Monday, January 16, 2012


Saturday night we went out for dinner with some friends in StKilda, our friends chose the resturant as they had heard amazing reviews about it.
We went to rococo - Acland Street

Amazing it was not.

We arrived and they didnt even have a table spare for us, despite having a reservation
We finally were seated in a small corner (table of 6 people)
Drinks where ordered and completely finished before they came back and took our order
food arrived.. and it was so dissapointing!
The first 4 meals on the "main menu" where all salads.. Poor D he loves his food and he order lamb skewers on a bed of a salad, Yeh okay we thought that there would be 4 nice sized skewers (For $30 you'd hope so!) Instead this came out.

Oh the look on D's face
There was 2 small lamb skewers, D being Greek this wasnt food to him!
We actually swung past coles on the way home so he could buy some actually food.
We got home around 1am and instead of going to bed we stayed up being rebels - We watched "Whats your number" Its actually hilarious and would recommend it.

Yesterday was meant to be a day for me to relax and not have to be active - Yes I felt like a fat day! Instead D wakes up and tells me to "get my gym gear on.. We're going for a walk!" So I did what I was told, little did I know he had plans to walk half of Melbourne - Hahah.. My legs are killing me this morning - Shouldnt really complain the weather was so nice!

We got home around 5.30pm got changed an then headed out for dinner & me being me got ice-cream for desert - Yum! Whats your must have after going out for dinner or do you always order the bad stuff at the rest?

 Last week I posted about some very exciting news which I should be able to tell you guys - I went for my absolute dream job (2 levels from where I am now in terms of the recruitment ladder) I was suprised I even got a call back, I did tho and I met with their National Recruitment Manager, half way into our interview he wanted to speak with my referees and gave me all postive vibes! He even called me after the interview to cover off on some things that we didnt speak about.. Unfortunatley for me tho.. I didnt get the job some other superstar with 12 months more experience was interviewed after me and in terms of where the business is sitting they felt they would be the better candidate - in terms of experience.

He did say his team is growing and there is a 90% chance he will call me within 4 months with another opporunity. - Which is something but I'll admit I am devo!
There is only a few chances that come along like that - Such is life.


  1. hmmmmmmmmm my friend works in HR in fashion. She might have a HR position coming up too. With a veryyyyy well known company. I will have to ask her and oh yes its in Melbourne too. LOL

    1. Its recruitment HR.... :) But I dont think there is anything coming up. There was last year but not now :(

  2. Holly - I need to raid your wardrobe!! Love the Alice!!! Gorgeous. Bummer about the job - but not meant to be! There will no doubt be something more in store for you ;) Good Luck!
    Angie x

  3. Love that dress! :)

    Good for you for going for the job! :) I'm sorry you didn't get it, but you're time will come soon I'm sure! Their loss, right??

  4. I've been to Rococo a couple of times. My sister LOVES it but I am just not impressed. Way too many greens and not enough calamari in my calamari entree.