Saturday, July 28, 2012


Have you jumped onto MOR cosmetics yet? I was drawn to them because of their chic, sassy and stylish look - I'm addicted to having eye catching products in my hand bag - also because my bag is lined with Black lining its even easier to find colorful things!

2 Lip Macarons
1 - Cassis Noir (Which is my favourite!)
2. French Vanilla

Treat your lips to a kiss of moisture!

I know some people are really particular about what goes into products and so you should be, I am always opting for cosmetics that arent tested on animals etc.
See below for Ingredients.

MOR cosmetics have such a variety of products they have a varierty of flavours/scents in their lip Macarons also Candles, Soap, hand lotions, body scrubs, perfumes, body oil and body products.
Check out their website for more products!

Why I liked the the lip care range - It was smooth to apply, left my lips feeling smooth, glossy but not sticky! (Some lip glosses that I've used have that awful sticky feeling but not with these!) Also best part of all as its not a "coloured" lip gloss it left my lips feeling natural and without turning my lips a different colour! I actually used this as a base before I applied my lipstick for work this week!

Now for the fun part.. A GIVEAWAY

I have 3 Marshmallow soaps for 3 readers to win.
These soaps are new in the MOR soap collection - Pink, Smells like Marshmallows and will leave your skin feeling amazing and smelling twice as good.

All you have to do is a be a follower of That Brunette One, leave a comment below (Be creative!) and include your email address.
Entries Close next Saturday 4th August.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


 1. I've really gotten into eating breakfast recently - I know I should eat it every day but lets be honest I dont and I cannot really "face" food until at least 11am. Unless its coffee!
2. my CK watch which I love - I never wear it enough.
3. This is a photo of my dad which is kept beside my bed
4. D finally learnt to go shopping by himself (If you've been following for a while you'll know all the stories about me and him shopping, I was so proud when he went to buy some new work shirts for himself for the very first time!
5. Strawberries - Favourites.
6 - Wheatpack - I use this everynight bcos D gets annoyed at me and my cold feet snuggling him
7. OPI i've been wearing this one all week its great for work.
8. Tax! I lodged mine on line and got it back yesterday ..Yay!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


After my post last week whinging about the poor condition of my hair royal moroccan were lovely enough to send me some products to review and also help repair my hair. Being a girl I know that Moroccan Oil has been the best thing since sliced bread and I love it! I had never used Royal Moroccan before so was really keen to try it out and see what the differences where between other products that I had previously used.

 I thought I would just receive the "Sample" sized products featured above but the crew at Royal Moroccan where super generous and provided me with a full size tub of mask treatment and Serum treatment! I also received:
- Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner
-Moisturzing Curl Cream (Which I haven't used I dont need help w the curls!)
- Hair Mask Treatment 
-Hair Serum.

I used the shampoo and Conditioner and then I thought you where meant to put the Hair Mask Treatment on after you condition, as I was standing in the shower reading the back of the bottle realised you dont need to condition you can just use the hair mask treatment #fail. But it didnt matter it just made my hair extra soft. I'll admit when I opened the hair mask treatment it looks like Bee's wax and almost had a jelly feel to it but sticky?? but as soon as I put it onto my hair it melted in and happy days ahead. You leave the mask on for 5 minutes and then wash it out.
Also you only need  SMALL amount of shampoo.

I waited about 10 minutes for my hair to dry somewhat naturally then while it was still damp I  put in some Serum and then blew dry my hair as per normal.
All of the products dont take ages (I'm sure that if you didn't have time to leave the hair mask in for 5 minutes you'd get very similar results in 2 minutes - I was impatient and kept checking it and after about 2 it was silky smooth but I left it there for 5 for the best results and it smells so good!! - You know I love things that smell good.

Thanks MR for sending me the products!
Jump onto their website to see what you can use for your hair!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Saturday morning we went to South Melbourne the weather was so good! Equally happy because I finally found a store that stocks the wild berry protein flavour! Ive been having to order it online but not anymore - double winning.

