Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hutong Dumpling Bar - PRAHRAN

A few weeks back to celebrate our end of year and hitting our company budget, we took the Friday off work, jumped in a taxi, took our MD's credit card and went to celebrate. #hellyeah

We went to Hutong Dumpling Bar on Commercial road - I love dumplings but I wasn't really prepared for the 7 course gestation that was put in front of me! If you're like me and had no idea what that means, in simple terms - They give you 7 rounds of food and with each course there is a glass of wine to suit the taste of food put in front of you. (Yep I consumed 7 glasses of wine within a 4 hour gap)

We started off with a glass of champagne to celebrate - at this stage I didn't realize the amount of wine that would follow ha! The food started rolling out, there is nothing else like food being brought out to you, plate after plate haha.

I will admit - After about plate 3 I was feeling really full and the wine was starting to take affect thank god we were all sitting down that's all I can say. The food at Hutong is perfection, everything was cooked just perfect and the flavors just burst in your mouth

It was about 4.30pm by the time we had finished our last main before the dessert came out, by this point I felt like I couldn't eat another thing. It was time to leave and one of my colleagues and I both looked at each other dreading the fact that we had to stand up! Nearly 5 hours of more wine than food cannot be good.

We kicked on and went to the Imperial around the corner, I think this was where we went wrong. Shots left right and center.. By about 6.30 I had to call it in I was not in a state to be around my work mates haha but we were all in the same boat, I felt bad for my Managing Director who had to ride his bike home!

As you can see from my blurry photo - I was in fine form.
I high tailed it out of there with our receptionist, we were lucky enough to get a taxi from Chapel St. Ill admit I had the window down all the way home haha.

The boyfriend had no idea what had happened when I walked (stumbled) in the door started looking at him and burst out laughing - Worlds worst drunk.

All in all - Hutong is pretty amazing you should defiantly check it out!
Have you been?
What other dumpling bars would you recommend?


  1. I've been to Hutongs in the city I didnt know there was one in Prahran. Is it the same chain I wonder? Anyway that one is the best.

    Spice Temple Yum Cha is meant to be awesome but haven't been yet.

    1. Yep they are the same chain just different locations :)

      Ill have to check out spice temple! X

  2. Hutong is so amazing, it's one of the things I miss the most about Melbourne... loved going to the one in the city for a quick lunch downstairs, or a dinner upstairs before a concert. Good times!

  3. Sounds like damn good night out! I always end up drunk when I go out for dumplings (I think because most places are BYO). Ill have to check this one out!

    x Eve