7. Hahaha honestly, boys!

    With a credit card, just make sure you pay it off by the due date. The late fees and finance charges and interest that you get slugged with make it soooo not worth it if you don't! Happy shopping :)

  8. I have the same necklace (or similar), got mine a while back from H&M, I love it. But my boyfriend is similar to yours, he doesn't get it, haha.

    I don't have a credit card, I can't actually have one because I live abroad in South Korea. But I don't think I'd want one anyway, too dangerous for a shopaholic like me :)

    Amelia xxx

    PS: Stop by my blog and enter the BEAUTY GOODIE BOX GIVEAWAY to win lots of fun, cute Korean beauty products - Ducklingtoswan.com! :) xxx

  9. Make sure you know that the 55 days interest free, is UP TO 55 days. It depends on what day in your statement you are. If you every have any issues call the bank right away - speaking from experience they'd prefer to help than see you struggle if you're not sure of anything xx

    1. Thanks ill def double check that one! The CBA are really good to deal with so I have any issues I'd feel comfortable contacting them :)

  10. hahaha D cracks me up!

    only tip re: CC is to pay it off every month, or only spend on it what you can afford to pay off that month. it's so so easy for it to get out of control, I learned the hard way! x

    1. He is good for a laugh! :p
      Great tip thanks chicken!

  11. Haha boys are funny when it comes to fashion!!

    Re: the credit card, I usually make all my purchases on it to get points, and then pay it off straight away.

  12. Hahaha Boys!!!!
    I learned the hard way that I can't be trusted with a credit card so I don't use them anymore xxx

  13. Haha re the necklace. I likey by the way.

    I pay EVERYTHING on my credit card but pay it off monthly. I have had lots of free flights by doing this = qantas frequent flyer points

  14. The necklace is really nice. S also doesn't understand necklaces and thinks they look all the same.

    I agree with everyone else, make sure you only put on there what you can pay off each month or before the 55 days is up.

  15. LOVE the necklace!


  16. I love statement necklaces!


  17. Only advice I have about the CC is, cut it up!

  18. That is a pretty necklace and a good find! My boyfriend calls the circles/ornaments on my necklace "fruit" haha malees just don't understand!


  19. Hey girl thanks for commenting on my blog, love your layout. It's adorbs! And LOVE LOVE that necklace. I love statement pieces, who doesn't?

    Your new follower, Kristine. :)

  20. i have a CC so we earn QF FF points.
    I pay EVERYTHING on the CC but as soon as i get home or the next day i transfer the $ over. DONT LET DEBT ACCUMULATE.

    If you dont intend on using it you should of go tone with no fees
    (like the Virgin CC - i think they're still fee free)

  21. Congrats on your first credit card! I got my first one last year, so my tips are: Set a low but reasonable limit. I keep mine at $500 because I usually have at least that in my chequing account. Pay it off every month (I pretty much pay it off as soon as I put anything on it) and don't buy things with it if you don't have the money in your account for it. I mostly use mine for online purchases or the stupid times I leave my bank card/cash at home!

  22. I'm currently working part time in a collections department at the moment calling people up when they haven't paid their credit cards so try to keep up with your minimum monthly payments at least! The interest can be a killer. Good luck with it haha make sure it's under control :)
    And I like the necklace!!

    1. Ooh I used to do recruitment for a call centre that did all of that type of work.. Thanks for the tip I'll def do that! x

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