Thursday, January 19, 2012


Last night I made the decision that I wanted to resign from my position, I raised this with my manager earlier in the week and she wanted to speak with me today to talk about my thoughts, plans and issues. I had my up my mind that I wanted to hand in my resignation graciously but here is the bombshell.

When I arrived at work this morning I got the news that our CEO had resigned over night - Wow did that through my thoughts right out the window (I report directly to the CEO). I spoke to my manager this afternoon about my frustrations about the company, the workload, the management team and alot of things in general, She knew my resignation was coming and but she made me spit out the words "Im going to leave" - Its such a huge relief to have had that discussion with my manager as I got a response I never thought I would get, She is happy to support me in staying in the role until I find another position - as my role wont be replaced. (Our company has recently gone through an acquisition and the company that brought us out.. already have a large number of the resources that we do) The sad part about today was the truth around my job came out - I may not have a position there in 12 months time as most roles are being filled by already internal staff within their Sydney office. 

Such a relief! Im now free to job hunt with my managers full support, being able to attend interviews without tiptoeing around and also she is more than happy to be a referee.
I actually feel really good and excited about the future.

Anyhow me being a girl - While all this was happening at work I still made time to head to MYER and buy some new makeup - I walked in and the first thing I got was "Hello, how are you?!" From the girls at MECCA.. You almost feel like a mini celeb walking in there!
I went straight to the Estee Lauder stand and helloo service! Sometimes you feel some of the girls can be so plastic and fake but the girl who served me was just lovely!

She look the time out to talk about the product, match my skintone, give me a sample and also a demo..she could see I was on my way back to work so she even did the rest of my makeup! - What a doll.

I went there at lunch time and had it applied and even still now at 10pm its still going strong.
It looks and feels so natural and light! I brought a foundation and then got a concelor and lipgloss free and also purchased their finishing bronzer powder - total of $139 I also got a free makeover which is booked in for Friday 3rd (No idea why I was offered this but hooray!)

I'll write a proper review tomorrow once I have a chance to apply it myself but so far it was def worth the mulla! Thanks to everyone who reccomonded this product I think we are onto a winner!
If you're wanting to try it I do recommend that you go in receive a little sample bottle - It'll last you 10 days or so.


  1. Oh nooooo you are convincing me to go to Estee Lauder!!!!!!! Woohoo we are both on the prowl for jobs in Melbourne now. I am looking to start mid March! Are you going to be looking in HR? I can email you some recruiters names if you want as I have touched base with ALOT over the past few months :) It's hard weeding out the recruiters that waste your time and the ones that actually want to see you in a good position!

  2. Goood luck with the job hunting!

  3. Sounds like you're in a good position to find a great job :) And I love getting new makeup. Hooray!

  4. Good work on the job situation, always easier with managers support, and good luck job hunting! :) x

  5. Oh good on you for taking the plunge and talking to your manager! I hope you find a really awesome job that you love :)

    and thanks for the mini review! I might have to head to the counter and try it out xx

  6. Good luck with your job hunting! That's great that your manager is so supportive! Will make the search that much easier!

  7. Best of luck with the job hunting. It's good you have the support to go off and do it without the added stress of keeping it secret. Ive tagged you to do a post if you're interested

  8. Well done for getting it all over with and it seems like things have turned out the best way possible in the circumstances. I'd love to hear more about your job hunt, as I may be in a similar position soon.

    1. no worries i'll most likely blog about my adventures in finding a new job so stay posted! :)

  9. Oooh I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews! I don't know much about makeup so I love getting recommendations on what to try. Anyway I'm glad that you have your managers support and good luck with job hunting! :)

  10. Everything happens for a reason. Best of luck with the job hunt! :)