Thursday, May 30, 2013


I love hair products and my lets not deny the truth my hair NEEDS good products. #thickhair

I remember on my last visit to my hairdressers she mentioned this new product that was on the market she used it in my hair, the results were great but I didn't think much else of it.
Until recently the ELEVEN products landed in my hot little hands.

1) Miracle Hair Treatment
2) Volume Foam
3) Flexible Hairspray

The last thing that I need with my hair is more volume ha! But both the Miracle Hair Treatment and Hairspray get a big thumbs up from me.

It added shine and smoothed out my hair. If you don't know when my hair is wet the waves and curls come out to play hence why I usually wash my hair at night and not go out in public afterwards haha.  After I washed my hair I put two or three squirts of the Hair Treatment into my hair  (still damp) working from the roots outwards and then dried about 40% of my hair and left the rest to dry naturally.

I will say that this product killed more than half the frizz and my hair was so much more smoother and shiny than it would normally be when using my previous first choices - Moroccan Oil.
A big tick of approval for me.

What I liked best about the Hair Spray is that it was so light and it didn't make my hair feel like there was product overload. Best of all the next morning it didn't feel like there was "left over hair spray" in my hair. 

I am keen to try some more of their products. The pricing is pretty reasonable they have shampoo and conditioner for all types of hair's starting at $20 which I think is reasonable and similiar to salon prices. I havent tried the shampoo yet but if you have I would love to read your reviews or thoughts!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I love birthdays full stop.
So does Siri last Thursday was my 24th birthday  (C'mon retirement) and I had been counting  down if you have been follow me on Instagram (hollymay89) I was overly excited when I got this message from Siri.

God, love her.

On Wednesday night the boyfriend and I watched a movie which was odd for us considering it was a week night and I am usually in bed by 10pm but csonsidering my birthday was now only  a couple of hours away. I was too excited to sleep. Midnight came just as the movie was finished and of course I reminded the boyfriend it was my birthday and that I should be allowed to open my presents now and not have to wait until the morning, he didn't agree with this at first but caved in.  I'm such a kid when it comes to birthdays.

I let out a little squeal when I saw the Tiffany and Co bag - who doesn't love T&C on their bday.

Each layer I removed I stopped to take a photo, the boyfriend was getting impatient hahah.

He brought me a gorgeous necklace with the letter H.
I love it and it's such a perfect birthday present.

The best part about birthdays is hearing from friends, family and just generally feeling loved!

My work buddies spoilt me. We went out for an extended lunch to Left Bank and enjoyed a glass of wine and then just after we got back to the office a gorgeous bunch of flowers landed on my desk.
Followed by cupcakes from the cupcake bakery - Red Velvet... Mm mm

Turning 24 was great and thank you all so much for the birthday love on Instagram each time I got a little notification it made me smile. You guys rock.
The only down side to my birthday was I was struck down with that horrible cold/flu that is lurking Melbourne I felt really bad on Monday and had my fingers crossed that it would be gone by Thursday sadly not! 

My birthday celebrations didn't stop there - On Friday my MD at work was back in the office and felt bad for missing my birthday (Ha!) So he took us out for lunch to continue my turning of age. We all waddled up to Merrywell for lunch - This was not a good idea. Food overload.

I had planned to go out for dinner with the boyfriend on Friday night just the two of us to celebrate but I pyked on my own plans as I just wasn't feeling well, I was all snotty, couldn't breathe and had a headache like you wouldn't believe. Worst ha? So we ordered in Thai food and watched a movie under the blankets.

Saturday we had tickets go to the Dream Time game at the MCG. Essendon Vs Richmond.
Mandatory selfie.

Knowing I was still sick I made sure that I rugged up. I wore skins underneath my jeans ha! Paired with my leather jacket and with the usual bombers scarf and boots.
We went to Meat and Wine Co before the game for dinner. The boyfriend ordered the Onion Rings but I thought wasn't great until they arrived at the table. Those things are amazing. 

I can never fault the food at the Meat and Wine Co. I do think I prefer squires Loft - Agree/Disagree?

We had ground seat tickets but towards the back so we were abit worried that we (I) wouldn't able to see anything as it was almost a sell out match lucky we striked luck and I didn't get any one tall sitting in front of me.  The game went to plan and we won. Go Bombers!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


To get into the spirit of my birthday I received this birthday gift card from Hyundai which is $50 to put towards my next service, awkward moment when I don't  own a Hyundai!? Maybe my details ended up on their database some how. Eh its the thought that counts.

I have been loving the MAC "Chatterbox" lipstick lately and have been getting compliments from my fellow work buddies - I think its a reminder that I need to switch up my work wardrobe because the moment I wear something different they all comment ha!

