Saturday, March 31, 2012


Yeyy weekend we meet again. D has been at work all day so its been me myself and I and loving it! We are off to Gold Class tonight - Ive actually never been hahaha.. So I'm excited!

This week I decided to wear a pair of Tony Bianco peep shoes that I had never worn before and brought probably a year ago now..  They are a blue denim with tan outlines and a buckle - They are so frigging comfy no idea why I hadn't worn them sooner. Do you like them?

Isn't it funny the things we do in a lift when no one is around?

The other morning I got to work just before 8am and had the joy of watching the hot air balloons float past - Sorry about the quality of the photo - I actually want to do this!! Have you?

Friday afternoon at work was dragging along and it didn't help that I had three conference calls in a row from 3.30 on wards - so basically I was locked in the board room until home time..noooooo!

When I got back to my desk our new business cards had arrived! - I was super excited and started handing them out to EVERYONE..haha! I kid you not.

D also won 2 gold class tickets at work yesterday an as soon as I got home I wanted to make sure they where real and he wasn't playing a joke on me.. but nope they are the real deal - Yeyyy! Now we just need to decide on what we are going to see - I vote chick flick.

We went for a late night swim last night it was amazeballs - The weather was so muggy last night and the water felt so good!

This morning I went into the city to have a look around and meet up with a friend for coffee - I even tweeted about my little rant but honestly girls need to realise that being a bitch doesn't make you look cool it makes you look like a dick and just bitter.  There where TWO things which I saw on ONE tram ride into the city that just made me furious - No wonder some teenage girls these days dont have any self confidence - People need to look at themselves in a mirror and grow up.

Anyhow moving onto more exciting things - I wanted to use some gift vouchers that I got for Xmas I went to Kate Hill and brought this new baby - Its such a cute purse with so much room for cards, which is what I need!

Happy Weekend

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Milena picked Andrea to be Vlad's bride.. well obviouslyyyy! Haha I do have a life but I do love me some good reality TV and lastnight I was gagging for the finale.

I actually got most of the matches wrong I thought that Brendan's mum would pick Edwina and I swore that Tony's mum would of chosen Tammy-Lee just because of their strong connection - Poor mags when they both stood there hugging - such an awkward moment. I feel sorry for mags - Tony hates her! No doubting how that will end up! I really thought Koa would be chosen for Matt and well.. like I said Andrea for Vlad (which wasnt hard to guess!) I thought Koa handled it so graciously - what a champion!

Who did you pick?

I had some company while watching it lastnight..and probably not the good type -

M & M's
Hello Fatness.

I brought something off eBay a couple of days ago for my mum and hopefully the seller wasnt any of my readers but whatevers - I got the parcel lastnight and first thing I noticed was the parcel bag has been used before - There was sticky tape over the first persons name and they had just scribbled my name over the top!? - Mind you this seller charged me $10+ for postage.. (The cheek!) Then I went to take the pants out of the express envelope and for some reason they had stapled the bag shut.

which had stapled the pants to the bag 2 times..what the? I tried really carefully to bend the staples back so it wouldnt rip but they had used some big arse staples and as a consequece there is now two holes in the bottom of the pants.
 I sent the seller a message just asking her why - 1 she used a bag that had already been used and charged me a ridiculious price for postage and also told her about the staples (I even took a photo to show her!)
The response I got back was "Look!!..I'll refund you send it back to me (you pay costs) and I'll refund you"
Ebay can be excellent but there are some real dooshbags out there!!

I was meant to catch up with a good friend of mine yesterday for dinner but Telstra dogged me and I got all 3 of her messages at 8pm lastnight - Not Impressed.
This weekend I was going to be going to the flowershow but plans have changed D is working all weekend long so Im thinking pampering myself, sleeping in, hitting the markets and vegging out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So..rumor on the street has it that I've been nominated twice for a blog award (Blushh!) hah thanks to Sophie and Miss Ess for your kindness and being a fan of all the rubbish that I dribble on about in my daily posts! Kudos.

So without further delay here are the rules :
• Thank the blogger that gave you the award and link back to their blog.
• Share 7 facts about yourself.
• Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers and let them know.

1. Im a Gemini and my personality is so true I have two.. so watch out! Just Kidding At times I think it would be fun to have a twin, just thinking about all of the mischief that we'd get upto.
2. I have a really weird obession with pineapple - When I was younger I would always make my mum put pineapple on my sandwhiches - Even now if I get a wrap from Nandos that's my special request. Weird ha.