We also went to Chi Living on Clarendon Street - This place is gorgeous! There was SO many things that I wanted to buy and I think D started to get a little worried as I pointed to most things and said "Ooh can we get this!?" 

Some of their pieces where a little costly but then she also had a jewellery section which I noticed on the way out! I brought this little torques necklace for $39.95 

This one is sitting at the beginning of my collection! 
The colour is a little off due to my phone being Instagrammed but its a true aqua colour.
As I was leaving the store promising D I wouldn't buy anything else this weekend a little boy handed me a pamphlet letting me know there was a boot sale on. - Lucky I just smiled at him and kept walking .. I felt pretty proud of myself!

After the footy had finished on Saturday night we went to the supermarket and bcos D is currently suffering Man Flu he insisted that we buy chocolate.. I turned around to noticed he had dissapeared. I've now learnt where to find my boyfriend if he is sick in the supermarket - Baked goods section.
He brought a jam donut and was the happiest kid alive!

We went to Bunnings this arvo to buy some bits and pieces only to find that they had nothing that we wanted so we ended up driving all the way to Alton Bunnings! I think that was probably the first that I had been to Altona before.. Im such a bad Melbournian.


Friday, July 20, 2012

TGIF #100

Thanks for all your suggestions in my last post - I have decided to try two products to see which one my hair reacts to the best, The Moroccan and also Kerastase products. I'll keep you posted.

THANKGOD Its friday thats all I can say. My week has been full on yet fun I finished up my probation period - How quick has the last 4 months gone!? and and and also scored a promotion with a tiny winy pay rise - Yipee!

I picked up these rings from Lovisa the other week $5.00 Bargain

"Dance like no body is watching, Love like you've never been hurt and Work like you dont need money"

Ive always been one to share my things - Unforuntatly for D I have shared my cold from last week which I managed to shake off within 2 days - The poor kid is sick and we all know what happens when your house gets rocked by the man flu..! I do feel slightly bad. So I brought him a protein bar to cheer him up - It only worked for 5 minutes before he went back to complaining.

I had a reader contact me via email asking me about an Ebay Sale and if I had any coming up - Yes I do I've just moved house and have a 2nd room full of clothes that I need to sort out and either keep or chuck so I'll be having another haul shortly - I'll keep you guys posted.

Here's an outfit post from earlier this week.
I've really started trending with the leather look pants. Have you tried it yet?

I'm going to have a low key weekend - Finishing unpacking, eating food I shouldnt and watching SATC.

Happy Friday x

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Okay.. I need your advice. As you guys know I had a massive hair cut a few months back where I got my locks chopped at first it grew like cray and now its come to a hault! I noticed I have a number of split ends so I've taken to my hair and cut the ones I could see out and it feels ALOT better.
I've never really had a problem with split ends before so I want your advice on what products you use to protect your hair!? I use Kerastase hair shampoo and conditioner and switch between the Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner and I know they have some hair repair products, but wanted to get the low down from you guys first?!

Now to my favourite topic - Food

I have my favourite place in Southbank that I get my lunch from most days off the week (Bad I know, I really need to start bringing my lunch!) Blossom. They have the best salad and I mean the best there is the weirdest craziest salads to chose from - If I love something I'll buy it til I cannot eat it now more so I'll usually order the chicken ceasear, Greek salad and broccoli salad! All for $10.90

I brought some sandals online from Miu Miu last week - which I haven't told the boyf about - They came tonight and I'm in LOVE! They are perfect for summer. 
Pity that summer is another 3 months away.

Hit me up with your hair products!

Monday, July 16, 2012

1...2...3 ..LIFT!