Friday lunch time we went to The Meat and Wine Co in Southbank - I had an eye fillet and garden salad. Their chips are to die for..BUT since I'm clean eating I resisted the urge, god that was hard.

On Saturday we went to the football at Etihad Stadium - Essendon Vs Brisbane
The weather was nasty in the morning but cleared up thankfully.
I was nice and warm in my leather jacket and bombers scarf.

The game was good, the result not so much!
Essendon have lead the pack all year up until the last two games.. Not happy!

This was post match - We were still happy here ha!

After the footy we headed across town to IKEA we have started on our next project, making the second bedroom into a media/study room. We got rid of our double bed thanks to gum tree and I culled all my clothes thanks to e-Bay so we could start fresh. The boyfriend wanted to set up his computer just because, he is like that. So the first thing we needed was to purchase a new computer desk, without hesitation he suggested IKEA my eyes lit up. 

After walking against the arrows on the floor - Yes I know I know, but we were running out of time as they closed at 7pm. We found the desk and then went  to the self serve furniture section.
Let me tell you, trying to get a flat packed desk into my car was a effort in itself. I drive a swift not a truck.
Never fear, it fitted even if I did have my seat pushed all the way forward. Lucky I have little legs ha!

This flat pack stuff drives me crazy, thankfully the boyfriend is handy in this sense.
I read the manual and he did the manly work and 1 hour later we had a sturdy computer.

The boyfriend is sick at the moment and unlucky for me I managed to get some of his germs so by Sunday night we were both feeling sorry for ourselves ha! He took the day off yesterday but I battled on but by lunch time I left work to go home and sleep. I get so board when I'm at home!?
Gah. Winter is approaching.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I LOVED reading all of the Mothers Day posts and seeing all the photos on Insta. Neither of ours mum's live in Melbourne so we didn't have any Mothers Day Celebrations as such.

My life recently has been work and gym.
Not that exciting hence the no blogging action.

Work has been my oxgyen recently and I really hate it. Working before work in the morning and then again before and after gym its just been crazy but on the plus side there will be some huge rewards so I just need to hang in there but my god I am feeling the side affects ... No Sleep!

On Saturday we went out to Chadstone to hit up some shops. Since we have brought our coffee machine I am slightly addicted and wont buy a coffee throughout the day haha how bad is that!? I feel like a coffee snob but I have found the best tasting coffee in the Nespresso range and nothing else seems to compare. Which I'm sure my favorite coffee shop isn't happy about.

I've said it before - I love their store!
They give you a complimentary coffee and I just love the layout and design.

In my travels I picked up this new Peony for the bedroom.
Silk flowers are just perfect.

I'm getting exited for the Birthday which is now only 9 days away!
I am still here and still reading blogs and commenting but for now I have nothing to report xx

Monday, May 6, 2013


On Friday night I left work a little late and the boyfriend swung past picked me up and we went out for dinner I was feeling way too lazy to cook and plus it was Friday. We went to our trusty local Olando Thai on Bay Street.

I wanted something to eat the minute I walked in the door as I was starving so I asked the boyfriend if he wanted to get some spring rolls to share - he said no and when I asked the waitress if I could take them home if I didn't finish them all, she gave me a weird look. C'mon how was I meant to know they where mini spring rolls!?

You'll be happy to know I ate all of these - and of course with the boyfriends help.
Men always change their minds.

Everyone loves the little black box that arrives from Net-A-Porter and how nice is their packaging? I think I get more excited from the way the box looks rather than what's actually inside.

Bad I know, but the other day at work I was on the Net A Porter website just to see what nice things would catch my attention and of course it was the YSL Arty Ring and I had to add this little baby to my collection.

I was really surprised when our receptionist came through with this little box as it was 1 day later - Now that's fast shipping! 
Sorry about the instagram filter photos.

It was Orthodox Easter on the weekend - So happy Easter to any orthodox readers I have.

I have been giving my hair some loving recently and it's really paid off.
MUK products I find are the best for my hair because its so heavy and sometimes frizzy, the MUK shampoo and Condition which I have blogged about before - really are my favorite, it gives me the best results and I can go nearly 4 days without washing my hair because it feel so soft and smooth. I'll stick with this one fo sure! I know that some of your said you'd try it but did you?

Yesterday I got my wife on and cooked - I didn't follow a recipe because hey who has time for that!? So i walked around the supermarket putting in bits and pieces and walked away $20 later. That's pretty good for soup right? I had herbs - Garlic, Bay Leafs, Ginger, Potato, Celery, Carrot and Spring Onions with Chicken Stock. I think the most expensive item was the organic ginger @ $5.00.

It was actually pretty tasty!
Hope you all had a great weekend.