Friday, July 26, 2013


I don't know if you remember, but I recently blogged about the ELEVEN Australia products, the weekend before last I dragged the boyfriend out to dinner at Sho Noodle bar in Crown - This is one of my favorites the food is so so good. 

I was having a bad hair day and my hair was doing its own thing, I straightened it before dinner, sprayed some hair styling spray on and wallah it was straight, styled and looked decent ha. If you want a good hairspray check out this one.

Sho goodness.
The other good thing about Sho, the prices aren't ridiculous.  

The boyfriend and I for the past couple of weekends have been going to see the bombers play - Those boys in real life and so beautiful ha! Thankfully we have been on a winning streak, however I think tonight game against the hawks will change all of that!

In usual style I wear my bombers scarf, I think I'm just addicted to scarfs in general. but hey I do live in Melbourne right!? I did a haul from ASOS which I hope arrives in the next couple of days. I'll be sure to blog about those goodies when they arrive.

The boyfriend and I took Thursday and Friday off work and hit the road to go and visit his grandparents and family. We always fly so hitting the road and about an hour later realizing just how long the trip is so we were soon wishing we didn't drive ha! The weather in Melbourne was amazing it was that sunny 21 degree winter day but about an hour into the trip it was pouring rain, freezing cold and my little swift was almost getting blown off the road

 4 seasons in one day. Yep.
The boyfriends parents are in the middle of renovating one half of their house so things where a little crazy, but on Friday went went to bunnings to help finialise some colours and pick a new door.
I am like a kid in a candy store at Bunnings.

This got me in the mood for renovating haha - Not ideal when you're renting.
We arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday so we had an extra couple of days which was good, but we just spent it visiting his family and then on Sunday we had the token farewell dinner cooked by yiayia.

We had my favourite spanakopita that's all I wanted until everything else was brought out haha food overload I don't think anyone in a wog family would ever starve. I love it!

God, this is making me hungry now just re-writing this ha.
After lunch in true yiayia style she tried to give us boxes of fresh fruit to take back to Melbourne, 4 or 5 oranges is what we told her next minute we had a box full. haha

The Grandparents.

Last night I was wondering around coles trying to think of something warm and interesting to make for dinner, my eyes lit up at the sight of cherries! I love love love love cherries there is nothing better.
Too bad they are $8 per KG but in my basket they went.

What are your favorite winter foods?


  1. I hateeee long drives, we drive from Melb - Syd every Christmas, absolutely dread it!

  2. Looks like such a lovely and sweet getaway! The fooood *drool*. CHERRIES! Must get some!!!

    1. haha yep I O'D on cherries over the weekend! So good.