Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Yesterday I had one of those days, I was sleep deprived, moody, work was a b!tch and I had a headache. I picked up nandos for dinner as I couldnt be bothered cooking and was in bed by 8pm.

I feel so much better today. I was on the bus this morning and looking down at my handbag.

 Its getting old I really need a new one but I hate changing bags as Im always so fussy It cannot be small as I need to fit all of my crap inside but I dont want a bag that looks like a suitcase either!
I prefer black, my bag before this was tan I like to mix it up and would love a red one but I dont think I could match it with my clothing choices everyday, (Read: couldnt be bothered)

I have all of my interviews tomorrow I now have 4 lined up and Im pumped! I have one in Port Melbourne which would be handy if I got as its right on Bay Street and I live around the corner, and the other 3 are in the city. Normally I would go shopping before an Interview (Just because) but due to this shopping ban looming over my head I cannot. So while I'm Sitting at my desk im mentally going through my wardrobe on what to wear!

Also! Hooray I have reached 100 Followers, Not sure if you're all just following for the sake of following or you really enjoy my ramblings! But a big thankyou to everyone! Ive gotten to get to know some pretty awsome ladies via blogging!

I remember I was so excited when I got my first follower!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Teeth are the one thing that I notice about people, and no im not materialistic but im one to look at mouths and make eye contact whenever I'm speaking to people, and a beautiful smile is something Im always going to remember! My teeth are OK as a child my parents used to always take me to the dentists, we had a horrid family dentist who I used to wish would fall off the side of a cliff. Unfortunately for me he never did.

I have some crooked bottom teeth which I would love to get fixed, they arent really noticeable but they are something that annoy me. Ive been doing some research into Invisalign and am intrigued.

When I look back to my teenage years a large number of kids had the metal braces and in my mind thats a teenage thing and I dont know if I could have metal braces now at my age, I would feel weird. So the fact that these are clear are a huge bonus. The not bonus side of this is the cost! Anywhere from $3500 to $5,000 + depending on how much work you need to do.

I have an amazing dentist now who I'll recommend to anyone without a second thought, so yell out if you're after one and Im going to have a consultation with him next week so see what work would be needed done and also costs. Call me stupid but at the moment I don't have private health insurance, so Im wanting to know who do you use, what do you get and how much does it cost you?
Also have you ever had invisalign, heard any bad stories?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Tonight after work I walked into Witchery on Bay Street to buy my friend a little present for her birthday, The shop was pretty empty when I walked in and the sales assistants kept chatting away to each other, this didn't bother me.  As I walked around the store and got closer to the counter the woman piped up and told me the item I was holding would look amazing on me and that I should try it on.
The converastion went a little like this

Me: "Oh, this isnt for me Im shopping for a friend"
SA: "If you look towards the front of the shop we have our latest items"
Me: "Great thanks I'll check it out"
SA: "I can help you find some great colours to match your skin tone, see come with me"
* get dragged to the front of the store *
SA: "Now is one is gaw-just! It would go so well with your hair colour"
Me: "Yes its nice, but Im not shopping for me, just literally popped in to pick up a gift"
SA: "Oh thats lovely, but its always important to shop for yourself too!!"
Me: "Im on a shopping ban! so no!"
SA: "A what?"
Me: "Shopping Ban"
SA: "Oh goodness"

and with that she didnt even look at me twice and walked off.. left me standing there.
I have never met anyone so unbelievably rude?! She wasnt a young girl either she should of known better, much to say I put down the dress I was going to buy for my friend and walked straight out of there.

At the moment Im going through this faze of being total obsessed with Tzatziki Im putting it with everything and making D rather sick with my newest creations haha. I even took a tub to work to snack on with some carrots. Super good

Ive been using my new foundation for nearly a week now an its def a winner so ill keep this one on my list - Ive been recommending to some of the girls at work and they've gone and got themsevles a little sample bottle.

Hooray for short weeks - Whats your plans for Australia Day?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Madness

Morning ya'll
Melbourne is bright, sunny and warm.
 Lets hope we can hold onto this weather a little longer
I went for a bright yet suttle outfit this morning and set it off with one of my fav necklaces

This morning getting to work was a nightmare. I got to the corner just as the bus was zooming along bay street so I waited for the next one, which for whatever reason didnt come, finally got on the bus at 8.12am to be seated next to an old guy who found it attractive to snort, with another guy staring me down numerous amounts of times.
Sometimes I wish I drove to work.

