Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I swear that the dishwasher is eating all of our cups and forks.
Either that or D is selling them on the side, because not even a month ago I remember washing so many of them and now we are not kidding..down to 3 glasses!?

I went to the only place that has big yellow arrows on the floor - Yep IKEA and went crazy
I thought these are super cute glass blown cups $1.99 each
Yes please - I'll take 6.

I also have been motivating myself to get my bum back to the gym and do something about my latest curves haha..

Im not against mothers at the gym.. but yesterday I was there and this mother was on the treadmill with her baby in-front of her in the pram and the poor kid was screaming in eyes out for whatever reason she stopped to take her headphones out ..looked at her kid rolled her eyes and then put the headphones back in and kept running? I was like..Gobsmacked? Attend to your baby.
Im not a mother and wont comment to much but I just found it so wrong.

Ive started a new book which I brought from Ebay - Its OK so far and I say this after reading 3 pages only lol - I ended up ordering Kris Jenner's latest book and it still hasnt arrived yet.. :(
I hate when I order things and it takes yonks to arrive.

For lunch today I caught up with my old work friends and went to Yum Cha!
I love the traditional Jasmine Tea that they serve - You cannot beat it!

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  1. I'm gobsmacked too - I have never seen a mother bring a baby to my gym. And it's even a 24 hour access one with no creche, so you would think they might be trying o sneak babies in early in the morning. Weird!

    1. It was the gym in our apartment complex.. either way still a gym and poor parenting!

  2. Ohh thanks for the reminder to enter your giveaway. I'm also hosting another giveaway if you'd like to enter! Click here

    I don't think babies should be allowed in gyms - isn't it a safety issue as much as anything!? I have never seen that happen thank goodness!

  3. Wow eye rolling at your child screaming... Nice!

    Our forks and spoons always go missing... and containers?... S... I'm looking at you...

    It's a man thing I swear! x

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