3. My mum was born in Prague

4. I studied a Degree of Commerce at Uni and hated every moment of it - But graduation was bitter sweet.

5. During the night I always without fail get up at some point during the night to get a glass of water

6.  I adore simple nail polishes.

7.  I hate people that jump to the front of the line when the bus comes - Calm down sunshine you'll get a seat

Now for the tagging of other bloggers:

Im about to leave work and head off to my Uncles funeral - As you can tell I've had a very productive morning. I ended up wearing black pants, tan shoes, cream blouse and then just my work blazer - Fingers crossed I dont look out of place. 

Have a good afternoon kids!

Monday, March 26, 2012


B to the lah.
Im so moody, tired and just over everyone and probably everything.

But as promised I snapped a photo of my new blouse in the bathrooms today at work (Moments before someone else walked in hahah - Slyy!) hopefully I did this photo justice!
(lets ignore the fact that its not properly tucked in shall we)

Today at work was so full on - I had again back to back interviews for a urgent job that come in - By 4pm I was sick and tired of hearing my own voice - Yuck.

So I turned to sugar - hahaha always a winner in my eyes

and that got me through to 5pm - Thankgoodness

Tomorrow is my uncles funeral - I'm going at it alone after D decided he wasn't going to attend.
Im going to go to work in the morning and then head off around 1pm - I know this sounds really stupid but what do I wear? I know at my dads funeral I wore colours but that was at his request. I havent been to a funeral in a while and really dont know if Black is still the go.. I'm going to have to wear whatever I wear to work to the funeral which is corporate anyways? But would love some of your ideas?

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday I went shopping with Dim who wanted to go and buy a new leather jacket while I watched him blow $500 in one transaction I got depressed by my shopping ban which in turn made the boy cave in and buy me something! I brought this new blouse from Portmans - Its actually alot more sheer than this photo but I adore it - Cannot wait to wear it tomorrow for work!

I'll post another photo tomorrow because this one just doesn't do it justice!

I also found this and wanted it just because of the letter H

The weekend was quiet and very boring I rolled out of bed at 7am to go to a Yoga class and went home and went back to bed for an hour before we cleaned the apartment head to toe then we a went to an open house an I fell in love but of course the boy felt differently and started to rattle on about 10 different things that he didn't like - We still disagree but I'm trying to somewhat persuade him!

Work this week is going to be much more full on and I cannot wait! I also get my business cards this week - Yeow!

Tell me your weekend goss!?
Ps: I heard Kim Kardashian got flour bombed?

Friday, March 23, 2012


Its Friday night and I'm sitting here in my frigging hoodie and tights because its bloody freezing!? Im also drooling over everything that I cannot buy on ASOS because of my shopping ban - Im actually really tempted to just buy up big to shove it in its face but then thats just hurting myself and my bank account..sooo I'll just grin and bear it a litttle while longer!

I've wanted a new Tiffany & Co ring for a while now and I think Ive probably dropped more hints than what a normal person blinks per day so when I came home last night it had arrived! I was super excited

My crappy iPhone was being a knob last night and wouldn't focus! but then sometimes its the best thing ever.. so frustrating so I apologize for the bad ass photos!

3pm came and these jelly beans somehow ended up on my desk - I couldn't not..not eat them soo.. I destroyed them jelly beans along with gummy and sour lollies are my weakness!
Whats your one weakness?

Tonight after work I got dragged along with the boy to do some clothes shopping for him he wanted a new winter jacket so I we went from Politix to YD and back to Politix and then back to some other shop and I started to get angry at him because I wasn't going to have another replay of our Rebel Sport experience (if you remember!)

turns out he didn't even end up buying any of them - "I dont know if I like it!" Fair to say I didn't encourage or discourage I wanted out of there - I was starving.

I have to be up at 7am tomorrow for a yoga class - Im regretting this now.
Big weekend plans?

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Sad to say I let out a little squeel lastnight when I was in Coles - I discovered Strawberry Oreo's now.. apologies if these have been around for years but I had never seen them before. I messaged 4 different people to tell them how excited I was.. I only got one response and that was "Small things excite small minds Holly" - Well thanks very much hahah

Turns out I actually really dont like the taste at all I was so dissapointed especially because I had worked myself up with excitment. They are too bitter and just tasted weird - I'll cross those off my list thats for sure.

Yesterday the weather in Melbourne was friggin freezing - Being on Level 36 (haha yes I dropped it in there again!) I could see the rain clouds coming from 9am and the skye got darker and darker and it dropped suddenly in temperature..