I was having a fat night lastnight we flaked out on the couch watching the tennis Go Tomic, and I didnt end up crawling into bed until 1am - Rebel. I couldnt sleep I was either over tired or I was over the weather but the conversation between me and D lastnight went something like this

D: "Are you a Criminal?"
H: "What the.."
D: *snore*

At least someone got some sleep lastnight.
Im thinking of buying a new doona set for summer, I think new bedroom sheets etc can really add a difference to a good nights sleep.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Now that 2012 is actually here and we are off to Thailand in less than 5 months.
Yes its still a while away but a girl can waste her time day dreaming until the time is here.
We decided to book everything ourselves or in D's definition "Holly can do it"  Ive been looking around on a few websites and have some great feedback so far, but I'd love to hear some suggestions on Accommodation or some of the best places to go and see?

Ah bliss.

Birthday times!

Yay for weekends with goodfriends and sunshine.

Friday night after work we picked up D's new BMW after months and months of him non stop talking about what model, wheels, interior, colour he should good he finally made a decision and purchased it! In love as he is with it.. I did manage to separate him from it so we could go to dinner together!

Saturday night I had Miss.Jacqui's bday gathering - She didn't want anything big as she  hates birthday fuss so we had a girls night in with Mexican food at Erins house!
We also made some home made sangria.  No Boys and all girls, gossip, cocktails, cake and a selection of chick flicks on DVD -  We where totally set haha.
It was fun to have a girls night in for a change.

Todays weather was amazing! I put on some tunes and went for a run along the beach early this morning, before catching up with Erin & Jacqui on Bay Street for a quick snack.
Afterwards D and I headed out in his new ride (of course) and hit up port melbourne - we swung past The Pier in port melbourne as a friend was having some bday drinks!

It was good to see everyone but it was pretty busy with another function and I felt far too squashed so we left after a couple of hours - besides I was itching to get out into the sun.

I mentioned to D while driving that I was really craving a Cornetto, with those instructions D set off to find a 7/11 - Before I knew it I had a whole selection in front of me to chose from

Now that's love.
Here is some snap shots from today.

 D being all serious yo'

This is what happens when D decides to take a photo - There is only "one chance" and unfortunately for me its the one where im talking AND you can see my chewy. Thanks boyf - Sorry followers.
 Im actually feeling really stuffy and head sore today fingers crossed im not getting sick.

Did you get out an about in the weather today?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tagged & Tagging!

TAGGED:I was tagged by the Klara @ Click your heels & Sophie @ Je'mappelle to do this.

Firstly here are the rules...
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself on the blog post.
  3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you've tagged.
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11 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME! (Here goes!)
1 - I'm a Gemini

2.  I have a scar on my body that I hate (I'm prone to Keloid scarring!)
3.  I eat broccoli raw almost daily
4.  I have a secret obsession with YSL
5.  I chose what perfume I wear in the morning by my mood
6.  I'm learning another language
7.  I hate the feeling of straw/hay
8.  I'm petrified of spiders- literally will burst into tears haha (not kidding)
9.  I have a weird craving for pistachios
10. I was born two weeks early and first thought to be a boy (Ha?!)
11. I eat Nutella straight from the jar!

MY QUESTIONS (from Sophie)

  1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Id love to go to Prague 
  2. Do you have a goal you aspire to at the moment? I do, my fitness I need to get it back on track!
  3. What is the food you eat most frequently? Chicken!
  4. What is the best meal you ever ate? Oh god.. I don't even know! I think everything is amazing
  5. Favorite type of chocolate? Lindt!
  6. Who did you last talk on the phone with? A client at work!
  7. What is the last book you read? um.. now this is tough! perhaps One day
  8. Open- or closed-toe shoes in the summer?Im teaching myself to get into peep toe heels!
  9. Have you ever won a prize? Yes..Nothing exciting tho..
  10. Do you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing? Both..depends on my mood
  11. Do you live near or far from family? My brother & his fiance live about 20minutes away a few suburbs over, my mum lives 4 hours away and D's family lives 5 hours away.

