Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday night footy!

I know it seems like a little while ago, but I'm doing the best to update without long and pointless posts!  Each year I buy a bunch of daffodils on Daffodil day. Having lost my dad to cancer I don't think there is any better cause to give too. I was first inspired by the big bunch of daffodils in the foyer of my building - Kudos to the PWC building they are always on the ball with this! 

So I went and brought my own bunch, which lived in a vase beside my bed for about 4 days! I was pretty impressed with how long they lasted, considering we had the heater blasting for most of that week.

If you're a long time reader, or follow me on Insta you'll know I follow Essendon.. Yes shh now.
We had the boyfriends little brother in town for the Carlton Vs Essendon game at the MCG. It was his birthday on the Friday night so went out for dinner.

Squires Loft - Docklands.
I'll admit because of my teeth I almost wasn't able to eat a steak! Could you imagine sitting in the restaurant surrounded by the smells and not being able to eat any!? It would of been so cruel. However you'll be glad to know I pushed through the pain and battled on.
Steak 0 - Holly 1

On Saturday the boys wanted to go to the Bomber Shop at Windy Hill so we made the trek out to Essendon, here I was thinking it would be flooded with all of the media out the front.. however luckily it wasn't. One thing I will say is that I think Essendon have such loyal supporters.
The Bomber Shop was packed!
Prior to that we went out for Breakfast - Velvet Bar on Bay Street.

Mmm.. That omelette was the bomb.
Given the bombers track record, I think it was 4 losses in a row!? We went with some hope to watch them play Carlton at the MCG on Saturday Night.

We had front row seats on ground level - The Boys loved it.
I never realized how little AFL footballers seem in real life compared to on the TV, Or is this just me?

I brought a arm band for $3 to support Mens cancer (Another worthy cause!) - Never mind my man hands.
The bombers won! The atmosphere was crazy, I'm sure if anyone has been watching the Footy you'll know there is alot of hate for Jobe and whenever he got his hands on the ball most of the opposition supporters would boo, it was crazy the hear some of the remarks in the crowd.. but hey whatever!
When the siren went the whole place roared - I'm not gonna lie I was pretty darn impressed.
Best part was the boys, came running past the crowd to high 5. (Bad photo ha!)
Our household was pretty happy that night.

The boyfriend finally brought his dream car, I swear to god he upgrades his cars every 6 months, I'm lucky I've last this long right!? (Speaking of that.. Its our anniversary this Friday!)
Introducing the M3.. This car is actually pretty rad!

I haven't been allowed to drive it.. yet!
 Ha however its pretty powerful knowing me I'd reverse it straight into a wall. Not kidding.
Which would result in the boyfriend killing me, and we don't want that!

This weather is driving me insane, we get snip its of  summer and then bam the cold weather comes right back. Being on Level 36 I get a pretty good view of the weather rolling in, it aint pretty!
That pretty much brings you upto speed on whats been happening for the past month or so! Sorry about dropping off but I just really havent felt like blogging!? - Does anyone else get like this from time to time?


  1. That omelette looks DELICIOUS... drooool!
    Happy early anniversary!!!! Xx

  2. Hi Hol,

    I haven't been to the footy in years... But how good is the atmosphere, makes me want to go and yell BALL and TACKLE!!!! Hehe

    I go through phases with blogging to, I like it but sometimes I go MIA cause time gets away from me.

    What a Lovely way to remember your dad and support a great cause! Xxx

    1. Haha I'm always yelling out Ball.. personally i dont know even know half the rules, but it makes me sound like I have some idea! x

  3. Omg! I think that is my sisters partners ex car???? No way!!!!!

    1. Oh really!? I don't know, he brought this one pretty much brand new!!? The person that had it only had it for about 3 months!

    2. Hmmmm! D had it longer than 3 months but know it was brand new. How coincidental / he recently sold it, had black rims like that - and an M3! There must be more around! Ha. They had to upgrade to RR as baby on the way and wouldn't be ideal. I wanted to buy it but it was manual!!!!! Sucks!

    3. I don't know if my comment worked as my silly phone is being silly!!!!!

  4. The omelet looks so good!

    Haha yes, I swear it wasn't that long ago he got a new car..