I had back to back interviews and brought my own lunch in yesterday so thankfully I had no reason to go outside 5.30 came and it was home time I walked outside the wind was crazy dogs! I thought I was going to get blown away and I felt like it was Winter.

Dislike Dislike

Are you more of a Summer or Winter person? - Why?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sorry for the delay in blogging. My life has been crazy busy of late I also had my uncle pass away suddenly from my a heart attack at work - I lost my dad when I was 16 and my uncles's children and I are very close so for me my uncle was also like a 2nd dad. - Its always hard when you lose someone who's close to you and so suddenly.

Aside from that work has been full ball - So much learning to do and so much to take on board. Thursday and Friday of last week was just information over load. I had my own first client interview today - I was packing it! Besides doing it 100 times before its always different when its your first time at a new job - so much pressure lol! Turns out there was nothing to stress over!

We got lolly over load during our induction - Sugar rush - hello.
Ive been given the task to replace our Receptionist/Team Assistant (Internally) So Im hosting interviews tomorrow all day long for that role.

Ok..sooo weekend re-cap I went for a run with Erin along the beach and probably did more chatting that exercising but hey whatever!

Saturday night I had a quiet night in (I found out about my uncle that morning) and didn't feel like going out despite having a girls night out planned so my saturday night consisted of watching SATC after one my twitter followers suggested the movie and also catching up on pointless gossip and eating chocolate.

Fill me in - Whats been happening in your life? I'll catch up on some blog reading tonight I'm off to make some dinner then snuggle up on the couch and watch some trashy tv.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Its so weird how things turn out - for those that where following my little breakdown last night you'll know I spoke to my manager at the Recruitment Agency saying I couldn't accept the role then went and ate a bowl of ice-cream while feeling like the worlds worst person.

At 8am this morning I got a call from the Marketing Company who wanted to confirm something around Payroll with me and she casually dropped into the conversation that my "full time" role was now a "6 month contract role - depending on my fit with the company" .. Ah I'm sorry what? Thats not what I signed up for - at the same time I was on the phone to her the MD of the role I rejected lastnight was leaving me a voicemail.

Long story short - I have done a 360' degree turn around and today was my first day at the Recruitment Company I now cannot now wipe the smile off my face the role is actually fantastic! and I am so glad I was able to be persuaded and had the support from their MD to actually get me on board even after declining the role the night before.

Check out the view from my office!
Level 36 baby

After the morning I had and only making the decision at 8.45am to start at 9am I needed a coffee badly! I found a new coffee shop which was devine.

In other news this morning my GHD Died.. (Straight Face!) End of the world I know. I was almost in tears its my bestfriend hahaha! I need a hair straightener my hair is out of control in the mornings, All my life I have always been a GHD girl without a doubt, as it was my first day at work I couldn't leave to go and solve my hair dilemma! So I messaged D and asked him to go and pick me up one - His reply was a "what is that?" Hmmm..

The girl on the phone asked me if I had heard of the new Halo and I said No? She claimed it was better than the GHD.. Sorry what? I then asked her the price and she said $260.00 + but she swore on her life it was 10 times better. I took a leap of faith

GHD Who..? Honestly thing little baby is the shiz!!
I am gobsmacked its honestly fantastic! 
Have you ever used one or heard about them? I had never before today but hello there is no turning back for me.. Halo all the way!


Thanks to everyone who entered into my first giveaway.
I have LOVED reading all about your "LOL" moments I have such funny followers - You'll make me smile..but there is only one winner!

No favoritism here so I used a random number selector and the first number that came out was Miss Directions haha but she left a comment saying she didn't want to enter as she had already won far too much so onto the offical winner!


 send me an email ( with the best postal address and I'll post it off!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I swear that the dishwasher is eating all of our cups and forks.
Either that or D is selling them on the side, because not even a month ago I remember washing so many of them and now we are not kidding..down to 3 glasses!?

I went to the only place that has big yellow arrows on the floor - Yep IKEA and went crazy
I thought these are super cute glass blown cups $1.99 each
Yes please - I'll take 6.

I also have been motivating myself to get my bum back to the gym and do something about my latest curves haha..

Im not against mothers at the gym.. but yesterday I was there and this mother was on the treadmill with her baby in-front of her in the pram and the poor kid was screaming in eyes out for whatever reason she stopped to take her headphones out ..looked at her kid rolled her eyes and then put the headphones back in and kept running? I was like..Gobsmacked? Attend to your baby.
Im not a mother and wont comment to much but I just found it so wrong.

