Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Friday last week was our 3 year anniversary. Boy does time go quick!
In true style the boyfriend didn't disappoint, I came back to my desk at 3 pm and found a big bunch of roses with a sweet note and a box of chocolates attached.

On Saturday the boyfriend and I escaped to Lorne for the weekend.  I was told the weather was going to be wet and miserable, I had my fingers crossed it wasn't. Luckily, the weather was amazing.
We picked up coffee and we were ready to go! I also got a haircut on Thursday.. I hate cutting my hair however it really needed a good chop! It feels so much nicer. Gah. Unnecessary evil haha

The weather was perfect.
I love the Great Ocean Road there is so many photogenic moments - the boyfriend hated it ha!
However he grinned and bared it.
I had to take a photo of this sign, it actually says "No sex, head jobs only!" LOL. mature I know.
We stopped a few times to get some snaps, but I wont over load you don't worry.

We drove into Lorne and decided to check into our apartment, unpack before we went driving along the great ocean road some more.
We stayed at the Cumberland Resort Hotel. I was a little worried as I had heard mixed reviews online about the place, however I had nothing to worry about this place was gorgeous! I couldn't fault it.
We stayed in a Ocean View Executive Room. Its on the main road in Lorne and faces the Ocean.

The management left us complimentary Champagne and Chocolates with a message in our room. Which was so nice of them! The top right photo is the view from our balcony. Stunning!
We had some lunch, went for a walk and then we then continued along the great ocean road.

More snaps.
I have discovered ZERO red bull. - So good!

The boyfriend got the the new iPhone5 S before we went so most of the photos are on his phone, because believe it or not the camera on the 5S is ah-amazing. It also a new function called slow mo, so when you take a video and it slows it down, it was hilarious some of the videos we took! Sadly I cant work out how to upload them on here!? 

When we got back we got some ice-cream and went for a walk along the beach.
Hokey Pokey  - Best childhood memories eating this from the tub!

Beach - So pretty!

By the time we got back to the hotel it was after 6pm and we were pretty tired from all the driving, sight seeing and yadda yadda yadda. We grabbed some take away from a place called ChopStix this was probably the best Asian food I had ever eaten, so good in fact that I didn't get any photo.. Suprised?

The boyfriend had to watch the footy, considering it was the game that decided who would go into the grand finals - We had a spa in our room so at half time we pulled up the blind between the bathroom and lounge room where the TV was and wallah the boyfriend was all set.

We had a little bit of a issue, well it was my issue really - The boyfriend suggested I go and start filling up the spa as it would take a little while, we had bubble bath and I'm not really a expert and don't bother reading labels so I put in half a bottle. Lets just say we had to empty the spa more than once to get rid of a room full of bubbles. HA! Next time I wont be in charge of putting the bubble bath in that's for sure!
Once we finally got sorted, Champagne, chocolates, TV and the boyfriend. Perfect

On insta we had alot of recommendations to go to The Bottle of Milk for breakfast the next morning. We went and had a look at the menu, but you know what nothing grabbed our attention! So instead we went next door and I over dosed on Avocado, eggs and bacon with a fresh juice.

I'll leave you with some mixed snaps from our weekend.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Yesterday was the boyfriends birthday and the old man turned 26. 
I told him I would take a photo of him today and then again next year on his birthday and see how much older he looked, he wasn't too keen on this idea, but I snapped it anyway.

He had a work dinner on last night so we didn't make dinner plans, instead we caught up for lunch.
We went to Left bank in Southbank.

The boyfriend ordered Corn Fed Roast Chicken $33
I had the Steak with Cherry Salad $22

 I like left bank they have good food and its relatively priced.
However, if I tell you I don't want blood coming from my steak, I mean it! Gah.
But the boyfriend loved his which was good, considering its his birthday ha!

Yesterday in the foyer of my work building they had a number of different stalls set up, I'm not sure if these are all local people they must be? Anyway I saw that there was a cupcake stall. This of course peaked my interest so over I went.

They where $2 each
2 for $5
6 for $12

I brought two, one for the boyfriend for his birthday. When I gave it to him he asked if it was "A Protein Cupcake" I smiled and said "Of Course" haha. 

But in all seriousness, these cupcakes are purely amazing. If you cant see the label above they are from "Sophisticakes" her name is Barbara  and I highly suggest that you check out her website!
I don't even know if she does online ordering, but I know she makes cupcakes, wedding cakes, engagement cake etc etc. They are so darn good.

Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary and we are heading away for the weekend a bit of a combo for our anniversary and his birthday.
Cannot wait!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday night footy!

I know it seems like a little while ago, but I'm doing the best to update without long and pointless posts!  Each year I buy a bunch of daffodils on Daffodil day. Having lost my dad to cancer I don't think there is any better cause to give too. I was first inspired by the big bunch of daffodils in the foyer of my building - Kudos to the PWC building they are always on the ball with this! 