1. http://rambling-e.blogspot.com
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NOW FOR YOUR 11 QUESTIONS TAGEES (thats a word right!?)
1. Whats your thoughts on Julia Gillard?
2. Favourite purchase of all time?
3. Popular brands or most affordable?
4. Favourite Holiday destination?
5. Worst flavour in the world?
6. Favourite Pet name?
7. What do you order on your pizza?
8. Lemon or chocolate Gelati?
9. Summer Vs Winter?
10. Worst thing you've ever brought off Ebay?

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last night I made the decision that I wanted to resign from my position, I raised this with my manager earlier in the week and she wanted to speak with me today to talk about my thoughts, plans and issues. I had my up my mind that I wanted to hand in my resignation graciously but here is the bombshell.

When I arrived at work this morning I got the news that our CEO had resigned over night - Wow did that through my thoughts right out the window (I report directly to the CEO). I spoke to my manager this afternoon about my frustrations about the company, the workload, the management team and alot of things in general, She knew my resignation was coming and but she made me spit out the words "Im going to leave" - Its such a huge relief to have had that discussion with my manager as I got a response I never thought I would get, She is happy to support me in staying in the role until I find another position - as my role wont be replaced. (Our company has recently gone through an acquisition and the company that brought us out.. already have a large number of the resources that we do) The sad part about today was the truth around my job came out - I may not have a position there in 12 months time as most roles are being filled by already internal staff within their Sydney office. 

Such a relief! Im now free to job hunt with my managers full support, being able to attend interviews without tiptoeing around and also she is more than happy to be a referee.
I actually feel really good and excited about the future.

Anyhow me being a girl - While all this was happening at work I still made time to head to MYER and buy some new makeup - I walked in and the first thing I got was "Hello, how are you?!" From the girls at MECCA.. You almost feel like a mini celeb walking in there!
I went straight to the Estee Lauder stand and helloo service! Sometimes you feel some of the girls can be so plastic and fake but the girl who served me was just lovely!

She look the time out to talk about the product, match my skintone, give me a sample and also a demo..she could see I was on my way back to work so she even did the rest of my makeup! - What a doll.

I went there at lunch time and had it applied and even still now at 10pm its still going strong.
It looks and feels so natural and light! I brought a foundation and then got a concelor and lipgloss free and also purchased their finishing bronzer powder - total of $139 I also got a free makeover which is booked in for Friday 3rd (No idea why I was offered this but hooray!)

I'll write a proper review tomorrow once I have a chance to apply it myself but so far it was def worth the mulla! Thanks to everyone who reccomonded this product I think we are onto a winner!
If you're wanting to try it I do recommend that you go in receive a little sample bottle - It'll last you 10 days or so.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Berocca - A little bottle of goodness!

This post is about my 16 year old self Vs my 22 year old self.

My thoughts when I was 16:
If I eat I'll get fat
Boys are everything
Peer Pressure is a way of life
I hate homework
Teachers are my worst enemy
I wish I was taller
I hate my legs

My thoughts now as a 22 year old:
Healthy eating and exercise = healthy body shape
Boys are nothing until you find one whos different from the rest
Peer Pressure is only for the weak
Homework? Pfht..A career is more work than an hour of homework each nigh!
Teachers werent my enemies in fact they got me ready to face the world
Im still not tall but I love it as I can wear heels and not be taller than my boyf.
My legs are what they are!

Isnt it funny how our mindsets change as we get older? We go through a stage of being young and thinking we know it all to being old and still learning along the way. I'll admit Im lucky that I wasnt a raving go crazy teenager who "went off the rails" but alot of that was probably to do with my upbringing and loosing my dad at such a young age (16). Its amazing I look around at the school kids now on the trains and trams and they're so different from how my friends and I acted in school, I remember we got in trouble for playing snake on our Nokia 3315's in class these days its all about updating your status on facebook on your Iphone!!
What is something you notice really different about yourself now compared to when you were growing up??

Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday night we went out for dinner with some friends in StKilda, our friends chose the resturant as they had heard amazing reviews about it.
We went to rococo - Acland Street

Amazing it was not.