Ive started a new book which I brought from Ebay - Its OK so far and I say this after reading 3 pages only lol - I ended up ordering Kris Jenner's latest book and it still hasnt arrived yet.. :(
I hate when I order things and it takes yonks to arrive.

For lunch today I caught up with my old work friends and went to Yum Cha!
I love the traditional Jasmine Tea that they serve - You cannot beat it!

I'll be drawing the winner of my giveaway tomorrow night so if you haven't entered.. go there right now  GIVEAWAY and enter.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Lets get a little bit serious.
I'm a Catholic I have been baptised in the Catholic Church grew up a Catholic and even went to an all girls private catholic college (Read: Not a snob) D is Greek Orthodox and it's been mentioned a few times about marriage and converting etc.

I have made the decision to convert to orthodox - Its not about changing my belief's as we already believe in the same. I'm nervous but also excited!

Id love to hear some insight into your conversion experiences or even your thoughts?


I love long weekends - whoever created them kudos to you!

Saturday we went to the travel agents and booked some more bits and pieces for our holiday in Dec I know its yonks away but I'm getting excited.

I discovered that Chocolate was only $1 at Coles
I brought..... one.

Life was good.

On Sunday we wanted to get out of Melbourne for a night so we headed towards the mountains - I have no sense of direction and could be driving around in circles until someone told me otherwise so when D said where we were going I asked him why we werent using the west gate bridge and he looked at me straight and said "because its the total other direction".. Oh right then.

I had burnt a new CD for the trip and I had my gangsta swagger on and I got the feeling that perhaps the boyfriend had wished he had left me behind - Not to worry I was armed with my all time favourite road trip buddy - Chupa Chups!

You cannot go wrong.

After seeing mountain ahead for what felt like forever 2.5 hours later we arrived - I was freezing and its fair to say when I left Melbourne it was a nice and sunny 30 degrees and my shorts where more than enough.. but when we arrived at Mount Baw Baw I didn't want to get out of the car.
 The cabin we stayed in was so cute & country like - When we arrived we had this waiting for us

First dibs on the strawberries.
We had such a relaxing night and I felt so relaxed - you couldn't even hear anything outside it was dead quiet - I started to freak out but then we just watched some DVD's had a spa and chilled.
Monday morning we went out for breakfast and had the most amazing egg fritta I had ever tasted  I didnt want to come we ended up leaving there about miday for the drive home.

We got back late yesterday afternoon and headed out to Bay St for coffee..

and then for the rest of the evening I was being lazy and didnt move from my laptop.

Perfect end to a long weekend.
Happy Labour Day!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


for those of you who follow me on Instagram .sorry but you would of already seen these photos.

So after thinking about which job I was going to accept I wanted to speak to the HR manager at the marketing company and know some smaller details about the role that we hadn't discussed yet - she said she would give me a call later that day and never did, so I went with the Recruitment role.

I went and signed my contracts on friday and met the team.
Im excited but something just didnt feel 100% right but Im not sure what.

As I was leaving the HR manager from the Marketing called me and apoligised for the late reply she had been traveling for the last couple of days, before I could say anything she asked if I could start a week earlier than originally discussed and blurted out a base salary which is almost double what im on now. - But Ive already signed my contracts with the recruitment role and despite it not feeling 100% I dont think there is anything I can do now. (palm face)
D thinks I should go with the marketing role as he knows its the one I want but I'm not sure.

Friday night D had a work function on and I got to meet some of his work friends, I always find that daunting - There was lots of wine flowing so I just kept close to the bottle hahaha..I kid I kid.

OK, now this not related to anything - but I hate MYKI I prefer my good old metcard it was easy to use and I knew how much money I was spending.

 but with this sucker each time I "touch on and touch off" it deducts $3.25 from my account even though all of last week I was catching a bus then a tram straight after each other? So my trip costs me $7? Thats so odd!
Can someone actually explain to me how this rubbish works?

Kudos to the long weekend - We are off tonight to a friends house warming party an then going away tomorrow for an over night trip - I cannot wait for our short getaway.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway

Friday, March 9, 2012


As promised when I reached 120 followers I would do a giveaway, forgive me for being so slack in getting onto this but I then lost a follower (ciao!) and then gained another two haha yew!

Oroton Nude Nail Polish
Brand new and comes in a tres trendy silver oroton branded box.

To enter make sure you're a follower then leave a comment below telling me about your most embarrassing moment ever..  I'll draw a winner on Thursday evening.

