Monday, September 16, 2013


So...I started my invisalign treatment nearly 4 weeks ago now! It was a little delayed as I wanted to make some changes to my treatment plan, but as soon as I got the call to say that my aligners had arrived I made the appointment the next day - Ha! How nerdy!?

I am having my invisalign done by Freedom Dental in South Melbourne/Albert Park, I absolutely love my orthodontist and the dental staff, They are just amazing! Friendly, Nothing is ever too much for them and their facilitates are second to none.

If you don't know what Invisalign is, It is a series of clear plastic aligners that are placed onto your teeth to help them move into shape. My teeth at the front aren't too bad but the back needs to be moved! I chose Invisalign over the traditional braces as its more suited to my lifestyle and I feel more comfortable with them.
I love that I am not going to be restricted by what I can eat, as you have to take them out to eat!

When I got my first set in they gave me a little box with
- Invisalign welcome kit which has a information booklet
- A blue Case + A red Case for my aligners
The blue is for my current pair of aligners whenever I am not using them, I am meant to keep them inside the case and the Red case is for my previous set of aligners.

I'm currently onto my 3rd set of aligners.

The major differences for me is that eating has become a timed event. The aligners need to be in for at least 22 hours per day and you need to take them out to eat or drink anything else besides water. So a travel sized tooth brush, toothpaste and floss are the latest additions to my handbag.
My teeth have already started to move which is exciting. A lot of people have asked me if it hurts, It doesn't hurt but there is definitely pressure, I remember in my first 2 days on my first set I had to take a couple of panadol and the pain went right away.

Lifestyle changes:
- Eating has become a timed event
- Carrying a toothbrush with me where ever I go!
- I've noticed that I am not eating solids especially in the first few days of my new trays, as my teeth are moving I've noticed they are rather tender.
- I've become so lazy, if I'm hungry I'll just shrug it off, because let me tell you - taking those aligners on and offer, brushing and flossing gets abit much.

I go back to the dentist on Thursday this week, to have attachments attached to my teeth, which are meant to be tooth coloured buttons which help the aligners apply more pressure and move your teeth quicker.  I am a little worried that they will make invisalign less "invisible"  but I'll let you know.

I know I've been a little MIA but stay tuned I'm posting whats been happening one by one.


  1. My cousin got these and absolutely loves them!
    I've been considering going for a consultation, despite the fact that I had braces for years as a child, I feel like my teeth have moved a lot since then and want to keep them in the best condition possible!


    1. I agree, especially if you've already had braces before you dont want your teeth moving after going through all of that! It sounds like your teeth are in great condition so you would only need a small time with Invisalign! - Go for a free consultation :)

  2. Gum is your best friend in getting through the tender stages... Take your retainer out and have a good chew for ten minutes. It hurts like crazy but helps make the tenderness go away a little faster I found. :)

    1. Thanks C! I'll keep that in mind, I find the mint chewie plastic thing they give you is great!

  3. Interesting! I got braces when I was a teenager and still have a straight row (thank goodness!) and, looking back, I found the whole process quite interesting. It's even more interesting to see the advancements they offer these days!

  4. Have been interested in these for a long time.

    Good to see they are going well!

  5. Good to hear this! I'm hoping that you don't have to wear it for very long.
    Gosh I wished this existed when I was a child.