Tuesday, July 30, 2013


On Sunday, I had a fruit overload day and watched The Ellen Show. Perfect Sunday haha

I made a smoothie which consisted of:
- Blueberries
-  Strawberries
- Watermelon
- Banana
- Chai seeds
- Oranges (Juice only)

It was so so good, I love fresh fruit I could seriously overdose on it's goodness.
I then attacked a punnet of cherries ha!
I broke the healthy streak by heading to 7/11 to get a Sunday night dessert but boy was it worth it.

Mmmm.. so good.

The new colour bug shimmer by Kevin Murphy landed in my little hands this week, I have used the pink and purple before I found that purple didn't really pick up on my hair but the pink certainly did. I'll try this one out tonight (Its hair washing day so it'll work out well) and I'll post some photos. Have you tried it before?

Last night for the first time I did Bikram Yoga with a colleague of mine. We went to Bikram Yoga in South Melbourne. I have done normal yoga before BUT not Bikram. Wow haha. Let me tell you it's not glam that's for sure. 

I was told it gets pretty hot in there but I didn't realize just how hot! I was feeling so dizzy at one point and not to mention dripping with sweat I couldn't believe it ha! Everyone had their own puddles of sweat going on. While I admit at first it was a little intense I did warm (ha key word) up-to it in the end and really enjoyed the stretching at the end, Or maybe I just knew it was finished haha. Even enduring the smell of feet and sweat for 90 minutes I feel so good this morning, relaxed and stretched.
I think we will do this 3 times a week.
Have you tried it before?

I also wanted to start doing some normal yoga at home, can anyone recommend any good Yoga DVDs  to buy? 


  1. I love hot yoga. I never really liked Bikram because I prefer more flowy types of yoga, but I do love the hot room and the intense relaxation you get afterwards. I did a yoga challenge a few years ago - 35 hot classes in 30 days all up! It was intense, but I always tell people the biggest challenge was constantly finding time to do laundry and wash my hair!

  2. I'm thinking about trying Bikram but I admit I'd be freaked out by that many people sweating, eek! I do normal/ power yoga twice a week and love it though.

  3. ooh the shimmer bug sounds amazing! I tried the pink but it didn't come out too well, and it got all over my clothes :( post some pics when you use it! x

  4. Sounds so intense!!! I've been meaning to try this but I'm so intimidated haha sometimes normal yoga is already enough for me!

    1. Dont worry I was the same, Especially when it first started I was like.. wow I have no idea haha but luckily there was some other beginners in the class too!

  5. Sounds like a nice and relaxing Sunday you had. =) I want to try Bikram Yoga.

  6. Bikram yoga or I call it hot box yoga is great - afterwards. But when I was doing it, I felt like I was going to totally pass out and die! Not kidding. This shows you how unfit I am.