Good luck & hope you guys enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thanks to everyone who offered advice to me on yesterdays post! V much appreciated. I always find it easier to make a decision after I talk about it - hence the post lol! 

Yesterday I wore this little baby - I also posted the photo on Instagram and got a lot of comments about it asking where I brought it from. This is one of the few hand made things I own.. and I wish I could take credit for this one but no my friend who I went to Uni makes them! She's so talented.

I love the colours.
Last night for dinner I was craving Pad Thai and figured it'd be better for my bank account to make some instead of buying it so me being the chef I am [read:not] decided to make it!

Today I was working at Melbourne Uni again for a couple of hours - Thanks to Yarra trams I was running late but they didnt mind - Opps! Ive decided to lay off the coffee for a bit while im not working full time and opted to take up another of my lovers - T2 I brought this baby to wake me up this mornig and to be honest it felt good!.. But I dont think anything will kick my caffine buzz!

3pm came and it was home time it was also food time - I love protein bars for a quick fix. Im actually a huge fan of the Body Science products!

Do you eat these?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Fruggin Hell!
Would you believe I've been offered two jobs this week - This afternoon actually

I really dont know what to do.
Should I go with the role that I had my heart set on and feel safe with or should I step up and accept the other role which I'll learn so much more from?!


ETA: The two roles are totally different from one another - The Marketing Company role is an internal HR Role which covers off everything the other role is a Candidate Manager in a Recruitment Agency which will be constant recruitment.

Im confused because I dont know if I want to just stick with general HR or if I want to stop with the HR all together an just focus on what I do best and thats Recruitment.
 I know in the long term that the role with the marketing company will offer more opportunities and come with a greater responsibility where as the Recruitment role will focus on in the long run becoming an internal recruitment consultant and constantly working to KPI's and sales.

I think the worst thing is Ive built this "vibe" friendship with the two people who Ive been meeting with at the Recruitment Agency and I'd almost feel like im letting them down if I didn't accept!

Monday, March 5, 2012


Monday and I arent friends there is no denying that.
I had the worst sleep lastnight and from 3am I was wide awake.

This week I am on a temp assignment working at Melbourne University in their Neuroscience department (Mouthful I know!) Its actually an amazing team and they work for such an amazing cause this week I am currently working on strategical planning on building a MS team. Ive learnt so many new words today ha! - Possibly none that i'll ever use because people would think Im a walking dictionary.

I'm such a noob when it comes to directions and had no idea where I was going - This didn't help with the nurse dispute with all of the protestors all along Royal Parade.

I finished up at 1pm as I had a 2nd and final interview this afternoon I was so excited to walk outside and see blue skye and sunshine!

 I was on my way to my 2nd Interview an got a call from the role that I "accepted" but the start date wasnt locked in until some time in April so until they had given me something in writing I was keeping my options open. They called me and locked in a start date of April 10 (First week back after easter!) Im so excited and so so so wrapped!! Its such a relief to finally have something locked in and even more a bonus it was the role that I wanted right from the beginning!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Whoever said that men are easy to shop with lied.
Friday night after D finished work - and I had finished up getting my nails done (Oh the joys of not working! HA kidding!) He wanted me to meet him at Melbourne Central to get some new indoor soccer shoes - Sure why not I thought.

How wrong I was 2 hours later he was tossing up between buying the white or the black pair
I was about to kill him. I was bored and posted this photo on Instagram

One of my male followers decided to comment and say "Oh is that the nike store?" and with the comment D pipes up and goes "OMG we have to go there, quick lets hide these somewhere and come back!" I was ready to file for divorce.
 Long story short we went back to Rebel and D continues to weigh up the pro's and con's of each colour, while I decided to look around the store

How cute are these weights?
I wish I had my own mini gym with this little set up - I even tried to pick up the big 20kgs one before I remembered I wasn't a body builder and would probably break my back. A girl can dream

Friday night after our 2 hour session in Rebel sport we went out for dinner and I told D it was his shout seeing the torment he had just put me through.
Saturday morning Melbourne got graced with the whole 24 hours of straight rain I had plans of laying around in my PJ's all day instead D had already made plans to go to the market and he had so lovely told his friends we would meet them for lunch - so out in the rain we went - I was so excited I got to wear my boots! I think thats my favourite thing about Autumn and Winter is my love for wearing boots - Oh and my birthday ;)

The rest of saturday we curled up and watched half of season 1 of Revenge - I am totally loving this show right now.