All done and dusted.... well almost!
 Friday after work we started the move to our new apartment to be honest it wasnt as bad as I first thought - We only moved 2 apartments down the hallway but it was alot of back and forth - and with a major head cold and body aches it wasnt how I'd perfer to be spending the night. Thankfully my muscles better known as Dim did most of the lifting - Eg  fridge, washing machine, etc. I think I nearly killed myself helping him shift the lounge suite - Which we couldnt drag along.
 We did room by room which made it ALOT easier - First was the bedroom which took a good hour moving the bed, clothes, shoes, shoes oh and some more shoes, bedside tables etc. I called it quits after that and we went and got some dinner.

Dims cousin came over around 1am after he finished being out on the town and sadly didnt get to go home with any ladies, (Note: Post about Dims single and Eligable cousin coming soon!) Dim and S where telling a story when all of sudden I didnt understand it - So in true greeks style they both stood up and explained the story start to finish with hand motions. Cheers

We went to bed around 3am.
We had our Final Open house on Saturday morning and we had record numbers (10) People come past our old apartment and they all sounded positive - Fingers crossed they apply and move in so we can get rid of it!

I'll post some photos of the apartment when we sort our stuff out!

My newsest favourite scent - I have finished decorating/setting up my bedside table
Vogue magazines and perfume.  I need to buy a new lamp to go with it.

Talking about purchases - D is always on at me for buying expensive shoes, clothes, makeup and whatnots that "I already have" Not true but anyway Yesterday I saw this little price tag on his jacket! I know that Jackets are allowed to be expensive but..DOUBLE STANDARDS! Game on buddy.

Feeling much better this week but still sniffing away! Im still in that Odd stage where my new apartment doesnt feel like mine and our old apartment is where I should be! Once we are all unpacked, decorated and set up it should be good but one thing thats amazing is the amount of space!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I have managed to escape catching the horrid cold for most of the winter but now it's hit me like bam!
Lastnight after work I struggled to get home I felt so heavy and lethargic when I got home I got some Sudafed into me, lemsip (Apparently your not meant to mix this with anything but eh gime gime gime!) Panadol and some Vicks VapoRub onto me and went to bed with a box of tissues.

I slept until about 10pm when Dim came to bed and then woke me up - I couldnt sleep after that so spent the night tossing and turning  I remember curling upto him then he asked me to "Go back to my side of the bed, your sick!" Pfht.. Nice!  Then woke up this morning at 7.30 thinking I should call in sick and then remembered all the appoiments I had booked.. Gah.

So i've become of those people I hate "Sick People that come to work!" Ew.
All day I have been blinking non stop - When I'm sick my sinus plays up and my eyes go all funny so I need to blink 100 times to see straight again.
Nickname - BlinkyBill

I got onto the strepsils this morning
Not that you can really tell but I'm wearing a purple/grape nail polish that I didnt even know I had until I started rummaging through my collection.

Tomorrow's the big move I feel like rub-ash!
What cures your cold/flu?

Monday, July 9, 2012


My favourite piece by far. YSL can do no wrong.

The sunshine was out to play on Saturday and play we did! Actually not really I never wanted to be a real estate agent growing up but on Saturday we had our first open house and we had to show tenants through the apartment (not that there is alot to show ha!)

After that we took to the beach for a walk the weather was so nice!
Saturday night we got some dinner and then spent the night on the couch - It was our last weekend in our apartment  and we have both jumped aboard the "lets save cash" mission we spent it watching shocking movies that I had to pretend to like. Along the way I managed to put my neck out. When I woke up on Sunday I couldnt turn my neck and I was in pain central.

I spent the day curled up in my doona skipping between Friends and SATC boxsets. I'd had enough of the pain by lunch time and decided to do something about it - I went to the supermarket with a mission - I'd never noticed how many neck and back pain tablets there is out there! (Thankfully I never get sore necks/backs!)

I found this Emulgel by Volataren - My neck went numb - It felt amazing.
I woke up this morning and the pain had gone. Thankfully, but does neck pain come and go or was it just a short term injury because I pulled a muscle in my neck?

Lastnight before bed I did some cheeky online shopping and by shopping I mean "Add to Cart" and then slowly rip myself away from the computer and try not to think about the many items I've just mentally brought.

