Tuesday, July 16, 2013


June is over. Thank god. I can breathe again! Although.. I'm getting sick so I can barely breathe haha but you know what I mean. I have come across a new hair product that I love. 
Its by DE LORENZO and this is the shiz.

My hairdresser introduced it to me on my last visit. I told her my ends were getting dry - My hair is finally growing again (Woohoo!) but I do find some days the ends aren't as good as they used it be. So she recommended this too me. I think from memory it was only $11. (I could of totally made that up and if It's wrong I apologise!) The smell is amazing and the best part is you only need a pea size on the tip of your fingers and run it from the mid lengths to the ends.

The weekend before last it was my friends birthday we had planned a dinner out in Hardware lane to celebrate her coming of age ha! In typical style I stood looking in my cupboard on Friday morning thinking I have nothing to wear, so at lunch time I headed over to Crown and had a look in Forever New. I actually like forever new but seriously the minute I walked in there ALL I could see was Black, White and a very small fraction of colour. What happened to patterns and bright colours!? 

I brought this White Blazer - For $99 It was probably the best $99 I have ever spent, the material is just amazing and has golden zips on the cuffs, which I don't think you can see. 
We went to Grilld Bar in Hardware Lane. Food Meh. 2 out of 5. Have you been?

Speaking of more food, a few Fridays ago an email popped up on my screen from the boyfriend, god knows what he was doing at work but he sent me the menu for HollyHock as he had found something he wanted to eat ha! So I picked up the phone and made a booking.

I love HollyHock its so relaxed and has such great food.

Everyone loves Macaroons but way too many potatoes!
Now that my work life is a little less crazy I am excited to get back into the kitchen and cook, Is that sad?

We've been heading to most of the bombers games lately and that's generally on a Sunday. Thank-god we've been winning otherwise I wouldn't be happy ha! I posted a photo on my Instagram last week I was going through my makeup and I don't even recall how I came across this one but its Bourjois Foundation and I started using it and its actually really great! But then I went back to using my MAC this morning and realized just how not so great it was haha! But I think for an every day its great and it gave me great coverage.

So I'm back in the blogging space, cant wait to catch up with all your posts. Stay tuned for my 7 course gestation meal (and shots!) to celebrate EOFY at my work. (I was hungover like a mofo!)


  1. Ohh I love that Forever New blazer too! I have it in yellow.... and black... I might need to get it in white as well as my current white blazer needs to be chucked out.

    1. Oh really!? All they had was Black or White! I think the yellow would look amazing x

  2. I need a white blazer too! I only have a black one that I wear all the time.

    1. I agree, I wear too much black (or so I am told!)

  3. omg so that blazer is a recent purchase?

    thanks a lot Holly


  4. I love your outfit! I now need a white blazer

    1. I'm also on the look out for a full length white blazer too.. This one is slightly cropped!

  5. Would never buy a white jacket would do instant spills

    IMO most restaurants in hardware lane are pretty rubbish

  6. I love your blog! You look so great in a white blazer, very crisp and chic :)

  7. O.M.G i need that blazer.. Runs to FN website.
    It's amaze. :)

    And yeap I have a new look but a new domain as well!

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