This morning I was up nice and early - I drove D to box hill for his soccer match in his BMW (I was loving it!!) He not so much "Watch out for the car beside you, what lane are you in? How fast are you going"..rah rah rah.. Perpleasee Im a good driver! 

Ive had my coffee fix now im at home sitting here with a nice hot cup of peppermint T2 watching the sky get darker an darker and the city buildings getting covered in clouds,- reading blogs and getting myself ready for tomorrow - I have a weeks temp assignment working at Melbourne University!

I finally reached 120 followers
Stay tuned for the giveaway which will happen this week :)
Thanks for the love guys!!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Last Wednesday after I finished up at work, I went out with two of my friends for dinner to Chinatown - now Im generally a huge fan of Chinatown but here is how the night rolled out.

We arrived at the Restaurant and seated quickly we had drinks in front of us before we knew it - Yeoww.. Then it came to ordering we wanted the whole deal entree and then mains! I was starving.

We looked at the menu & it said spring roll $4.90 - surely that couldnt be for just one?
This is how the conversation went when the Chinese waiter came over

"Ready order now?"
"Yes..Just a quick question - How many spring rolls do you get for $4.90"
"Oh..right so im guessing they are the large ones?"
"Depends you know it different for all"

Ok not helpful.
Then my friend Briony brings out the hand measurements and as he is telling her "smaller" and "smaller" with her hand movements we decided to buy 1 anyway.
Turns out when they came to the table my little finger was larger than the spring roll.

Then ordering the mains came - My friend Briony is allergic to endless amounts of food so she wanted to know what vegtables came with the "seasoned vegs" in her dish.
"What are the vegetables you'll be using?"
"Vegetables, what will be in my dish"
"I..ah no."
"What you want?"
"I want to know what type of food I'll be eating!!! Carrots, celery, broccoli?"
"I cannot tell you"
"Why not?!"
"It always change"
"Are you able to find out?"

and then he walks off to another table an starts serving someone else?! :| I felt like I was on candid camera I was too busy trying not to cry hiding behind my menu! It was hilarious.
He ended up coming back to the table and yelling at my friend Erin because she hadn't ordered!! The topping on the cake for me was when Briony asked if  there was red or green capcisums and he turns around and says "Eh..Crapsicums?" (If you dont understand read the last word slowly)
Omg I was gone.

Tell me a hilarious story about you and a waiter?

Thursday, March 1, 2012


My last day at work..It went by sooooo quick! I had a few last minute things to do in the morning but all my work was pretty much completed and I just needed to have a few meetings with a few of the managers and also clean out my desk! .. I had at final count 9 pairs of shoes stashed away in my bottom draw! How? I dont know. Thank god my friends and I where going out for dinner after work and she put my 5 bags of junk in her car lol!

The management group and few of my friends went out for lunch as one of the girls in our Finance team is leaving on Friday too.. so we did a combined lunch we went to Aspro Ble - A Greek restaurant in hardware lane.

The food was so good and traditional! I would def recommend hitting it up!
After lunch I had a few meetings and started saying some goodbyes, thinking I would be able to leave a little early..C'MON it was my last day after all!

Around 4.30 they gathered everyone together (I hate this lol!) and then my boss gave a speech and wished me all the best and then it was my turn.. I had no idea what to say?! I just thanked everyone for the support, friendships and wished everyone all the best! They had sent a card around the office and also pitched in and brought me a present. I told myself I wasn't going to cry and I didn't!!.. Until later haha.

Presents! - On my empty and clean desk.

I had to take an awkward shot of my card so I could fit it all in.. (Never mind D's stig figurine in the background lol!) We have had alot of people leave the company recently and so I have signed my share of cards..people write the generic "goodbye and good luck!" but I was so touched that people actually wrote personalised messages in my card! Thats when I started to get teary.. I Sent out a goodbye email to the whole company wishing them all the best etc and I got so many replies and then I got really sad and realised that I was actually leaving!

I opened my present last night they had brought me a  leather organiser & In my favourite colour!

Here is a copy of an email I got from a lady that I recruited in our Adelaide Office

She is an absolute angel of a woman - I'm sure she wont mind me sharing this but when I recruited her I had no idea of her health or her past - She has Cancer and is currently undergoing treatment yet is still attending work, she asked if she could speak to me a few months back and she told me the whole story, she was more concerned about letting the team down than her own health. Positive news is she is now in remission and I wish her all the best!

There are going to be so many people that I'll miss but I know we will stay in contact, I feel good about the move and know that there are bigger things ahead for me and I'm really excited :)