Tuesday, May 21, 2013


To get into the spirit of my birthday I received this birthday gift card from Hyundai which is $50 to put towards my next service, awkward moment when I don't  own a Hyundai!? Maybe my details ended up on their database some how. Eh its the thought that counts.

I have been loving the MAC "Chatterbox" lipstick lately and have been getting compliments from my fellow work buddies - I think its a reminder that I need to switch up my work wardrobe because the moment I wear something different they all comment ha!

Friday lunch time we went to The Meat and Wine Co in Southbank - I had an eye fillet and garden salad. Their chips are to die for..BUT since I'm clean eating I resisted the urge, god that was hard.

On Saturday we went to the football at Etihad Stadium - Essendon Vs Brisbane
The weather was nasty in the morning but cleared up thankfully.
I was nice and warm in my leather jacket and bombers scarf.

The game was good, the result not so much!
Essendon have lead the pack all year up until the last two games.. Not happy!

This was post match - We were still happy here ha!

After the footy we headed across town to IKEA we have started on our next project, making the second bedroom into a media/study room. We got rid of our double bed thanks to gum tree and I culled all my clothes thanks to e-Bay so we could start fresh. The boyfriend wanted to set up his computer just because, he is like that. So the first thing we needed was to purchase a new computer desk, without hesitation he suggested IKEA my eyes lit up. 

After walking against the arrows on the floor - Yes I know I know, but we were running out of time as they closed at 7pm. We found the desk and then went  to the self serve furniture section.
Let me tell you, trying to get a flat packed desk into my car was a effort in itself. I drive a swift not a truck.
Never fear, it fitted even if I did have my seat pushed all the way forward. Lucky I have little legs ha!

This flat pack stuff drives me crazy, thankfully the boyfriend is handy in this sense.
I read the manual and he did the manly work and 1 hour later we had a sturdy computer.

The boyfriend is sick at the moment and unlucky for me I managed to get some of his germs so by Sunday night we were both feeling sorry for ourselves ha! He took the day off yesterday but I battled on but by lunch time I left work to go home and sleep. I get so board when I'm at home!?
Gah. Winter is approaching.


  1. Ahhh I miss IKEA! It makes me so sad that there is nothing like it in NZ.

  2. I love Ikea but I hate putting the stuff together. We bought our bed from there and I thought I was an ikea pro and started to put it together while S cooked dinner. Turns out I put most parts in the wrong way so he had to take over from there, ha!

    1. Hahaha!! That is hilarious sounds like something that I would do!

  3. Ha I got one of those $50 jefferson huyndai vouchers for my birthday too! But I actually have a ford (jefferson ford/hyundai are affiliated...well theyre right next door to eachother) and my car is due for a service now so that worked out well! haha. so random that you got one!

    Nawwwww that photo of you and D in the mirror all shnuggly is sooo cute :D

    Dont underestimate the space of small cars! I managed to fit a desk in the back of my fiesta! lol!

    God I hate those flat pack things though! All the little bits and pieces... makes me anxious just looking at it!!

    I hate the fact that winter is approaching...but today I bought a warm fluffy parka from forever new so I can stay warm ^_^

    1. Ohh good purchase especially as our weather has been so bad lately! xx

  4. Aww Tom and I went to the AFL on Saturday too and the Swans DREW!! What a dissatisfying game to watch :(

    Love the MAC lipstick!!


    1. It just wasn't our week for our teams to win I guess!

  5. I hate IKEA so much, especially because its freaking impossible to get out of there and the crowds of people in there who walks SO SLOWLY and the kids who run around everywhere. ARGH making me angry thinking of it. Sorry! Hehe

    1. hahahha this made me laugh - I've certainly had that experience too!

  6. I went to Ikea for lunch the other day just to have their hot dog. Well, I had to go to Freedom on my lunchbreak and didnt have time so decided to go to Ikea for the hot dog. hahah.

    Aw you and Dim look so cute. I dont know if I could ever go to a night game at the MCG. It would just be too cold?! Do you get cold? How many layers do you wear?

    We also have our second bedroom as an office, but that is because he works from home. I am glad it is his space because its one less room to clean for me. Hahaha.

    Have a good day Hol

    - KK

  7. I have a phobia of flat packs. Seriously.. phobia!
    I don't know how to assemble nothing!
    And i'm so glad that I picked Chatterbox now :)

  8. Sounds like an eventful time! I love Ikea but that place can be so stressful. :P

    I have no problems being able to assemble things but if it comes to that, I'd still rather dump it on someone else, haha.

    Chatterbox looks gorgeous.

  9. it's always exciting to add new furniture to the home! lovely pics <3

    I would really appreciate it if you'd check out my latest outfit post :)