Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Where has the past month gone!? .. My life has been work sleep work sleep get up and repeat. Its nearing the end of June and thank god for that work is still crazy but at the end of this month I will get my life back and I'll be loving it haha!

To break the pain of 24/7 working habits I have done a little bit of online shopping.
Why not!?

I brought it online and actually forgot about it until it landed on my desk! Dont you love that? 
I love that it has so many natural colours as I wear pretty earthy colours to work so I am excited to try this it out, blending and mixing... You know how its done.

I've picked up so many bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks but my absolute favorite piece of all is the NP Eyeliner and Blush. Its perfect and fits right in my pocket.

As work has been so busy I've developed the worst habit and that's eating a big lunch and then not eating dinner at night, or if I do eat dinner I'm forcing myself to eat! You don't have to tell me I know its bad, I'm trying to ween my self back onto smaller meals so I can sit down and enjoy dinner again. Its crazy how work can just compound your life!! Gah.

A few weeks back on Saturday the Boyfriend and I had date night and we went off to the movies, last minute decision which involved me pulling myself away from my laptop, brushing my hair and putting on lipstick haha. #worst.

I think we have become Gold Class snobs, the boyfriend started doing stretches half way through the movie as he didn't have enough leg room and was cramping up! It was pretty funny, I was watching the movie and then see this leg start pointing upwards. Boys!

We saw Fast and the Furious - I loved it, however the run way in that movie went on for ever!
One of my clients gave me free  tickets to the Mind Body and Spirit Festival, don't you love loyal clients! I actually had never been before and I thought it would be all about hippies and rah rah but I was surprised!

The Melbourne weather has really given us a show for Winter. I did a big winter haul online the other day so once that arrives I should have something excited to blog about! I pulled my Tokito jacket out of the cupboard from last winter this week as I looked out of the window when I woke up and couldn't even see as it was pelting down with rain.

Until then!
Enjoy x


  1. Hi! Where did you pick up the MAC Palette? Can't find anywhere on their website! xx

  2. Urgh yep I am hating this weather right now. Looking forward to seeing your haul! The MAC palette looks awesome! I really need to stop buying clothes and invest in makeup.

  3. I want to know where the MAC Palette is from! I have never seen it !?!??!?!

  4. where is the palette from I need one in my life !

  5. LOL the runway in FF6 DID go for ages! so funny.

    I love pana choccie! I just got onto it. Hope your work settles down a bit!