Thursday, June 6, 2013


Since I've been a bad blogger recently I thought I would update y''all on whats been happening in my life via Instagram. (hollymay89)

1) I have been loving lipstick recently - I usually just stick to boring work colours but recently the reds, pinks and corals have come out to play. Hey why not it beats this awful Melbourne weather.

2) To drown my sorrows of working almost 24/7 I brought a new pair of Tony Biancos' online. These look stunning I just hope they are as good in real life.

3) Our receptionists had her birthday at work so following suit we always get a birthday cake, I have never known anything bad to come out of the David Jone's food court. Mmmm food.

4) Sunday, I went into work this was the day after the shocking weather we had - Look @ how disgusting the Yarra water is? #vomit

5) TED's thunder song was right up my alley on Saturday with the crazy weather we had, the thunder literally shook our apartment. Safe to say I moved away from the couch, which we have right in front of the door. 

I'll be back to blogging normally again soon x


  1. I love the first lipstick, what is it? Lately I have been loving deep red and plum lippies to match the cold!

    The weather here has been pretty yucky too, although I do love winter because it means you can rug up inside.

  2. Hehe I love the thunder song! Thunder really freaks me out when its those loud cracks so I was crying of laughter in Ted. And yep the Yarra is so yuck.

    The lipsticks look nice, its fun experimenting with different colours. Funny how lipstick can make it appear that you have put so much more effort into getting ready as well ;) Super shoe envy over your Tony Bianco's!

    x Eve

  3. You know, I feel like last year I was wearing red lippie much more frequently...this year I'm just lazy.

    What gives, amirite?


    Note to self: start wearing red lippie at least once a week. AT LEAST. I mean, when you think about it, it makes you feel so much better when you swipe that glorious red across your lips, huh? I love it! (Plus I inherited my daddy's full lips so it's a good way to show them off? Or something? Heh.)

    I hear you on the bloggy laziness. I made myself post something last night, six days before I forced myself to post as well...maybe it's a cosmic thing. Ehh. ::shrug::

    Also, is that the city I see from your apartment picture? If so, we also have a view of the city skyline from our living room and balcony!

  4. DJ's food hall is amaze!!! :) Cakes there are fab!