So I went and brought my own bunch, which lived in a vase beside my bed for about 4 days! I was pretty impressed with how long they lasted, considering we had the heater blasting for most of that week.

If you're a long time reader, or follow me on Insta you'll know I follow Essendon.. Yes shh now.
We had the boyfriends little brother in town for the Carlton Vs Essendon game at the MCG. It was his birthday on the Friday night so went out for dinner.

Squires Loft - Docklands.
I'll admit because of my teeth I almost wasn't able to eat a steak! Could you imagine sitting in the restaurant surrounded by the smells and not being able to eat any!? It would of been so cruel. However you'll be glad to know I pushed through the pain and battled on.
Steak 0 - Holly 1

On Saturday the boys wanted to go to the Bomber Shop at Windy Hill so we made the trek out to Essendon, here I was thinking it would be flooded with all of the media out the front.. however luckily it wasn't. One thing I will say is that I think Essendon have such loyal supporters.
The Bomber Shop was packed!
Prior to that we went out for Breakfast - Velvet Bar on Bay Street.

Mmm.. That omelette was the bomb.
Given the bombers track record, I think it was 4 losses in a row!? We went with some hope to watch them play Carlton at the MCG on Saturday Night.

We had front row seats on ground level - The Boys loved it.
I never realized how little AFL footballers seem in real life compared to on the TV, Or is this just me?

I brought a arm band for $3 to support Mens cancer (Another worthy cause!) - Never mind my man hands.
The bombers won! The atmosphere was crazy, I'm sure if anyone has been watching the Footy you'll know there is alot of hate for Jobe and whenever he got his hands on the ball most of the opposition supporters would boo, it was crazy the hear some of the remarks in the crowd.. but hey whatever!
When the siren went the whole place roared - I'm not gonna lie I was pretty darn impressed.
Best part was the boys, came running past the crowd to high 5. (Bad photo ha!)
Our household was pretty happy that night.

The boyfriend finally brought his dream car, I swear to god he upgrades his cars every 6 months, I'm lucky I've last this long right!? (Speaking of that.. Its our anniversary this Friday!)
Introducing the M3.. This car is actually pretty rad!

I haven't been allowed to drive it.. yet!
 Ha however its pretty powerful knowing me I'd reverse it straight into a wall. Not kidding.
Which would result in the boyfriend killing me, and we don't want that!

This weather is driving me insane, we get snip its of  summer and then bam the cold weather comes right back. Being on Level 36 I get a pretty good view of the weather rolling in, it aint pretty!
That pretty much brings you upto speed on whats been happening for the past month or so! Sorry about dropping off but I just really havent felt like blogging!? - Does anyone else get like this from time to time?

Monday, September 16, 2013


So...I started my invisalign treatment nearly 4 weeks ago now! It was a little delayed as I wanted to make some changes to my treatment plan, but as soon as I got the call to say that my aligners had arrived I made the appointment the next day - Ha! How nerdy!?

I am having my invisalign done by Freedom Dental in South Melbourne/Albert Park, I absolutely love my orthodontist and the dental staff, They are just amazing! Friendly, Nothing is ever too much for them and their facilitates are second to none.

If you don't know what Invisalign is, It is a series of clear plastic aligners that are placed onto your teeth to help them move into shape. My teeth at the front aren't too bad but the back needs to be moved! I chose Invisalign over the traditional braces as its more suited to my lifestyle and I feel more comfortable with them.
I love that I am not going to be restricted by what I can eat, as you have to take them out to eat!

When I got my first set in they gave me a little box with
- Invisalign welcome kit which has a information booklet
- A blue Case + A red Case for my aligners
The blue is for my current pair of aligners whenever I am not using them, I am meant to keep them inside the case and the Red case is for my previous set of aligners.

I'm currently onto my 3rd set of aligners.

The major differences for me is that eating has become a timed event. The aligners need to be in for at least 22 hours per day and you need to take them out to eat or drink anything else besides water. So a travel sized tooth brush, toothpaste and floss are the latest additions to my handbag.
My teeth have already started to move which is exciting. A lot of people have asked me if it hurts, It doesn't hurt but there is definitely pressure, I remember in my first 2 days on my first set I had to take a couple of panadol and the pain went right away.

Lifestyle changes:
- Eating has become a timed event
- Carrying a toothbrush with me where ever I go!
- I've noticed that I am not eating solids especially in the first few days of my new trays, as my teeth are moving I've noticed they are rather tender.
- I've become so lazy, if I'm hungry I'll just shrug it off, because let me tell you - taking those aligners on and offer, brushing and flossing gets abit much.

I go back to the dentist on Thursday this week, to have attachments attached to my teeth, which are meant to be tooth coloured buttons which help the aligners apply more pressure and move your teeth quicker.  I am a little worried that they will make invisalign less "invisible"  but I'll let you know.

I know I've been a little MIA but stay tuned I'm posting whats been happening one by one.