We arrived and they didnt even have a table spare for us, despite having a reservation
We finally were seated in a small corner (table of 6 people)
Drinks where ordered and completely finished before they came back and took our order
food arrived.. and it was so dissapointing!
The first 4 meals on the "main menu" where all salads.. Poor D he loves his food and he order lamb skewers on a bed of a salad, Yeh okay we thought that there would be 4 nice sized skewers (For $30 you'd hope so!) Instead this came out.

Oh the look on D's face
There was 2 small lamb skewers, D being Greek this wasnt food to him!
We actually swung past coles on the way home so he could buy some actually food.
We got home around 1am and instead of going to bed we stayed up being rebels - We watched "Whats your number" Its actually hilarious and would recommend it.

Yesterday was meant to be a day for me to relax and not have to be active - Yes I felt like a fat day! Instead D wakes up and tells me to "get my gym gear on.. We're going for a walk!" So I did what I was told, little did I know he had plans to walk half of Melbourne - Hahah.. My legs are killing me this morning - Shouldnt really complain the weather was so nice!

We got home around 5.30pm got changed an then headed out for dinner & me being me got ice-cream for desert - Yum! Whats your must have after going out for dinner or do you always order the bad stuff at the rest?

 Last week I posted about some very exciting news which I should be able to tell you guys - I went for my absolute dream job (2 levels from where I am now in terms of the recruitment ladder) I was suprised I even got a call back, I did tho and I met with their National Recruitment Manager, half way into our interview he wanted to speak with my referees and gave me all postive vibes! He even called me after the interview to cover off on some things that we didnt speak about.. Unfortunatley for me tho.. I didnt get the job some other superstar with 12 months more experience was interviewed after me and in terms of where the business is sitting they felt they would be the better candidate - in terms of experience.

He did say his team is growing and there is a 90% chance he will call me within 4 months with another opporunity. - Which is something but I'll admit I am devo!
There is only a few chances that come along like that - Such is life.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


My hair hasnt been the best condition recently - It may of been the extreme change in atmosphere while we where away I may have fried myself but anyhow my hair has just been a total disgrace. I went to hair house warehouse and the woman tried to sell me every product under the sun. No deal.

I went passed my hairdressers on the way home and for a few months now she has been telling me to get onto kerastase hair products as I would be amazed - Ive seen a few posts about it recently and it had me thinking. My hairdresser was so proud when I said I wanted to buy it!
Damn this stuff is pricey
I brought a bottle of shampoo and then a container of this rinse out conditioner.

I used it for the first time lasnight and oh my god this stuff is un believable! My hair already feels brand new, best part is that you need the smallest amount. Turns out that my $100 purchase will last me a little while. - Thankgod.

Lastnight after work  I went out with some friends for some drinks 
What is it with people these days - If you go out with a group of girls your bound to have a group of muzzas with zero IQ's come up to you and try and start a conversation, which will generally start with "Hey babes..how you doin?"

Today D and I went to do some serious car shopping the boy is looking at a BWM that I can only ever imagine spending that much cash on - He was put on the spot today with a price he couldn't deny so i'll keep you updated, me on the other hand last year I was looking at getting a Madza 2 - I still admit I think their as cute as ever but I found an Audi A3 and fell in love. I spoke to the owner today and we tee'd up a time for me to inspect it and test drive. 

Its a 2006 and its just under $20K. I have never driven a European car before but aren't they amazing? It is a 2 door hatchback with a sunroof and leather interior its decked out with a sports kit and alloy wheels (I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't!) It is a dream to drive it feels fantastic! I really want it. I have some decisions to make!

Do you drive an AUDI A3? If so..Tell me your thoughts! OR can you suggest some other zippy sporty city cars under $20K?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hump day

Tuesday was my first day back at work and yes it really was as painful as I thought it would be.
Its funny how your body switches so quickly into holiday mode and doesnt want to budge.

Welcome 2012
The daily quotes on these are so lame.
(It was about 10am and I already managed to get red texta all over my thumb - Honestly!)

I had a competition with my boyfriend on how many emails he thought I would have when I logged in..He guessed 113 - Unfortunatly he was wrong

128 emails - Is not what I was wanting to face on my first day back - I opened my inbox looked at it closed it and went for a walk to get coffee - There was no way I could face that with out caffeine!

Strong Skinny Latte - really was my savior.
Best thing about being back at work when the half the population is still off on holidays there is no huge line so I got my cup of goodness straight away!

