Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Berocca - A little bottle of goodness!

This post is about my 16 year old self Vs my 22 year old self.

My thoughts when I was 16:
If I eat I'll get fat
Boys are everything
Peer Pressure is a way of life
I hate homework
Teachers are my worst enemy
I wish I was taller
I hate my legs

My thoughts now as a 22 year old:
Healthy eating and exercise = healthy body shape
Boys are nothing until you find one whos different from the rest
Peer Pressure is only for the weak
Homework? Pfht..A career is more work than an hour of homework each nigh!
Teachers werent my enemies in fact they got me ready to face the world
Im still not tall but I love it as I can wear heels and not be taller than my boyf.
My legs are what they are!

Isnt it funny how our mindsets change as we get older? We go through a stage of being young and thinking we know it all to being old and still learning along the way. I'll admit Im lucky that I wasnt a raving go crazy teenager who "went off the rails" but alot of that was probably to do with my upbringing and loosing my dad at such a young age (16). Its amazing I look around at the school kids now on the trains and trams and they're so different from how my friends and I acted in school, I remember we got in trouble for playing snake on our Nokia 3315's in class these days its all about updating your status on facebook on your Iphone!!
What is something you notice really different about yourself now compared to when you were growing up??


  1. So true! I'd love to be able to give advice to my 16 yo self!

    I think mainly (now that I'm about to become a parent) that they're not against me, similar to teachers.. they only have your best interest at heart.

  2. They just look older to me! I think when we were 16 we looked so much younger the the 16 year olds of today!

  3. I was definitely a very innocent child. I have now had my moments of rebellion, and still can be a bit of a fool about things, but I have much more of an idea about everything these days.

    One thing that HASN'T changed is that I am still a stubborn little so-and-so. Always have been, always will be! :)

    It's amazing the things you see young kids doing these days - what they talk about, the way they dress, what they do! They certainly don't stay "young" for as long.

    xo CAT

  4. I value my health soooooooooooooooooo much more then I used too. I wish I paid more attention to it when I was younger . Now I am pushing 30 and I wished I looked after myself more and didn't stress. I have also learnt to be more appreciative of others. Back in the day I didn't think it was that important. Now I see different.
    OHHHH and saving money. I was like pfftt I a going to buy this sass & bide outfit.... etc etc etc ... with all the money I spent I could have put a MASSIVE down payment on a house.
    PS. I am going to get a Berocca now... I am having a bad day.

  5. I think just the general attitude of the current generation of teens, they seem to have an expectation that everything is there for them, that everything will be done for them and they don't seem particularly grateful either.

    I know I sound like a grandma but I sometimes I look at teens and their obnoxious out there attitude and cringe. I was never like that, maybe because I was shy but I also like to think I was polite and courteous as well.

    Not to get on a teen bashing bandwagon, I don't mean to generalise and I know they are not all like that, I just see myself as more independent and courteous than my 18 year old brother who has an expectation that mum and dad owe him everything and that he doesnt have to work for any of it, whereas I was the opposite.

  6. LOL I can empathise with a lot of those. I am so much more confident now, and happy to be myself. I feel sorry for my 17 year old sister who still has all this to go through!!

  7. Oh my gosh 3315s!!!! hahaha I loved those babies! They were tough as bricks! You could throw one of these across the class room and you would never see a smashed screen. Snake was the best game ever!
    I must admit I am a lot more confident now than what I was in High School. I think getting out in the work force and working full time has really screwed my head on and made me so much more confident than my 18 year old self. Wow that seems like such a long time ago!

  8. The good old 3315s!! I think I was on innocent child and teenagers these days look so much older and more grown up (in every sense of the word). Some of the stuff they wear and the amount of makeup they put on is crazy!!! At 16, I owned very very little make up! They seem a lot more confident and their attitude is a bit full on for my liking!
    I sound like an old grumpy person :D :D

  9. what has changed?..mt knowledge on makeup lol.. i tell myself now, if only i knew then (16) what i know now (22) about makeup. UGH so many mistakes. lol GREAT post :)

  10. I am right there with you lady. Absolutely everything has changed but with that also came this huge amount of self worth and now I know I can truly do anything I set my mind on because I believe in myself. High school had so much doubt that's why it was hard to be okay with peer pressure, or mean boys, or your legs/ my arms lol


  11. Oh my word you just touched on a subject that's so close to my heart! I really feel like I've come such a long way in life too but I can't help but think that there's THAT much more for me to learn. I wonder how much your list will change when you're 28.. I feel like I can write an essay about this topic but I'll stop here!

    You're an awesome blogger :)