Saturday, January 7, 2012


My hair hasnt been the best condition recently - It may of been the extreme change in atmosphere while we where away I may have fried myself but anyhow my hair has just been a total disgrace. I went to hair house warehouse and the woman tried to sell me every product under the sun. No deal.

I went passed my hairdressers on the way home and for a few months now she has been telling me to get onto kerastase hair products as I would be amazed - Ive seen a few posts about it recently and it had me thinking. My hairdresser was so proud when I said I wanted to buy it!
Damn this stuff is pricey
I brought a bottle of shampoo and then a container of this rinse out conditioner.

I used it for the first time lasnight and oh my god this stuff is un believable! My hair already feels brand new, best part is that you need the smallest amount. Turns out that my $100 purchase will last me a little while. - Thankgod.

Lastnight after work  I went out with some friends for some drinks 
What is it with people these days - If you go out with a group of girls your bound to have a group of muzzas with zero IQ's come up to you and try and start a conversation, which will generally start with "Hey you doin?"

Today D and I went to do some serious car shopping the boy is looking at a BWM that I can only ever imagine spending that much cash on - He was put on the spot today with a price he couldn't deny so i'll keep you updated, me on the other hand last year I was looking at getting a Madza 2 - I still admit I think their as cute as ever but I found an Audi A3 and fell in love. I spoke to the owner today and we tee'd up a time for me to inspect it and test drive. 

Its a 2006 and its just under $20K. I have never driven a European car before but aren't they amazing? It is a 2 door hatchback with a sunroof and leather interior its decked out with a sports kit and alloy wheels (I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about but I really don't!) It is a dream to drive it feels fantastic! I really want it. I have some decisions to make!

Do you drive an AUDI A3? If so..Tell me your thoughts! OR can you suggest some other zippy sporty city cars under $20K?


  1. I've heard so much about Kerastase I really think I need to try it!
    I love Audi's! Getting a new car is always exciting :)

  2. I have to try that Kerastase for my hair, my hair is going through a massive crisis, it's either too dry or too oily.

  3. heard so many good things about kerastase !! my hair definitely needs something, glad to hear it worked for you :D

  4. I've heard so many good things about Keratase. Loreal Elvive Total Repair 5 conditioner works really well too and it's also a cheap alternative. I love the rings you are wearing, do you mind if I ask where they are from? :)

  5. whopping $100 =O I've never spent that much on my head before, not even for a haircut =O shows where my priorities lie, eh ;p
    My sister owns an A3. It's a decent car, good size hasn't broken down on her yet! But having said that, my Fiesta hasn't either since purchase in 08 =)
    Now, the Holly tote! Omg I'm so happy with it ahahhaahaha $80 reduced to $28, it also comes in a blue (still available online) with the off-white straps but I prefer the one colour all over.

  6. I used to drive Euro and honestly it is fun.. But every service I had to do, my heart would be jumping with pain. Handing over the credit card was so painful. I am sooo glad that I had my fun with my Alfa then my Peugeot and no longer want one!

    But back to this, what ring are you wearing in that pic with the drinks?

  7. Have you driven a mini yet? A mini convertible at that? OHHHH how I miss my old car :( I used to have one, not a convertible but it was soooo zippy! Before that I had a peugeot - ohhh good times with that car. I feel sorry for whoever has it now :/ I did a head count once and it appeared over 25 people had driven my car when I was about 18 :/ thats what happens when your grandpa buys you a 25K car when you are just out of uni woooopsssssss

  8. Soph! I Did look at the mini's but for me they are too low :( Id freak out!

  9. Yeah they are a quite low car! When I think about it driving around Melbourne on the freeway would be pretty scary especially with the semi's and stuff :( !!!!

  10. your blog is amazing. i meant to comment in the post where you had all those dresses.... well, wanted to say that your blog is amazing. i love your photos! new follower... and hoping to visit again. cheers and all the best on your blog!