Lastnight while cooking I got the biggest fright of my life - I was cooking dinner and stupidly enough I went to take the cord out of the wall and didnt bother to switch it off first and yanked it me being me didnt even think twice about it but I was holding a metal knife at the same time - There was huge spark/explosion, a loud crack, shooting pain and buring sensation ran up my arm, I screamed, Our power went out and D came running - Yep I electroducted myself.
For a good 3 hours the pain, pins and needle sensation and burning wouldnt go away I was in tears and a snotty mess - Thankfully we have a power saver which automatically kills the power in those situations, so lucky it wasnt any worse than that. - My hand still feels a little fuzzy but its on the mend.

Today to turn the dreaded-ness of being at work I work some colour
Pity the weather was so dreaded this morning I got drenched walking to the bus stop and now its sunny sky's and heat again - Uh Melbourne why do you do this?

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 2, 2012

scorchin' in 2012

New years eve day was spent shopping - haha yes I know it was my final day that I was allowed to go shopping and I spent a large percentage of my day shop hopping with D's mum.

I have to admit there is a couple of things that I cannot stand when I go shopping
- Shop Assistants who dont even lift their heads when you walk into the shop and stay focused on their phone or finger nails. No matter how nice an item may be in your store if you dont smile or ackowledge me when I walk in - No deal I'll spend my money elsewhere.
- Shop Assistants who stalk you around the store and tell you that "this would like fantastic on you!" and holds up a dress which you wouldnt be seen dead in.

I brought these from Dotti
This was lust at first sight.
I hardly brought anything for my last day of shopping but I was happy with my purchases I also brought a new Tony Bianco purse, a couple of basic clothing items and also some more makeup.

After the shops we went back to see what all the boys where upto and I put my domestic skills to the test and made some scones - I succeeded.

After the hype of christmas the week before I was excited to spend new years just relaxing with D's family and having a low key relaxed time, New years for me is generally a fizzlee everyone talks it up to be this amazing night and it never is? So I prefer to keep things low key! Christmas is by far my favourite holiday time.

We kicked off the drinks around 3pm - The weather called for it.
Lychee - Cranberry - Strawberry & Vodka.

I wore this jumpsuit for new years eve.
We spent the first half of the night with D's YiaYia (Grandma) we had dinner and left around 9pm

We went back to D's parents house shortly after and chilled out with his family and some cousins came over to visit - The boys played some PS2 challenges which everyone got involved in! Around 11.30 we headed out to the city centre to watch the fireworks - I love fireworks.

12.30 we headed home a Greek tradition is that on new years eve around midnight you each cut a slice of cake which has a coin hidden in the middle somewhere - Whoever gets that coin has goodluck for the year ahead -  I thought that I'd have beginners luck and win but no..D won instead!

The winning piece - But never fear I figure his goodluck is my goodluck right? ;)
 We cracked open the champagne and celebrated 2012
From memory we ended up crawling to bed around 3am - It was such a goodnight!

New years day I didnt awake from my slumber until 11am - Opps!
The weather each day was 40 + degree days - I had to choose light options for clothing
I'm still trying to work out if D & I got tanned or if we just burnt ha.

 New years day was filled with visiting the Greek relo's cutting and eating more new years cake, food, fruit, champagne, wine and everything else I shouldn't even be looking at. New years night we went to D's other YiaYia's house for a family BBQ.. loaded up with more food before wishing everyone a safe and happy new year and going home to pack for our 6am flight the next day.

So after 2 weeks away from Melbourne we flew back this morning waking up to a balmy and hot wind at 5am I was just wanting to go back to sleep! We caught out plane and arrived in a stinking hot melbourne at 8.30am. I was so annoyed our plane arrived and we walked through security, went to the bathrooms, picked up a coffee and then made our way to collect our luggage - We would of killed a good 15 minutes we arrived and our luggage still wasnt out.

9.30am - Yes one hour after our plane landed our bags decided to make their way out.
Thanks alot Qantas.

I have loved spending the last 2 weeks with both sides of the family, catching some sun, but there is nothing better than walking in your own front door and being home! I cannot wait to jump into my own bed tonight and catch some well needed sleep before I go back to work tomorrow - That's going to be painful.