I need some new Pj's so I am going to check out what Peter Alexander have as I'm a huge fan.

Ive noticed the huge Ombre phase thats taken over - I love it! Everyone that I've seen had it done it looks amazing on them! At first I wanted to get a really dramatic change but then after looking around at some photos and getting ideas I have decided to go for a more subtle look - My hairdresser is away for the next two weeks and I'm two fussy to go to someone else so I'll wait for her to return.

This is the look I want

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am addicted to Hot chocolate - there is no denying that.

Ever since we got our Aldi Coffee Machine and the Hot Chocolate Pods my life has been complete, but lastnight Dim brought home the MAP pods I'm not sure where abouts you buy them from but they are oh so good! It tastes like real chocolate.

I've been so slack with the gym lately because work has been taking over but come next week (I'll have the weekend to be lazy!) and I'll get back into it. I've come to realise that I'll start and go hard for 5 days straight and then cbf for the next 5 and then go back into it for another 5.. Its so strange. Moving on to other exciting things - I had a wardrobe cull the other day and have just finished a eBay haul (My link in on my page, check it out) I've decided to give eBay one last chance - Ive had a bad experience with a buyer lately who didnt have the correct postal address on their account and failed to mention this to me until they still hadnt recieved their item a week late.. Grr

I finally finished my Kris Jenner - book that I got for my birthday.. Interesting book and Im not sure my thoughts is Kris Jenner real or fake? I havent watched the latest episode of KUWTK Season 7 but I heard that she "runs into" the man that she had the affair with? Do you believe that or do you think its as staged as anything!? I mean C'mon she just realeased the book and then she see's him. #fake

If you could ask the Kardashian Clan one thing.. What would it be!?

Ps: Thanks for the love on my previous post with our new apartment - I get comments on my voice all the time sometimes people say I have a "Pommie" Accent but I dont see it.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Lastnight we went to have a look at our new apartment! I am so in love with it! 

I took a video for our parents - I make the WORST Verbal stuff up while making it and I blame Dim because he joked about locking the door behind me! but it was too late to start the video again..but in true style I carried on hahahah! Hope you dont notice what is it!

You can watch that here

This is the Kitchen/Lounge

The Kitchen from the front door

Some more..

I didnt post any of the bedroom, bathroom or balcony because I captured those in the Video!
Bring on Friday 13th!  I promise not to blog about the apartment anymore ;)


I joined the "My Umbrella blew inside out this morning and had to remain acting cool" Club. Yep it happened haha my Burberry umbrella was taken by the horrid wind this morning and bam! Broken.

I snapped this morning from my desk - So cold and miserable outside! Melbournes weather has been dreadful - I already miss summer.

Random shot at work on Friday morning - Coffee and Friday . My day was complete
Friday night we where lucky enough to go back into our new apartment as the current tenant needed some help from D to move some heavy things around - Going back makes me want to move in there NOW! I snapped this photo from the balcony - its the same as our current view now but of course its nicer because its from our new place - actually we get more of a longer view than we currently do!

Hello City Lights!
Today at Lunch time we went and signed our lease - Offically ours!
Now bring on friday the 13th (Never thought I'd hear myself say that!)

Over the weekend we went to Bunnings in Port Melbourne to have a look at some Outdoor furniture for our new balcony - Our current one has nothing on it because its not big enough So the thought of outdoor furniture is exciting! I never knew that Bunnings stocked SO much It felt like IKEA.

Such pretty lights!
This one is for the bedside tables - I love them! Dim preferred the smaller white ones but I preferred the black one.

Then we moved onto the outside - In true style the greek with the meat cooker
I think I have a new love for Bunnings!

Have you ever gone there for those types of things? I always thought it was wood and timber and nails and bolts ect..haha!

Tax time is right around the corner, as y'all know I started my new job this year so I already have recieved my group certificate from my previous employer now I just need my current one then i'll lodge and await the nice suprise in my bank account yipeeee!
Do you do your own tax or have an accountant!?